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Where's the Savage Button?

Created by iGeorgeM

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Map Info

This is my first ever custom map! So I wanted to create a 'find the button' map where each level is themed and there is a little storyline that you can follow in most levels.

The task is to find the well hidden buttons on each of the 14 levels. Also, on each level there are 64 emeralds hidden as an extra challenge in which the player can play again and again until they find them all!

I hope you enjoy this map!

Map Details

Creator: iGeorgeM
(50 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.9.4
Size: 3.23 MB
Added: 2016-06-04
Downloads: 5,141
Category: Finding Maps


-1 kitten and the hip Its a awesome mat 999/1000

i just could not find the butten on level 7

2016-07-14 01:41

+1 SapphireRetta I enjoyed playing this. Worth downloading.

2016-06-06 10:07

0 iGeorgeM Quoting Callum:
Where is the button on stage 3?
Otherwise a great map!!

The button on the top floor in the secret passage (behind paintings) on the wall at the end!

2016-06-05 17:56

0 Vikks Best Friend Nice map the ending was a bit confusing though...

2016-06-05 04:05

+3 Callum Where is the button on stage 3?
Otherwise a great map!!

2016-06-05 03:11


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