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The 9 Buttons

Created by OtherAP2b_, Pyroclash_

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Map Info

this map is our first find the button map, we tested it several times, and it can be done without cheat.

A hint book is available in case of problems to find the button. some levels are quite difficult, including levels in which you need to find 2 buttons.

Enjoy and gook luck :)


  • Minecraft 1.15.2,
  • Play in adventure mode,
  • Peaceful difficulty,
  • render distance 12 chunks.

Map Details

Creator: OtherAP2b_, Pyroclash_
(142 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.15.2
Size: 24 MB
Added: 2020-06-11
Downloads: 5,128
Category: Finding Maps


+16 Mikerex55 Is it multiplayer friendly?

2020-06-21 14:11

+16 MIKAN Not sure why but it started me at level 8?

2020-06-20 09:20

+1 PlNKDR4G0N Hi!
The map was amazing and terrible at the same time.
First, the riddles were incredibly tricky, we loved them! (Yes, multiple players) Bonus point for multiplayer compatibilities
BUT your english is terrible, which also stopped us from always understanding both the signs, and the hints.
Overall, 3 stars

2020-06-17 10:34

+10 bjorkmans When I lauched the map I started in level 8

2020-06-16 17:13

+12 Beginner Am I wrong or its weird I spawn in level 8? I cant get access to other rooms

2020-06-16 11:28

0 PyroClash_ Nice map xD

2020-06-13 17:56

+3 Michael hey the map started me out in creative and also wont start correctly.

2020-06-13 01:30

+7 Katie I spawned in level 8 confused

2020-06-13 00:22

+1 RaterDude24 Very good map well done for making it very fun!!

2020-06-12 22:56

+3 Liontack This map is completely broken in version 1.0. I start in level 9 and then I tried /kill to get to the start and ended up in level 10. I found lots of buttons in both levels, but finding a button is not enough in this map. You need to try every single one you come across. One was kind of hidden and singled out, but it gave a chat message: "not this one ;)". This is a troll map which was not ready for release. Please fix it so I can start at level 1. Then at least it's a troll map and not a broken one.

2020-06-12 14:56

+5 TheFoxOverlord When starting up the map, it puts me at level 8

2020-06-12 14:34


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