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Press The Buttons

Created by hamidrezas120

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This is our First Puzzle - Finding Map of Minecraft.

In this Map you should find a button and place it somewhere and press it or just press the placed button on each level. When you do all the works a door should be open and you can pass to the next mission.

  • Playable for 1 or 2 Players, not more!
  • Version: 1.14.4
  • Gamemode: Adventure
  • Particles: All
  • Render Distance: 8+
  • Brightness: Max
  • Difficulty: Peaceful
  • Don't Cheat
  • Have Fun!

NOTE: make sure you download and install the specific resource pack.

NOTE: When You Extract The Zip File then Go to the folder and then copy that folder inside your minecraft "saves" folder.

Sorry if the map is short... you know... it's our first map... but i hope you enjoy...

We will create and publish more maps soon... ;D

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Created By: hamidrezas120 & DarkSiDeR_lll


Map Details

Creator: hamidrezas120
(111 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.14.4
Size: 20 MB
Added: 2020-01-18
Downloads: 6,300
Category: Finding Maps

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