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Escape Rooms 2

Created by MCL, Looki2000

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Map Info

This is the sequel to Looki2000's previous map, ESCAPEROOMS (Not on

This map is about escaping from rooms, buildings, or even an entire city!

Why is it in the 'Finding' category, and not in the 'Escape' category then?

Well, it has been brought to our attention that the puzzles are extremely easy to solve and most of them revolve around finding hidden keys. That's why.

In Escape Rooms 3, the puzzles will be much harder and more diverse.

I and Looki2000 have worked on this map 6 hours daily, everyday, for 1 week.

The map has a built-in resource pack that should load automatically upon spawning on the map.

(Extract '' from the map directory and put it in their 'resourcepacks' folder.)

The average playtime is thirty (30) minutes.

Even though the map was originally designed for only one player, it has a two-player mode (you have to flip the lever at spawn).

Please notice that the two-player mode is buggy and certain things may not work as intended (it is possible to complete the map, though).

There are two trailers, you can watch the second one here. (the first one is on this page)

We have also made a walkthrough in case you get stuck, you can watch it here.


Map Details

Creator: MCL, Looki2000
(55 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16.5
Size: 6.4 MB
Added: 2021-03-22
Downloads: 9,430
Category: Finding Maps


Arizrain Hello,
I'm from the Server and we would love
to have your map on our server. I think our players
would love it, and of course, you would be credited
along with the download page and/or your website.
I know its up for public download, but we have players
who's computers can't handle that.
Please let me know if you would have any issues with this.

Thank you!

Discord: Arizrain#9723

2021-12-14 00:16

MCL Quoting brody:
same happened to me

Could you please elaborate?

2021-10-03 13:49

brody Quoting frank:
There is a house in level 2. if you jump on the wood and go down the hole, you are stuck. This is not good for a game like this.

same happened to me

2021-08-03 19:54

Random Stalker Its a serious Headache for Low-End PC users ........ Game loads > Enters the World > Loading Bar appears to be filled > Loading bar stucks at 80% > Game Crashes > Good Luck

My Pc Specs - Intel Core i3 CPU , 4GB ram , 32 Bit OS

2021-06-03 12:02

anonym Its a really good map it has so much good effects/command s i like this map:)

2021-06-03 08:43

frank There is a house in level 2. if you jump on the wood and go down the hole, you are stuck. This is not good for a game like this.

2021-06-02 01:17

addie I just played this map and it was pretty cool. It uses some sounds and animations that I had never seen before. If anyone is worried that something scary is going to pop out because of the texture pack (like me), nothing happens other than some sounds that just startled me. Overall it probably did take about thirty minutes to complete and is worth a download. :) I couldn't find all four diamonds though, I think I only got two.

2021-03-23 18:10

Kallen I like the map

2021-03-22 21:07


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