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Created by blocksome, RCcookie

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Shattered is an escape room style game, filled with mind-boggling puzzles and an interesting story, waiting to be uncovered.

You play as 19-year-old, Joseph Kenner, as he wakes up in his house with no recollection of past events, until he receives an email from his best friend, Carl.

Explore the house, study clues, solve puzzles and unfold the story of their friendship.

This map is strictly Single player as bugs will occur if more players join.


  • Minecraft Java Edition, Version 1.16.5
  • Shattered Resource Pack (Included)


  • Use your Artificial Memory Log to take notes!
  • Cheat Sheet in the folder if you are stuck

UPDATE / 07-04-21
There’s an error in the passcode 4 in which the equation doesn’t work. The pass is 4060.


Map Details

Creator: blocksome, RCcookie
(97 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16.5
Size: 8.4 MB
Added: 2021-07-13
Downloads: 6,332
Category: Escape Maps


0 Groe I got stuck in the sink

2021-09-07 10:19

0 Blue Turns out, armorstand 'standA' didn't exist and I had to summon a new one in to make Psyche switch work

2021-08-18 03:37

+1 GalaxyDimensions Just finished playing this map and oml it was SO FUN! I would definately recommend to everyone to play, the puzzles are unique and cool, and the hints are smart.

Only problems I had were the psyche switch not working, but you fix it but turning up render distance, and there were some chunk rendering glitches that I couldn't fixed but I still finished with it.

btw u need to use 1.16.5 because 1.17 break the safes.

2021-08-06 07:47

0 BlokVader Welp, 1.16.5 made the room pitch black, which I thought was intended until I checked the comments
And the psyche switch doesn't even work, which I figure out now from the comments as well
Honestly, I'm so damn bored that I'm not even gonna go back in, I also broke the safes by clicking on the heads, there's no explanation to how those work
There's just so little happening, and the blindness in general makes this a headache to get through.
I may try and get farther, but for now, so much is broken.

2021-07-31 20:58

+2 ClickedWalrus37 I got the four Mindlock Breakers but I'm not sure what to do with them, could I get some help please?

2021-07-27 18:52

+7 Player The safes are bugged, when i try to change a number it disappears, leaving me stuck

2021-07-20 22:57

+7 Player playing in 1.17.1 instead of 1.16.5 fixes the blindness glitch that causes the game to go pitch black, but y'all should really playtest your maps before publishing

2021-07-20 22:37

+4 Jack Every time I would download this map again I would see this black screen I tried to drink the milk but the black screen didn't go away can you please fix this bug

2021-07-20 04:31

+7 test Oh god dammit. The instructions tell you to set your render distance to 4, but THAT'S the problem. It doesn't render the command blocks to make Psyche Switch work!

2021-07-18 17:44

+6 test How on earth are people making Psyche Switch work? Command blocks are working on my singleplayer world, and I'm playing on vanilla 1.16.5.

2021-07-18 14:51

+4 someone would redownloading make the screen work??? it went black...

2021-07-16 20:18

0 someone Quoting WorldTerminator6:
Started the map and could not see a single thing due to the simultaneous blindness and night vision.

This is a bug...

2021-07-16 20:16

-3 pro psyche switch is work well use you can go jecobe's house

2021-07-16 14:29

-1 RCcookie Hi! Can you make sure of the following:
1. You are playing on Minecraft ver. 1.16.5
2. You have cheats/command blocks enabled on your singleplayer world (important!)
3. Ensure that you play it in vanilla Minecraft, as mods may alter the experience of the map

If you are facing troubles with Psyche Switch:
1. Make sure that you are right-clicking the item while held (or in your offhand) to interact with it

If you are facing troubles with the locks:
1. You can cycle through each integer from 0-9 in a slot by clicking the item within it. It will cycle in ascending order in increments of 1. The cycle will reset from 9 to 0 when clicked.
2. To lock in your answer, press the fifth arrow item to submit. If nothing happens, your answer's wrong! If you get kicked out of the GUI, you've unlocked it!

The blindness effect inflicted on the player when you start the map is intended :)

If you still face any issues, please feel free to leave another comment or contact us on the Minecraft Maps Discord server. Thank you for playing Shattered!

2021-07-15 15:52

-3 pro Quoting MitAnubis:
Psyche switch doesnt work

It's work you can use to switch the room

2021-07-15 12:39

+6 perry Psyche switch doesnt work either

2021-07-15 04:12

+1 PotassiumPill I was confused about the zombie shoot-em minigame, didn't seem to work for me, but besides that this was a very fun map! Very refreshing take on an escape map, and I really appreciated all of the different textures.

2021-07-15 02:02

+9 WorldTerminator6 Started the map and could not see a single thing due to the simultaneous blindness and night vision.

2021-07-14 19:03

+7 Bug? I opened this in singleplayer, in 1.16.5, and I think the psyche switch is glitched. I use it, and nothing happens. Offhand, dropping it, nothing. Even tried deleting and copying it again, but nothing happened.

2021-07-14 18:35

+8 Player I can't start the map, when I press the button in the starting room I just get stuck in pitch black for eternity :/

2021-07-14 18:19

+6 H20 Unable to play when you load the map its all black you cant see anyhting

2021-07-14 17:21

+7 Elis How do you enter codes on the safe? Like how do you type 9?

2021-07-14 13:50

+14 MitAnubis Psyche switch doesnt work

2021-07-13 15:44


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