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Rainbow Escape

Created by NICO_THE_PRO

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Are you ready for 7 different FUN puzzles/minigames that will test your big-brain skills?

You find yourself with your memory erased in a strange experiment used to test your abilities. Unfortunately for you, the creator of the experiment (NICO_THE_PRO) and the manager of the experiment (Rainbowus The First) are total noobs that have 0 idea what they are doing, so things will probably go horribly wrong pretty soon! Can you escape and save the lab from their mistakes?

This map also includes a secret challenge! In every dimension, there is a secret item you can collect to get a true ending after you completed the map! Good luck!

Check out the map's trailer!

Are you stuck or you just want to see how fast I can beat my own map? You can check out the map's walkthrough/speedrun here!

- This map contains an embedded resource pack for extra fun! If you need to put it on a server though, you can download it separately here!

- This map should be multiplayer compatible and also should work in 1.16.1+, even if it was made for 1.15.2 (fingers crossed).

- It takes about 50-70 minutes to complete (depending on how rainbow-escapy you are)

If you want to know more about how these maps are made, you can always check out my Youtube Channel!

As always, thanks to all the YouTubers that played my past maps! If anyone is interested in playing this one, make sure to post your video in the comments below or send me it on discord (NICO_THE_PRO#5337), I'd love to see it! Also, I found it's a really fun map to speedrun, so if you want to have a go at it, do compete and share the results around on my discord!

Oh and also, as I am writing this, it's still June and hey this map is casually rainbow based, so happy Pride Month to everyone! <3


Map Details

(468 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16.1
Size: 8 MB
Added: 2020-07-31
Downloads: 20,500
Category: Escape Maps

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_Pengyz_ Quoting no:
so does anyone know how to play maps with friends?????

u have to have a multiplayer server

2021-11-06 21:52

_Pengyz_ me and my cousin are about to play this map

2021-11-06 21:51

Saphabee Adore this map!! Great voicework, simple and works so well!!! So tricky to get green's secret, but i felt so clever getting them lol

2021-07-09 07:27

Tomoff3l I played the Map with my Minecraft Buddy and we had a lot of FUN THX Bro!!! We loved it an had so much fun!!!
Greetings from Germany

2021-06-12 21:46

no so does anyone know how to play maps with friends?????

2021-05-17 18:30

Ximer Really nice escape room to play with a friend

2020-09-02 21:48

MLGcoolcat The texture pack doesn't work for my friend when he joins and the downloadable resource pack is not on mediafire (where the link takes me)

2020-09-02 18:58

Qu33nko_YT Hi here is a video where we created a giant cactus farm in level 3 it seems to me here is the link of the video:

2020-08-24 18:27

anna hi! we tried to play your map, but we spawned in the middle of nowhere and couldn't find the start :(

2020-08-17 18:27

Void how do you do the sencond level it is so hard

2020-08-15 23:07

dermang i played your map and uploaded on youtube.

it was great map. i enjoyed

2020-08-15 13:32

Leo My game crashes every-time i enter the parrot room D:

2020-08-14 23:21

Player121 How to skip a level?

2020-08-14 18:43


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