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Prison Escape

Created by frriNz

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Map Info

In this map you must escape from prison, return to your safe house and then break into the feds to wipe your name clean again. This is my first Minecraft map I've ever made after not playing the game for a few years so it's quite possible you'll find a few bugs here and there. The map should take around 15 - 20 minutes to complete. This map is multiplayer and singleplayer friendly.


  • Play in adventure mode!
  • Follow the map!

Gamerule Settings

The map should have automatically have these settings, however if yours doesn't these should be changed;

  • commandBlockOutput = false
  • keepInventory = true
  • mobGreifing = false
  • doTileDrops = false
  • doFireTick = false


Map Details

Creator: frriNz
(304 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.13.2
Size: 1.63 MB
Added: 2019-04-23
Downloads: 51,473
Category: Escape Maps


+22 Cheese_MC Quoting John Laurie:
how do you get out the first sell

take the clock out of the item frame and put it in the toilet

2019-08-03 13:32

+19 help im in the sell and i revealed the secret area with the pickaxe, but how do i get in?

2019-07-29 18:02

+18 TheUltimateDestroyer I played your map and had a good time. I got stuck a few times but I watched another video to help me out and played all 3 chapters.

Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsfVcSJZNDs

2019-07-15 20:15

-1 FlameCat998 If you disable the alarm by shooting the button you can win

2019-07-13 15:25

+10 Hkthunder Quoting Dimyx:
Got stuck in the kitchen, closed the door. Please help me.

It is called /gamemode creative

2019-07-08 21:25

+2 Mathieu MAKE SURE YOU DISARM THE ALARM IN THE FINAL HEIST. Olso, if you want to stop the generator, look for the magma block, in the hoppers. It is moving, so just click on one hopper, hold shift and spam the first slot.

2019-07-01 16:03

+8 Hkthunder I can't even get past the spawn part

2019-06-30 19:09

+10 John Laurie how do you get out the first sell

2019-06-27 18:22

-1 mrmememem how do I get past the part where the secret door to the roof opens and the assistant to the managers door is locked

2019-06-17 23:22

+1 Savage_Of_Faith I really like this map. It took more time than conveyed, and proved to be a little challenging. If there was one thing i would for sure change though, it's the fact that if you get caught at the end there's no way to try again without resetting the whole map. Other than that, great work.

2019-06-13 22:43

+3 LilyPedal07 Quoting yellowgigabyte:
i could not get past the fl generator part

i found the way you have to go back to you sell grab the item frame go back to the generator grab the panting and tos both items on the presser plats

2019-06-11 16:21

+3 Pegglez If anyone is stuck at the redstone bit - I get through it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xogKM5GFpVY

The map is not broken and there is nothing missing. The map works perfectly fine, guys :)

2019-06-09 16:30

+10 ella when u dig the cobble stone idk where the code is

2019-06-08 16:32

+2 Pegglez Really? The ending is just getting caught with infinite blindness and slowness? Lol, great map until the ending.

2019-06-06 22:27

+5 YO TENGO Stuck With The Levers And The Vents And That Flood Stuff

2019-06-02 16:51

+2 ya boi The guard in the beginning is bugged, doesn't open the door.

2019-05-31 18:09

+3 Dimyx Got stuck in the kitchen, closed the door. Please help me.

2019-05-29 23:33

+2 Matt I got caught at the end and now I'm stuck with infinite slowness and blindness. Is there a way to restart without starting the map all over again?

2019-05-29 00:19

+1 nick how do you even get the pickaxe to get out

2019-05-27 13:52

+1 chris Quoting DeropieV2:
idk where to go if you got the pickaxe in your prison

the cobblestone behind the bunkbed on the right

2019-05-26 18:25

-2 GleamingDust Quoting DeropieV2:
idk where to go if you got the pickaxe in your prison

You go behind the bunk bed on the left

2019-05-08 09:56

+2 eh got stuck at the redstone. hard map.

2019-05-07 21:05

+3 Griefmaster11 this map looks like fun

2019-05-06 21:20

+6 t0mroche spawn outside of the map

2019-05-06 20:13

+4 deimoscm it has a boring end with the blindness

2019-05-04 20:24

+1 benjamin awsome map dude

2019-05-04 18:57

+8 yellowgigabyte i could not get past the fl generator part

2019-05-04 17:07

-2 Wulfeh unnecessary difficult parkour in the first part. got all the way to the heist and got caught by the alarm, now it's all black and no way to restart the level, I am not starting over. Good map, but needs some fixing.

2019-05-03 17:31

+9 jc That parkour part makes me wanna kill someone... it is too hard!!!

2019-05-02 21:01

+1 samuel This is a very, very hard prison escape.

2019-05-02 17:51


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