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Crazy Escape

Created by WhiteHarlequin

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Map Info

Crazy Escape is a short escape map with a very simple focus: complete all the levels.

There are 10+1 levels, with various challenges for you to beat. 

This is my first map, but I've had many experiences in the past, which helped me a lot.

Every level has a reset and a skip feature, if you happen to get stuck. 

The map has gone through, so there aren't any bugs or glitches!

I hope you'll have a fun time playing it, and thanks for downloading.


Map Details

Creator: WhiteHarlequin
(266 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.15.2
Size: 4.4 MB
Added: 2020-09-15
Downloads: 13,715
Category: Escape Maps


+2 Richard it's so much fun! I love it and made a short yt vid if u wanna watch, here's the link UwU:

2021-07-09 19:27

+3 mr. man i spawned in the middle of nowhere, could someone tell me where the coordinates are??

2021-07-03 16:53

+1 ghost Very nice map! It was short and simple which was very fun to play. Plus the levels looked very cool and i loved the bonus level!! Good job :)

2021-06-07 10:09

0 Jordan lots of fun but when ur in multiplayer and u both die it skips 2 levels

2021-06-05 01:10

0 Sekaus not bad but not in my teast but nice desing

2021-05-29 14:07

+14 Tobi Good map but sometimes the levels skip when playing with another friend.

2020-09-17 16:19

+6 Vee This was so much fun! Short and sweet.

2020-09-17 15:52

+4 Craze I like the concept! Die to WIN haha .
Here is my playthrough if you wanna watch :3

2020-09-17 10:17

+2 Hollyjoy2 Really good for your first map! My only critique is that the emeralds were a bit too easy to find, but the map was great!

2020-09-16 04:02

+5 SayberPlays Wow! This map was so much fun! I really enjoyed searching for the emeralds in each stage and number 9 was by far the hardest one to get. I recorded and edited a full gameplay of this map for my YouTube channel and it will be going up tomorrow and I can send it here if you'd like! Anyway, I would greatly enjoy playing more similar maps!

Have a great day :)

2020-09-16 02:33

+2 Zaidie Loved The variety! make a multiplayer one next please :(

2020-09-15 20:51

0 BlokVader Not bad, but couldve been executed a lot better! I did have fun with this, but a few things felt a bit tedious. I did like the bonus level incorporation (I usually throw that in there though) and the level was kinda cool, except for the fact that blue and green went on the same line so I had to use gamemode.

2020-09-15 04:03


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