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Biome Breakout

Created by SimonDMCPlayer

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You've ended up in a prison, but no ordinary one! 6 mind-boggling levels, 6 levels to make you think and observe your surroundings. And on top of that, they are set in your favorite Minecraft biomes (or maybe not favorite :P). Can you escape before frustration wins over you?

This map is only singleplayer compatible. I have not tested it in multiplayer, however, it's safe to say everything will completely break - singleplayer only.

It should take you around 30 - 40 minutes to complete this map, but if you don't have any previous experience with puzzle/escape maps, it could take up to an hour.

If you're stuck, don't hesitate to use this walkthrough :)

Lastly, if you enjoy this map and want to support me, checking out my Youtube or Twitter is the best way to do so :D

Enjoy escaping!


Map Details

Creator: SimonDMCPlayer
(81 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16.2
Size: 3.5 MB
Added: 2020-09-02
Downloads: 4,635
Category: Escape Maps

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