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Average Escape Room

Created by Lunarscapes

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Just an average escape room. No crazy plot. Just good puzzles and the aesthetic of a real-life escape room.

There are no puzzles that require you to guess.

If you don't know what buttons to press, you haven't found the code yet. Keep looking.

It should take 15 - 30 minutes to complete.

If you see an iron door at the start, press f3 + T to reload the resource pack.


Set render distance to 18, brightness to moody, stay in adventure mode, and have fun. Best with 1-2 players.


Map Details

Creator: Lunarscapes
(1099 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16.3
Size: 3.47 MB
Added: 2020-09-29
Downloads: 29,155
Category: Escape Maps


0 tioomeow Hey, i made a video about this map!

Check it out if you wanna see us struggle ^^

2021-10-06 08:45

+2 kaazma The equations riddle has another solution than the intended one.
@ = # * @
# = @ + 7
% = @ + #
For a number times another number to be itself, the other number can be 1, which fucks up the rest of the equations. So I feel like you should mix up the numbers a little.
-6 = 1 * -6
1 = -6 + 7
-5 = -6 + 1
all the equations are true, but it's still wrong.

2021-09-18 12:48

+2 fdsjlijsdak help first room

2021-08-17 18:02

+2 HELP what do i do for the color combination i thought it was the colors in the maps in the order of the signs but it wont work

2021-08-14 12:00

+1 Hertega Quoting Hertega:
In some comand blocks u wrote ur name instead of @a or @p, so the map is unplayable

Sorry , i was wrong, i was playing it in the wrong version :/ Sorry

2021-07-06 14:40

0 Wisea I liked this map, but the ending was a little anticlimatic, and also the color passcode broke (couldve been my fault), but other than that you did a great job!

2021-07-03 17:56

+1 Hertega In some comand blocks u wrote ur name instead of @a or @p, so the map is unplayable

2021-07-02 22:08

+10 MaiMai I have all the maps but have no idea what the code is. I assumed I would use the letters for the code in the order the images on the maps were in the hallway, but noting is working. What am I doing wrong?

2021-06-10 03:32

+2 Tobi The last room bugged for me and my boyfriend. We couldn't move.

2021-06-03 20:27

+1 Tobi The last room bugged for me and my boyfriend.

2021-06-03 20:27

+1 Nintabo where is resource pack

2021-06-01 20:19

-1 softlocks Two of the puzzles were unsolvable, but otherwise it had great ideas :)

2021-05-26 23:47

0 Player Do not recommend

2021-05-26 16:43

-1 ouchtor Very good escape map! The color code was too hard for me, but I love that you retextured wooden doors to look like iron, so you think you can't open them.

2021-05-23 15:24

0 lols0827 took the flowers out of the pots for the color puzzle, wasnt able to complete the map first time through

2021-05-16 17:12


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