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Drop of Time

Created by Brozziest

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This is a map asked for by PrestonPlayz back in spring 2018. Unfortunately it never debuted as the content shifted directions. I have been given permission to make this map available to everyone! Since this map was made back in 2018, the version used is 1.12, yet I wanted to share this unique experience with everyone. Please note, as it will be said multiple times, the map utilizes the TickrateChanger mod that you must download for a full experience.


This is a specialized dropper map. It uses the TickrateChanger mod to slow down movement in Minecraft. In short: Its a slow motion dropper. Your character will fall in slow motion. Each level is complete once you reach the bottom, sometimes you don't have to land in water. This dropper is more difficult than standard ones, and is compensated for that with the slow motion. As you fall you have more time to think about your movements, as timing is key.

The map consists of 7 levels (not including the before prologue mini-dropper [that makes sense when you play the map]). Each level is unique and some have particular themes correlating to when the map was made. Remember this was made over a year ago. Trends and topics that some map themes are based on may seem out of place as they are outdated. But this does not take away from the unique fun you will have!

TickrateChanger mod needed

This map CAN be played without the use of this mod. HOWEVER the experience will not be as intended, as the puzzles utilize the effects the mod gives to create an interesting environment for the player. To download the mod, download version v1.0.13 or higher from <This Link> and place it in your mods folder.

For full experience please use the mod listed above. If played without mod, some cut-scenes may play extremely fast or slow (because its timing was made to match that of the modified tickrate)

Important Information

  • This map is meant to be used with the TickrateChanger mod for 1.12 Minecraft.
  • This map is to be played in 1.12.2 AND NOT 1.13 OR 1.14 because it will not work.
  • This map can be played with multiple players HOWEVER if one player completes the level, the next level will startup.
  • The map can get frustrating at times, do not despair. If you find yourself getting upset, please take Time off and continue later. The map is meant to be enjoyed, and you always got Time.



2019-05-25 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: Brozziest
(424 votes)
Map Version: v1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.12.2 (Java)
File Size: 2.46 MB
Date Added: 2019-05-25
Downloads: 15,490
Map Category: Dropper Maps

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