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Confuse Dropper

Created by DZER0, Fizuki

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Map Info

This is a fun dropper map for 1.13.

It has 10 different levels.

If you decide to download this map and give it a try, good luck!

- Render Distance 8+
- FoV: 75
- Don't Cheat
- Made for 1-2 players

- Updated to Minecraft 1.13.1.
- Made it more multiplayer friendly.

Map Details

Creator: DZER0, Fizuki
(1207 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.13.1
Size: 10.5 MB
Added: 2019-01-15
Downloads: 44,872
Category: Dropper Maps


-11 PlushySquare found a way to jump out of stage VI if you jump out and to the left you can land in that little pool and just escape the entire map found a lot of command blocks and a sticky piston door made of glass

2019-08-02 05:46

+10 how do I beat level3 level 3 is hard but the map is very good nice job

2019-07-27 10:57

+30 Maven Can i use your thumbnail for my video?!

2019-01-17 13:08

+19 good cool map!

2019-01-16 20:07

+40 Henzoid You might want to update the description to include pictures. Most people won't download a map without seeing a bit of what it looks like.

2019-01-15 12:59


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