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Minecraft Cam

Created by Stevertus

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This is only compatible with snapshot 18w14a - Minecraft 1.13.

Custom Command / Data Pack Info

Minecraft Cam is a small vanilla package that makes the usage of custom camera paths much easier in 1.13.

It is as simple as setting your start point, end point and entering the duration and the whole path will be calculated for you.

But this tool is not only extremely helpful making videos and cinematic, it has an api for mapmakers and developers who want to integrate a camera path into their creations.

You are curious? Then read further how to get it working.



Installation is as simple as it sounds. No need for any modloaders or custom installers. The only thing what you need is the recent version of Minecraft 1.13(Snapshots).

  1. Open your world settings and click on “Open World Folder”.
  2. Enter your world and copy the downloaded zip-file into the /datapacks folder.
  3. Now type “/reload” in the chat and a message appears.


The best way to use the tool for a ordinary user is the custom inventar(GUI). To get it working type:

/give @s ender_eye{Unbreakable:1b}

If you hold it a chest appears. Take items out to interact.

On the left side you can set the positions with the corals.

Set your aimed duration in seconds(hold shift and leftclick to increase/decrease).

With the green glass the path can be started.

And when you are finished the points can be deleted through the barrier.

The path will be prerendered and is displayed with particles:

To disable them run this command: /tag @s add camNoParticles

To disable the calculated rotation and move your camera freely add this tag: /tag @s add camNoRot

You are getting small status messages. If they are anoying type: /tag @s add camNoText

Map Details

Creator: Stevertus
(83 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.13
Size: 17.5 KB
Added: 2018-05-01
Downloads: 1,587
Category: Custom Commands


+7 something is wrong When I hold the ender eye, nothing appears except "Duration: seconds"

2018-07-20 23:43

+1 nobody is this more like replaymod?

2018-05-02 07:43


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