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Created by ItsZender

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Please note - this command requires Snaphot 16w21b and the included custom Resource Pack to work correctly.

Check out the Command Tutorial to find out what the command adds in-game.

This command will allow you to communicate with aliens via a satellite and summon them to your world! When you kill them and their UFO you will be able to craft many new items.

The first item is the ray gun. When using this along with ray gun ammo you can do lots of damage to many mobs! The second item is the forcefield turret. This item will shoot forcefields in the direction it's facing which will electrocute all entities!

Also, if you plan to use this command in a world with many entities, then you should first run my clear lag command which can be downloaded here, or else your game will run VERY slowly.

Make sure to use the resource pack!

If you enjoy content like this, make sure to check out my YouTube Channel!

Youtubers, Please:

  • Leave a link to my YouTube Channel.
  • Say my name (ItsZender) at least once in the video.
  • Enjoy the command!

Map Details

Creator: ItsZender
(189 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.10
Size: 736 KB
Added: 2016-05-30
Downloads: 8,067
Category: Custom Commands


emralds8 When I use the command and the recource pack on 1.10.2 nothing happens. All that pops up is the command box and the text but no aliens and no spaceship. Help me please. I want to see what your command looks like. P.S I'm a command lover.

from:emralds8 also known as Nicholas

2016-10-08 17:38

ItsZender Quoting Techpig57:
When I do it the UFO spawns, but not the Aliens!

Yes, there was a minor bug with the command that has been fixed in version 1.1 :)

2016-05-31 20:02

Techpig57 When I do it the UFO spawns, but not the Aliens!

2016-05-31 08:19

Z3R0 1.10? Is that an actual version? They already have the snapshot for it?!

2016-05-31 00:47


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