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Sky Survival - The Islands of Junara

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You are the commander, of the international space fleet called, GC - 265, you are going on a mission, to defeat the green creatures, that inhabit The Islands of Junara, all of the sudden you hear a hissssss... boom! then there is smoke coming from one of your main engines, the engine then catches on fire, and explodes, killing all your crew members. You are the only exception. You then grab some supplies, and dive out of the ship towards the sky islands, of junara.

Be prepared for an epic journey. against... The islands! Or creepers maybe 
This map was originally made by cowmonkey.
Here is the link to the original thread as requested by him in case was hosted somewhere else: CLICK HERE ❤️
All the credits still go to him! I didn't make the map.
Release info:
Latest version (3.2) should have worked in 1.8/1.9 according to the original thread, but in reality many spawners (like 90% of the custom mob spawners) were broken and they turned into pig with one of the latest map update.
This is just the same original map but fixed and updated to work in 1.19, no changes at all!
A lot of spawners data was taken from an older version (2.1 made for 1.7 ?, as it was the latest I could still find online and download with all the spawners 100% working).
The majority of them had to be manually rewritten, still all the overworld spawners have been fixed/updated. Only one in the nether ?
All the command blocks were updated to 1.19, instead of switching to datapacks/functions to preserve the old school feeling of the map.
I deleted a lot of empty chunks in all the dimensions to reduce the archive size and changed the nether terrain generation to be void that's why Minecraft tells you this world is using experimental features. I hope everything works fine!
I hope everything works fine so people can still enjoy this awesome map as I did many times.
If you find anything broken let me know ?
As you all know, on the recent Minecraft updates, monsters can only spawn at light level 0 (complete darkness). This would have unbalanced the map so I had to make a little change here, using the custom_spawn_rules nbt. Now all the spawners work also in daylight but they still obey to old block lighting rules (monsters can't spawn at light level 8 or greater).
So you can still block them using torches!
Nether has no sky light so all the spawners in the nether didn't need that nbt.
This is a small change imo and makes the map more challenging and enjoyable because some islands/dungeons were way easier during the day, sometimes with no mobs at all.
Now all the overworld spawners also work during the day, but you can still block them using torches like in the older versions, they will only spawn on blocks with a "block light" level of 7 or less.
This map isn't your ordinary survival in the skies map.. It has crazy loot, inspired by borderlands 2/Diablo III And it has crazy monsters. It is like Skyblock, Super Hostile, and a RPG game, all mixed into one. I have done frequent testing of this map, and so have my friends, so any bugs will be fixed fast. This map also gets frequent updates, and It isn't even out of "Beta" yet, so It has a lot too do. But after playing this map, and my friends playing this map, they think it's amazing, and I love playing it too. I'm adding end game content at the moment, and so far it's going great. Thanks for reading.
And heaps of loot. Loot loot loot.
Now with butter! Not just butter called "Gold" Real butter. Butter called butter.

1. Make a cobblestone generator: + 5 points
2. Grow 10 pumpkins: + 10 points
3. Collect diamonds: + 10 points
4. Grow 10 melons: + 5 points
5. Set foot in 5 islands: + 10 points
6. Set foot in 10 islands: + 15 points
7. Conquer a dungeon: + 5 points
8. Conquer 2 dungeons: + 10 points
9. Build a house out of Gold blocks! + 60 points (must be atleast 4x4)
10. Build a redstone contraption! + 10 points
11. Build an Automatic cobblestone generator! (Like it pushes cobblestone towards you with pistons) + 15 points
12. Find a mob spawner, and make a auto pig killer out of it: + 15 points (and you get free pork!) (also, if your confused, a mobspawner block that you can hold)
13. KILL A GOD DAMN COW! + 5 points
14. Find a golden apple: + 5 points
15. Gather 32 bones: + 10 points
16. Create full diamond armour: + 30 points
17. Create full diamond tools: + 20 points
18. Repair all wooden bridges, with the same material: + 15 points
19. Find an artifact: + 5 points
20. Find 3 artifacts: + 10 points
21. Find 5 artifacts: + 15 points
22. Conquer 4 Dungeons! + 10 points
23. Kill a zombie with your fists! + 5 points
24. Build a Xp grinder! + 10 points
25. Kill a Creeper with your fists! (Can't explode) + 10 points
26. Find, and tame an Ocelot + 15 points
27. Find, and tame a Wolf! + 10 points
28. Find, and tame 3 wolves! + 15 points
29. Find, and tame 3 Ocelots! (again, not sure if possible) + 15 points
30. Punch a Creeper off a island! + 5 points
31. Trade with a villager! + 5 points
32. Gain 5 emeralds! + 10 points
33. Gain 10 Emeralds! + 10 points
34. Craft a bow(Or get one from a skelly) + 5 points
35. Gather 1 diamond block! + 10 points
36. Gather 3 Gold blocks! + 10 points
37. Gather 6 Iron blocks! + 10 points
38. Gain a Enchanting Table! + 10 points
39. Conquer the Castle! (Make it a safe hide out) + 10 points
40. Conquer the Nether Island! (Destroy all spawners!) + 15 points
41. Stand in lava for 5 seconds and survive! (Diamond gear recommended :D ) + 15 points
42. Get the bow of Junara! + 30 points
43. Get the sword of Junara! + 35 points


1. Don't use any cheat mods. you can use ones like Mo creatures, or more creeps and wierdo's.

2. Play on easy+ and do not change to peaceful, ever!

3. Don't spawn items

4. Try not to cheat, and jump into the void to get your hunger/health back

5. Enjoy! :D


vines are useful to get down places

water is even more useful to get down places, recommend for building bridges downwards

water is an easy way to collect materials that are hanging

lava doesn't like you. dont run into it

zombies, are good food.

theres a thing called chests... use them!

ice = water, lava bucket = lava lava + water = cobblestone, but don't mess it up!

normaly, i can run 40 fps on normal render distance, this map 150 fps FAR render distance, its golden ;) (golden, as in Awesome)

check whats under you, before digging under you.


2022-06-23 - Map Released.


Fixed and updated to 1.19 (from 1.7/1.8)

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Map Details

Map Creator: cowmonkey, mirko93s
(17 votes)
Map Version: v3.3.1
Minecraft Version: 1.19
File Size: 36.8 MB
Date Added: 2022-06-23
Downloads: 5,733
Map Category: CTM Maps

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