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Created by Eris_mc

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In a world ravaged by a mysterious demon, only shards of a civilisation that was driven underground remain.

A classic-style CTM featuring floating islands, huge caverns and a descent into the Nether.

The difficulty curve starts out beginner friendly but should still offer a challenge for more experienced players as the map progresses.


Map Details

Creator: Eris_mc
(71 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.15.2
Size: 85.4 MB
Added: 2021-01-19
Downloads: 4,327
Category: CTM Maps

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0 RevFN The fun is crazy, thank you the map is very good

2021-08-19 07:44

+1 JackRuffx4 This is a very good map for starter players, lots of food, blocks, armor, and weapons are given and little work on the side has to be done. The intersections are well balanced for the players and the wool areas are massive, however they have much to explore and it's easy to find cool loot. The 27 bonus emeralds was a nice touch. I played the map in singleplayer and multiplayer and only experienced issues regarding the brown wool. 9/10

2021-05-17 17:53

0 Satsu I've completed this map with my friends. It was a fun map. It got a little confusing sometimes, but overrall it was enjoyable!

2021-05-11 18:07

0 GODPandrr I had played this map fully, I found pretty much everything besides 3 emeralds, which were stupidly hard to find. I had played on keepInventory True and still ended up dying 18 times. This map is honestly so fun, so much to explore, and getting lost is kinda easy. Finding the wool is very easy, but finding the secret loot is like challenging. I had spent about 15 hours in total on this map, and 1-2 hours is just trying to find the secrets. I could beat this legit unfortunately, I had went int spectator mode multiple times to see what I had missed, and even in spectator mode I still couldn't find all the emeralds. I wish I had some sort of guide to find these things. The books the creator left weren't too descriptive. A couple things I wish to see are bosses for each and every area, if they despawn or something, just make them an item, so the player can spawn them n themselves. I also wish to see better instructions on what to explore first because you could totally just go into the wrong dungeon in the wrong order and it can throw you off a bit. After Pains Labrinth everything was so easy, it became pretty much impossible to die. Still very fun map, a bit unbalanced, and I do wish to see some sequels to this. Very terra restore vibes, very awesome!

2021-04-10 05:05

0 zirael one of the best maps i've ever played, it has such an amazing buildings and a good enemies

2021-02-02 01:32


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