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Have you ever wondered why Endermen pick up and relocate blocks? This question is answered in "End-Bringer", an adventure/complete-the-monument/scavenger-hunting map. You are a small Enderman with a big task: Gather 16 Runic Nodes and place them in the Leyline, to open the Gateway and allow The Queen of The End to begin her reign over the Earth! Or, make other decisions, and achieve one of three separate endings! The fate of our world rests in your hands. Will you save us... or destroy us?

Trade with Enderman NPCs. Speak to The Queen of the End, and the Blaze King. Travel across all three Minecraft dimensions. Solve the mystery of the Desert Temple. Surmount the climb up the Mammoth Forest trees. Discover a sprawling island that takes 3 Minecraft days/nights to traverse on foot.

With the voice talents of Sparks and Crazyman47 of Accidental Games (and I do voices too :P), and elements of RPG, mazes, climbing, parkour, resource management, and moral dilemma. This map may take a few days to play, depending on how much you hunt for resources. It rewards curiosity, but also welcomes speed-running.

Which End will you bring about?

Feel free to share your experiences as you go. Did you find old Clyde Parker? Did you find all three legacies of Aldo Bryce? What is your favorite discovery or accomplishment?

Tested compatible with 1.8.8, should also work with 1.8.9. NOT TESTED WITH 1.9 OR ITS SNAPSHOTS.


  • CRITICAL FIX v1.4: Disregard all other "fixes" including Sparks's hotfix (my fault, not his). Fixes bug where all dropped items become Runic Nodes.
  • v1.3: Fixed Runic Nodes dropping plain Stone items. Applying Sparks's hotfix can rescue an in-progress game so you don't have to keep re-downloading this map. The hotfix is explained here.
  • v1.2: Fixed the "Fragmented Leyline" sign from prematurely showing completion.
  • v1.1: Fixed flaw which gave ALL dropped items "canplace" properties, which can mess up trading.


2015-12-13 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: ZaCloud
(96 votes)
Map Version: v1.4
Minecraft Version: 1.8.8
File Size: 47 MB
Date Added: 2015-12-13
Downloads: 8,503
Map Category: CTM Maps

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