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Created by Fangride

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Austerity, the second map from the CTMCommunity Team, organized through the CTM Community Discord, was made over the course of several months by 14 mapmakers, each working on an individual area.

This map, inspired by Kaladun's Minimalist, is a map made entirely within a series of 31x31x31 bedrock cubes, and each area is contained within one of them.

This challenging constraint required mapmakers to design areas as intelligently as they could. Featuring 12 compact yet beautiful areas, this smaller map will still force you to play like any other map!

Complete the monument, and win the game!

Map Maker Credits

  • Soggy Ascent - Wittywhiscash
  • Austere Monument - Browneye414
  • Athenaeum of Torn Pages - Fangride
  • Verdant Grotto - Zunar
  • Magma Opus - Caecillius
  • Shrouded Pond - CatProductions
  • Sandstone Samba - TyPlaysGames
  • The Blizzarding Depths - Kaiser_2
  • Headhunt Bastion - Evilrinto
  • Temple of Chimarium - Chipmunk
  • The Anthill - Blade933
  • Steelheart Bunker - LULZ180
  • Dragon's Descent - All of the Above ft. Kaladun


Map Details

Creator: Fangride
(153 votes)
Version: 1.3.2
MC Version: 1.11.2
Size: 5 MB
Added: 2017-05-11
Downloads: 6,965
Category: CTM Maps


+1 proemonadal Hahaha!I got the ,,wait'' disc which is the disk you get from the last area from a creeper who was shot by Skeleton XDD.But i won't cheat,dont worry

2018-12-24 16:44

+1 pacioccone where is the dangeon of the intersection 2
i can't find that :)

2017-07-13 08:48

0 Avea i found the first disk but i am stumped as to how i progress

2017-07-12 06:51

+4 The Diamond Apple I was wondering if you can play this map with 2 players.

2017-06-24 21:14

-2 M4T7 I don't find the last music disc "Wait". Do you know where is it?
I must bring the last episode of my series, please help me.

2017-06-23 12:41

+1 person So far I'm really enjoying the map. The items are fun with all of their varying special abilities and the progression of loot quality makes me look forward to the next dungeon and all of its sick loot.

2017-06-08 04:09

+2 Crush_ Hey wondering if you can help me, i've competed the map up to teh first 5 discs, but when i stand on the intersection pressure plates i don't get warped. Any other way to the next intersection? thanks.

2017-06-02 09:53

-1 14er Hey, great map. Lots of fun and pretty challenging (not for CTM newbies).
Also, can confirm that you should play solo, due to heavy loot restrictions.

2017-05-31 03:14

+2 Ty_Plays_Games Quoting WAY TO MUCH:
Horribly difficult. Not fun at all. Even with multiple people.

Hi, I'm one of the map-makers of Austerity and I can say that this map isn't for beginners to the genre. It is intentionally pretty difficult. That being said, there is also some heavy restrictions on loot. Since there's many restrictions on how much loot is given out, it isn't encouraged to play the map with any more than two people, or else the map will definitely be too hard. Sorry that you couldn't enjoy the map :/

2017-05-25 00:37

-11 WAY TO MUCH Horribly difficult. Not fun at all. Even with multiple people.

2017-05-21 17:42

+5 goddamthismapiscool i dont like ctm maps that much but this one is cool ! keep up the good work :)

2017-05-11 05:22


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