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The Hotel Tree

Created by Ssalgrouh

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Map Info:
Hello minecrafters,

It has been a long time since I wanted to provide a download link to my biggest Minecraft project, but I never took the time, too busy playing other games...

But now it's here!

Main entrance

At the heart of a semi-barren land, you'll find a Tree with all the features of a real-life hotel (or not): rooms, a library, a swimming pool, a bar, a movie theater and several other floors built only for architectural purposes.

Indoor shot

Next to the Hotel you'll also find a Treasure Hunt minigame consisting in a series of stages starting at the end of the garden (take a left when you reach the main entrance of the Hotel) and an artificial cave, which holds quite a surprise (still on the left of the entrance, or turn left at the sign on the main alley).

Top floors

There's no specific goal to this map, the Hotel Tree exists only to please visitors' eyes.

I would advise you to start with the main alley and to walk to the entrance without looking up too much, reserving the surprise for later. Start with the basements and then explore the different floors. The higher you go, the better it gets!

The Hotel Tree trailer:

I hope you'll enjoy the journey,
Mine strong,

Map Details

Creator: Ssalgrouh
(44 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: All
Size: 5.1 MB
Added: 2013-03-16
Downloads: 96,900
Category: Creation Maps


+3 LBY123 Awesome and huge map! awesome!

2014-11-15 08:09

+8 CrazedMiner Awesome Map Hoping to port it to PE Minecraft Soon!!!

2014-05-10 21:56

+17 DarkNinja893 It was a pretty decent map. The only problem was that some of the signs were in French so I didn't understand some of them.

2014-02-27 02:33

+3 clara5975 I love your map, it so huge!!

2013-12-29 00:24

+18 NotCoe Just a HUGE map!! I dont know how long did it take to make this! Probably about 2 months and 3 weeks, and over 10000 blocks!
I was amazed when i looked at the pic. 10/10.

2013-09-12 17:42

+8 gavinzachary guess what i found out a secret about this map it is a giant block that looks like a default just fly for a long time
forwards then you'll find the end of the world then fly down at the edge then you'll find a flat world i found this out the day i posted this.

2013-08-31 12:55

+11 Lolzu123 Big map... Really REALLY big map.. Its so big that i get lost in it! I owe you A TON!! Hope you make more maps.. (no need to stress u out SORRY) Your awesome!

2013-08-17 07:21

-32 Sinare i kinda broke the nether portal how do i fix it?

2013-07-12 16:44

-16 Unknown Yeaah, like everyone else said, its pretty bad lagging, but i still think its a amazing minecraft map..

2013-06-21 21:08

+6 Ssalgrouh Hi there,
I didn't really check this since I posted here, sorry about the delay :P

@Curiousity: If you're stuck in the library there are stairs starting just next to the opening to the terrace

@isolatedbunny: Yes it's French indeed, 'cause the server I built it on is

@Emily Taylor: sure go ahead and share it; the texture pack at the time was Ravand's Realistic HD Pack, not sure if/how up to date it is by now.

Thanks for the comments guys :)

2013-06-20 13:01

+17 Emily Taylor Absolutely beautiful map, I'll have to add this in my LAN server map with my friends.

Btw what texture pack did you use in the snapshots you posted?

2013-06-15 09:45

+27 rascalpal awesome,but its a bit laggy and sometimes my minecraft crashes.but on the other hand,good

2013-05-07 08:44

+17 Jayden546 Very good map!

2013-04-21 03:23

+44 Silve I love it! Best map Ever! I have not even explored it all and i have had it forever! Love it keep building more, best thing ever!

2013-04-18 17:52

+36 niki45678 Great job! I liked the look of it from the outside. I haven't explored it fully, but I got lost like everybody else! :)

2013-04-13 22:54

+23 isolatedbunny awesome map! i'm amazed by the wonderful sceneries and interiors. i think the signs are in french, but overall, it's good :)

2013-04-07 02:10

+34 Nadav Good work man. This is the most amazing build i saw in Minecraft. Keep doing and do more!

2013-04-02 06:57

+25 cRAzYcHiCKenLOL Very cool map! Keep up the good work :)

2013-04-01 23:17

+23 SomeoneWhoLovesHotel Good Job On The Hotel! Love It!

2013-03-31 04:30

+27 dk5963 This map has the best hotel in minecraft!

2013-03-29 03:23

-14 ManRandom is there a way you can change all the snow blocks to quartz blocks without disrupting the redstone currents

2013-03-28 03:15

+11 alex250 i love it but i have a BAD LAG in it

2013-03-28 03:06

+5 Curiousity how do you get to the upper levels?

2013-03-26 03:18

+46 jie amazing map! I love it!

2013-03-23 16:02

+13 BIN4555 xD i got lost aswell so i downloaded the map again

2013-03-22 16:25

+17 mrpi64 cool map!

i got lost!

2013-03-22 13:25


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