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Spruce Mountain Manor

Created by robb43215

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Map Info:
Welcome to Spruce Mountain Manor, a most magnificent mansion located on the top of a steep cliff. The three bedroom each specifically decorated to be individually unique. With lights that automatically turn on at night, you will never be in the dark.

Featuring a large farm, wooden barn, awesome, working lighthouse, cool pirate ship, and beautiful windmill. With 360° views of the mountains, jungle, numerous waterfalls, you will not regret downloading this house.

Please download this map! It is my first of many maps to be uploaded!

Map Details

Creator: robb43215
(53 votes)
Version: 2.0
MC Version: All
Size: 11.41MB
Added: 2013-06-16
Downloads: 99,185
Category: Creation Maps


+1 Guest Its a really nice map , its the best creation/city map iv ever played . Keep up the good work

P.S I know this isnt a city map

2015-09-21 13:43

0 FOOD FOOD FOOD!!! BEST MAP EVER! I really like this map i play
with my 8 friends thanks for the map :D

2015-06-19 15:39

0 Good Map This is a really good map!

2015-02-09 04:12

+3 N_adia_7 Did you guys know this maps have a secret room underground, the doorway is a fountain in front of the house.

2014-12-31 03:44

+2 Reviewer Overall its epic please please please do more maps

2014-11-22 23:45

+6 Cwolf267 i cant find the house so i did /kill and i spawned in a spruce biome so i am wondering. Am i close? can i have the coordinates?

2014-11-16 15:57

+14 Please help! I always spawn in the middle of nowhere no matter how may times I try. What are the coordinates? Please help me!

2014-09-26 20:02

+3 Olive Tree This map is AMAZING my sister and I love playing this in LAN survival! I especially love all the redstone stuff! I hope you make more maps!

2014-09-13 16:05

+3 The Critic This is an AMAZING map! The only flaw is that the balconies are a little small and cramped. I destroyed the furniture but they are still a little small. Other than that, it's an overall great map!

2014-07-31 16:45

+2 JonoJA11 This map is awesome!! I love the redstone and the back of the house!

2014-07-26 09:49

+2 #1Tunia02 WOW I LIKE THE MAP!!!

I hope You Build More Maps Like This.
And Its Really Beautiful.
Really Really Pretty.

2014-06-22 10:10

+4 ladyfish poopadoodle I love this map. There are no technical flaws, except the barn seems very inhumane. The animals are crammed into small spaces with no day light. I changed this, but otherwise, the architecture is lovely and the whole thing had some amazing little details. I liked the room across from the library, the one where you have to cross a sort of indoor bridge. I loved the designs for the rooms and the outside. Amazing work!

2014-06-19 23:31

+6 El Amazing work with the pistons and I didn't realise there was a lab until i had searched the whole house! I was in awe just looking at it! Well done for all your hard work.

2014-04-27 14:09

+9 Ponder4 I LOVE THIS MAP! The secret stuff *hint hint* is AMAZING!!! I'm so glad I downloaded this map

2014-04-11 21:47

+8 Iwanx Wow This Map Is Amazing !

2014-01-19 00:03

+14 Charlie270202 Omg I LOVE this!
I hope you do more

2014-01-02 22:02

+7 YummyRick I play this on my server in survival, it's a very cool map, we're just 4 friends playing on it :) It's really awesome ! Thanks for making this map !


2014-01-02 20:12

+3 Minecraftevans That is a totally fantastic map

2014-01-02 13:38

+7 angharad754 i play this in survival mode and it is so awesome

2013-12-29 00:54

+8 PHSYC0FISH45 I love the redstone effort put into the house and I really love the pirate ship.

2013-11-16 05:32

+6 tntplayer Love this Map!
Added a water-ride to the back of the house you know the little pond?

2013-11-04 02:58

+7 Assassin This map is awesome! Am using it as a creative server.

2013-11-03 05:05

+8 Max Pavan Totally amazing house just plain awesome you should make more its amazing

2013-11-02 22:46

+4 lucasw888 This is my 2nd favorite map, I think you should make a Sandstone Manor in a Desert, also you should make some custom potions and custom enchanted items with MCEdit and the add on called ModifyPotions and Enchant.

2013-10-28 00:10

+9 Sammy Cool!!!!
I Absolutely Love It I Adore It With All, I Use This As My Survival Home And It Works Amazing!!!!

2013-10-27 01:58

+9 thecowgoesmoo17 OMG! This map is absolutely amazing! I love it! The house is incredible and the redstone work is amazing! Please make more!!

2013-10-17 00:09

+33 Steph Marliss I know the guys who made this map. He's only 13. Its pretty amazing what he's done. He also made an underwater home that is really really cool. I'm trying to get him to upload it. Comment if you want him to upload it.

2013-09-14 20:31

+12 Naomi I love This map!!! But u said the light would automatically turn on at night, but they did not so instead i put levers on top of the lights and now they are on!!!!!!!!

2013-09-13 08:39

+13 ConcernedPlayer The lights did not come on at night, Why?

2013-08-31 22:25

+12 Matchas You are SOOO good at making houses!! Really great :)

2013-08-25 08:10


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