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Modern Split Home

Created by Omega_Rex

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Map Info:
This map is a small, detailed build of a cosy modern split level home. It features four stories complete with bedrooms, bathrooms, several family rooms, and of course a kitchen, among other things. It is nestled in a safe forest, and its two outdoor seating areas allow for you to appreciate the outddors. 

This is a build inspired by the Modern Homes series by marcusyu. It took a relatively short time to build, (~6 hours) but is still a detailed and intriguing build with lots to offer. If you enjoy this map, please feel free to check out my other build, Operation Downfall.

Note: Please use the "Modern HD 1.8" Resource Pack with this map.

Map Details

Creator: Omega_Rex
(48 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8
Size: 3 MB
Added: 2015-08-03
Downloads: 14,291
Category: Creation Maps


Emily I love this house! The texture pack is amazing too!

2015-08-18 08:59

cliff0428 I like the home a lot but could use some more features.
Don't get wrong I like it but could use some more work on the land like trees and bushes. You know what I mean. Also Omega_Rex if your reading this check out my modern home I created my self please I would like to get some feedback from a great modern designer. Its in 1.8
Also use the flowshd modern texture pack and shaders if can. Thx if you check it out! :)


2015-08-13 19:51

Ivainir You Know its good when it gets plagiarized!

2015-08-06 11:52

Omega_Rex Sorry I forgot to mention that Modern HD should be the default pack I'll add that to the description.

2015-08-04 12:41

TheKHFan What resource pack were you using for the picture? I got on and the road looks like ugly bedrock. D:

2015-08-03 16:08

marcusyu I absolutely admire this house! It is very cozy and I love it's simplicity. I am more than glad that I have inspired you and keep making more maps!

P.S.: I like that Omega Sword

2015-08-03 09:24


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