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Mineopolis and the Countryside

Created by Minenitrogue

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This is Mineopolis, a Minecraft solo city project. There is a huge city called Mineopolis surrounded by countryside, farmland, a town called Ravenstone and 3 tiny villages called; Atomster, which contains a small handful of houses as well as a small shop; Skylark, which contains a few houses and Wykeham, which also contains a few houses.

The Downtown area is mostly based from American architecture however, the suburbs are based on British architecture meaning that this city is an American/British mixed city.

The city and towns have different eras in different areas. Older eras are in the city centre and the buildings get more modern as the city goes out. In Mineopolis, there are 6 metro lines which have different eras in relation to the era and the area they are in.

There are overground railways lines that take you from Downtown Mineopolis into the suburbs and outside the city including to Ravenstone, Atomster. Overground railway lines also connect the Airport into Downtown Mineopolis. The Roads have 5 wide lanes and some roads have bus lanes and also bus stops. Just outside Mineopolis, there is a large International Airport. It is complete with 3 Passenger Terminals and 1 Cargo Terminal. Every Terminal has a full interior. The airport itself is a full scale airport, with 4km long runways and realistically sized planes.


Map Details

Creator: Minenitrogue
(3228 votes)
Version: 1.3
MC Version: 1.17.1
Size: 6 GB
Added: 2019-12-29
Downloads: 53,371
Category: City Maps


+1 pyro can we all think about that they took the time to build this amazing city

2021-10-24 17:14

0 ILikeTanks THIS ISS MY FAVOURITE MAP i like youre bulding wery much

2021-06-27 07:52

+2 eegesf 5GB?!what a HUGE map

2021-06-19 02:38

0 Player99 DUUUUDE this map is AMAZING, idc if it is big, it is very beautiful!

2021-06-15 20:18

+2 ChinkNite#8168 Can you message me on discord? I want to discuss if I can use this map for a crafting dead series I'm manufacturing! It would mean the world if you would reach out to me about it.

2021-06-11 19:50

+3 Minepro Quoting ItzDARK15:
5 GB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF

it rll does take long

2021-06-11 01:09

0 Joe M. Hey so when I opened the map i spawned into a normal world, can usend me the coordinates?

2021-05-20 22:55

+1 Flo Quoting ItzDARK15:
5 GB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF

Yes but this is also a big map

2021-05-10 13:33

+1 thepwrtank18 5.5 gb, that's more than a dvd

2021-04-22 18:24

+1 Great The map was so big! about 5 GB!!!!!!!!WOW~~ !!!!

2021-04-17 02:45

-1 Bumblebee Buzz way too much effort was put into this map
very nice

2021-04-05 14:45

-1 user THIS MAP IS AMAZING!!! can I use it for a Minecraft story pls!

2021-03-29 14:04

0 Ugandan Knuckles The world would be better with the decocraft mod but it is awesome!

2021-03-20 01:05

0 Atzengpeng01 wow!, Amazing Build

2021-03-18 04:58

0 communism noises Can you provide downloads for sections of the map so ppl who don't have too much space on their pc can still download?

2021-03-10 22:47

0 DipsanGamerz 5 Gb. It is Worth it bro

2021-03-08 10:05

0 XinJingBao Very, very good
The author refueling

2021-03-04 12:46

-1 PsychoKiddoo where's the city what coordinates?

2021-02-27 17:34

-1 User I got it working fine, but spawned somewhere random, I can't find the city, could somebody give me co-ordinates to teleport to?

2021-02-24 13:51

0 Wither King THIS IS GONNA BE SO FUN TO BLOW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also I'm gonna make a second copy for other stuff.

2021-02-24 04:22

0 Beetroot 5 GB map! WTF

2021-02-22 06:18

0 stall ff oh boy thats a huge map

2021-02-02 08:13

+18 Shauryasule17 The map is so cool!

2021-01-12 08:38

+31 ItzDARK15 5 GB!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!???????????? ????!!!!!!!!!!! !!! WTF

2021-01-05 07:03

+9 CarrotttCC Dude this map's so big that i couldn't even download it/jk/jk

2020-12-10 10:34

0 Um? Do I really have to download "mediaFire" just to download the map? also nice map dude ;3

2020-09-04 01:22

+11 Queen Unique and beautiful

2020-07-01 22:11

+5 gogo3200 i always wanted to build a city like that

2020-06-30 11:22

+3 Leo This Was The Best City Map Ever

2020-05-31 15:28

+4 wowza kind of an interesting time to see this right now..

2020-05-29 08:41


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