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Created by Dani4355

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Welcome to Bayville! This cozy town has many unique features, such as working cars, trains, busses and much more. The map works on Minecraft 1.16.5+ and it doesn't require any mods.

It's a perfect map for roleplays, you can play it alone or with your friends. The city includes over 40 unique buildings (most of them are furnished), many custom trees, an own resource pack and 500+ command blocks. To enable/disable cars, trains, etc. you have to go to the control room in townhall.

When you open the world for the first time you'll get some emeralds (the currency of the city) and a short introduction. Do jobs to earn emeralds and buy useful items, such as food or clothes, but you can also buy your own house and cars (and of course you are able to drive them).
Take the train and travel to the neighboring village and explore this cozy little city map.


Map Details

Creator: Dani4355
(867 votes)
Version: 2.0
MC Version: 1.16.5
Size: 17.7 MB
Added: 2021-08-09
Downloads: 20,869
Category: City Maps


0 violet how do i make a bank account? im so confused haha

2021-10-30 15:17

+3 Shadow_Dragon Quoting General:
Finishing a job took away my room key

Are you playing on 1.16.5? Maps like this tend to break if they are played in the wrong Minecraft version.

2021-10-25 23:51

0 MintyMrSheep Quoting Jordan:
hey sup can i ask u a question? where r the texture packs can u send the link so we can download it for our RP pls?

for windows: yo yo its in the zip file (minecraftmaps bayville) in file explorer. look inside it will say texture pack. unzip it and it will work.

2021-10-22 22:56

+2 Ciprian The best map i ve ever seen.

2021-10-19 13:48

0 Finn Literally nothiing works, i cant buy anything, i cant interact with signs, i cant do jobs, there are no Cars Trains or Busses, no matter if i turn it on or not and the textures dont load

2021-10-17 09:54

0 Finn No matter what i do in the Admin Room, there are no cars or trains, and the texture pack also doesnt work

2021-10-17 09:43

+1 someone Quoting Skinny:

I need a list of all the possible jobs. Pizzeria always takes my hotel key when I quit, trains never let me on even though I both bought and validated my ticket. As good as the map is, it needs a little patching, parts don’t work that well.

me too this happended to me

2021-10-17 08:03

0 Eric Is this map have a furniture shop, i just want to put some furniture in my house

2021-10-16 01:41

+8 billarasgaming hey can you give me the tecture pack link that i can put to the recuered recourcec packs?

2021-10-15 09:42

0 billarasgaming Quoting Harshit:
In the picture it is shown that there are working cars buts there are no working cars in the map I have tried the map

you have to go to the town hall and turn them on at the admins room

2021-10-15 09:41

0 General Finishing a job took away my room key

2021-10-10 20:54

0 mpoa Quoting chiragcs:
how to create bank account

just go to the bank

2021-10-05 11:24

+2 Zack Hi today i will solve ur problems!

See floating hoes? activate the resource pack! watch it on yt tutorial
no train coming? Go to town hall make sure u got the admin tag and go to admin conrtol room and yeah u cant control the train on when its supposed to com!

2021-10-04 11:32

+1 Zack Pls help me ( i lose my hotel key when i was doing my job in pizzariea) (i followed the rules but i saw the suffs were Hoes :-;)
(where to find the shader mod anyways?) thats all... pls help me. i really like the map but not in this way

2021-10-02 08:11

+10 chiragcs how to create bank account

2021-09-25 13:33

+4 larry how to make the cars go faster?

2021-09-22 23:35

0 Hank How to farm? i got the farmer house already.

2021-09-22 18:51

+5 Hank Realy good map. but how to farm? i buyed the farmer house but i dont know how to farm. please help.

2021-09-22 17:07

+8 Hudson Where is the download link for the texture pack/shader pack for the cars and trains

2021-09-22 13:11

+3 FleXo Quoting Sahej:
How to get unlimited emeralds?

Paste this into the chat:

scoreboard player add @p emeralds 1000000

2021-09-21 14:55

+2 Sahej How to get unlimited emeralds?

2021-09-21 03:25

+3 ni1x what are the cords to the map? i downloaded this map to my server and when i spawn in it's empty

2021-09-20 21:52

+7 tin Quoting LeBaumii:
Where is the download link for the texture pack?

Its a shader

2021-09-19 14:21

-3 gamerxyz i have been arrested can i be released quickly

2021-09-12 06:04

-1 Harshit In the picture it is shown that there are working cars buts there are no working cars in the map I have tried the map

2021-09-08 09:26

+1 alex butan How to give the emerald.

2021-09-06 13:55

0 quoren this is a really good and well done map, I appreciate the effort.
but now I have a loud storm thing that tried to kill me and now it just follows me everywhere no matter what I do.(feels like a personal raincloud lol)

I also have problems with the farm I can't seem to do anything with the crops. Maybe I missed something??

2021-08-29 15:01

+31 LeBaumii Where is the download link for the texture pack?

2021-08-25 16:58

+1 Pvt Winters I found a hole in one of the streets that leaves the command blocks running the map fully visible. Don't remember which street it is in, but it's definitely there.

2021-08-24 08:50

+13 aria 1. How to give the emerald.
2. How to ride the car?

2021-08-23 13:35


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