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The Lord's Castle

Created by Marinclaric

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Map Info

A minecraft map made by just me, in 1 month, with no mods used. Have fun and explore the land owned by lord Bandelborf!

Some features include:

  • Teleportation room.
  • Full working eco system (you can survive completely inside the walls).
  • Two rollercoasters (one inside the castle).

Features to see in the future:

  • A new rival castle.
  • Roads to and around the castles.
  • Much much more!

Map Details

Creator: Marinclaric
(202 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: All
Size: 760 KB
Added: 2013-04-09
Downloads: 108,906
Category: Castle Maps


+3 jimmy james I really enjoy the map, but have a couple of suggestions....
1. The airplane could use a little work. I redid it a bit bigger and made it our of iron blocks.
2. The map feels lonely. You should add some villagers.
3. I really like the cube, but could you make it a bit more organized?
4. Last, but not least, could you maybe put some loot in the chests, so it could be a survival world?
P.S. awesome map! keep up the great work :) I would love to see another map.

2018-04-21 21:37

+6 DiamondGaming198 Hey,Dude this was AWESOME MAP! I'm even Make it for Zombie Battle with Iron Golems Soldier Inside My Castle!Make More Castle maps!

2016-04-11 07:38

+4 subwaycity1 This Map Is AWESOME!

2015-10-24 19:28

+6 Code220 Loved this so much I had to do a review of it! Went through every detail I could find and even added a few changes to decorate it a little more!

2015-02-08 16:14

0 assassin perfect map for minecraft comes alive

2015-01-20 23:36

0 hannah amazing I love it
I use it for minecraft comes alive

2015-01-17 22:52

+6 Daniel i made a Animation with this map

2014-10-17 13:22

+2 TSV Actually, it's not bad at all. I disliked the name but the map it self is amazing!

2014-10-06 13:52

+7 Eren Jaeger Nice, I am using an Attack on Titan mod with this and it actually seems pretty nice with it (even though it is not the place in the show.)

2014-06-09 18:05

+11 headlessboy1 awesome map dude!
you should make more maps in the future!

2014-01-05 11:17

+9 ChuckyMomo This is an amazing map! I can't wait for another!! :D

2013-11-13 15:51

+11 MR FUN Love it.

Nothing else to say, just love it

2013-09-06 22:31

+9 Emily Taylor amazingly beautiful remind me of playing stronghold 2 and building huge kingdoms :3

2013-07-01 09:17

+8 SonicLinkLuigi Omg this is awesome!!!!

2013-05-27 22:43

0 Minemapper3.0 the most super awesome creation map... and i cant believe you only took 1 month to build such a thing WITH NO MODS USED. that is soooooooooooooo awesome.... anyways..... this map is very majestic. but could be more majestic if there were more BUDDER!!!!!!!!! !! this map..... i dare to say it: very awesome and cool.

2013-05-27 14:17

+7 TheChaosBuilder Hey, I made a short Introduktion of your Map :)
If you want to use it please add my YouTube Link in the description ;)

2013-04-26 18:45

+13 Cookiegirl88 Quoting Phillip:
Great map, love it, cant wait for the update with the rival city. maybe u should put in some villagers though

I totally agree. on creative i added some and it was grr8

2013-04-20 22:36

+8 Cookiegirl88 Im in love with this map! Please make more

2013-04-20 22:35

+15 Phillip Great map, love it, cant wait for the update with the rival city. maybe u should put in some villagers though

2013-04-19 00:10


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