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Steampunk Castle

Created by kgeri488

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Map Info

Welcome to this individual world of Steampunk Castle!

We worked hard to make our creation as detailed and authentic as possible, I hope you'll like the result. The building is fully furnitured and hides plenty of secrets, easter eggs and even a hidden story line to you to discover. Please read the text file I included for the best experience!

Have fun!

The map was created entirely by kgeri488 & dimarson011.

Made in Minecraft version: 1.7.10.

The screenshot was taken using Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders mod.

Map Details

Creator: kgeri488
(440 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.7.10
Added: 2014-08-27
Downloads: 180,528
Category: Castle Maps


+6 Annonymous It seems really cool, but sadly I can't download it because it's a .rar... ;-;

2017-08-06 02:22

+2 Stingray Productions Here's a cinematic to help showcase the map: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlJKj_cte5s

2017-05-25 15:30

+2 Bradythepirate Hey, i really love the map and i was wondering if i could use it in an animation?

2016-08-03 18:52

+3 Steampunk_Lacey This map is incredible as you can see by my name I have a thing for steampunk! 10 outta 10 I love it!

2016-06-09 20:09

+3 George Whats supposed to be in the nether part in the secret lab

2015-05-05 17:00

+4 Seevin Could not stop looking at the pretty castle in shaders

2015-04-04 18:39

+10 Elijahfrog I've really done a lot of steampunk stuff, but this is EPIC! its sooooo creative! and somewhat awe!

2015-02-25 06:37

+7 Kittensister49 Quoting XxLoneWolf15:
Awesome! You should make a survival map with this type of build!

A survival map is a pretty cool idea, but such a large map would be hard to play on. But other than that, I can see it being an adventure map!!!

2015-02-24 23:23

+7 Larry Kiddle Great map. This edifice entertains the player, as the large size provides more rooms to seek. The steampunk style is perfectly executed.

I'm not a fan of steampunk styles, but this structure excels imagination.


2015-01-30 06:09

+7 Mob Hunter cool map,dude! love the creation too

2015-01-29 08:32

+15 kgeri488 Hey guys! I just wanted to say you are really inspiring and we really appreciate your kind words. We have learnt a lot from our mistakes, just to mention one: at the Archive floors we wanted to place images of the earlier stages of construction but we sadly noticed that the images are cannot be accessed so we'll find another solution and I'll try to leave a link here which'll lead you to a minecraft forum where you can see them. I'd also like to tell you that we've finished the preparations for our next project. Unfortunately we are lack of free time nowadays, we both are writing our finals this year so I can't say anything for sure but we are really determined to create something even more detailed and fun stuff for you ;)
link to the forum: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/minecraft-discussion/creative-mode/2194376-steampunk-castle?page=2

2014-12-08 21:25

+4 TheMinorz This is an awsome map!! It's got so much stuff! How long did it take to make this?

2014-12-06 02:01

+3 Sam I really love this build I trying to rebuild it on my Xbox but it is a long process. How long did this take you and how did you come up with such a great design?

2014-12-05 20:21

+6 İlikeMaps_:D OMG! This map awesome and cool! i like it veryyy much! ;)

2014-11-29 19:07

+10 Fierna absolutely amazing!

2014-11-21 05:56

-7 XxLoneWolf15 Awesome! You should make a survival map with this type of build!

2014-11-20 21:20

+21 Blueberry When I first saw this map on the forum, I figured it would just be another mc creation map that didnt take a lot of time.. I was wrong, I have never played a world with such a structure and land.. I can only imagine how long it must've taken to build it! I just wanted to say how impressed I was by the detail and structure.

2014-11-16 00:58

+14 SuperApple007 A great map You should do a steampunk town!!

2014-11-09 19:15

+8 Doms3Pugs the bioshock reference is SO not cool... like worst part to me next to wicked confusing ending

2014-11-04 02:29

+23 Luna.D So... Can we get onto the Nether and End maps are not? And if you can, how? It would be a shame if you put all this work in parts of a map that no one got to see.

2014-11-01 17:52

+16 Flaming_Lance map is great! only thing i ask for is the ability to go on survival

2014-10-24 02:21

+25 most fun guy Map is great! love the setting, hope you make more fun maps in the future!

2014-10-11 22:36

+26 Tra_kad Thought everything was gonna feel empty, like most large project maps. Got pleasantly proven wrong. While this doesn't reallllyyy feel like a "Steampunk" castle and more feels like a modernized party house... It's pretty dang cool party house.

2014-09-28 17:28

+20 Matthew Map is really well made. When you think you know every passage you find a door that you don't know what's behind.

2014-09-26 12:34

+11 kgeri488 Okay, for those who can't find the castle: first I have included a readme file which contains the starting coordinates, anyway I think you may copied the wrong folder from the .rar file: There are 3 folders in the .rar file Steampunk Castle - the normal world(The overworld) with our creation in it so obviously this is the folder you need, the other 2 folders are containing the alter dimensions of the world, Steampunk Castle_nether (The nether) and Steampunk Castle_end(The End). We worked on this map using a bukkit server and that's why The Nether and The End worlds are seperated in different folders and if you try to load these 2 folders in Singleplayer mode you will find a freshly generated, empty map. Hope I could help. Have fun!

2014-09-17 19:29

+23 hilariousvip123 really nice design well thought out nice insides

2014-09-12 08:47

+16 XxLightning45xX I can't find the actual castle what are the coorodinates for it?

2014-09-01 10:31

+22 shmellycraft I plan on doing an showcase of this map on youtube. I will make it look beautiful. Take care. -shmellycraft

2014-08-30 18:32

+27 TremendousByDesign Map looks beautiful!

2014-08-30 04:03

+41 A. Guy Great build! Can't wait to see more!

2014-08-27 20:02


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