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Underground Science Associates

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You wake up in a little colorful room and don't know where you are. You hear a strange voice talking to you. You cannot answer, and so you have to do as the voice says and solve several tests. Soon you will also find the portal gun which is the newest invention of Aperture. With it you can create your own portals which will make your journey much easier!

This map was inspired by Portal 1 and Portal 2 but it ISNT canon to the games!!! This is not a sequel or a prequel. Some things are the same as the games but it's a different Universe.

  • Interesting story with unique gameplay mechanics
  • Custom dialogs
  • Around 2 - 3 Hours of gameplay (could be more. It depends)
  • Easter eggs relating to "ratman" (but my own ratman, still not the same universe ;D)

The map can only be played in Singleplayer!!! If you try playing with multiple players it will break the map!!!

Rules are in the lobby under the "Rules" Button!

Some tips for the map: when you are Inside a 1 block space (climbing through vents, under trapdoors, etc) you cannot use portals nor can you shoot them.

Another tip: Portals only work on the ground. you can place one on the wall and jump into it. It has to be on the floor. However, if you fall into a portal from up. it will work BUT ONLY THEN!!!

Enjoy :D

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2022-04-11 - Map Released.

° The Portal Gun now actually looks like a Portal Gun
° Fixed an unfinished wall in chapter 2 (its not able to escape the     map  anymore!)
° Fixed Vent skip in chapter 4
° Fixed some more spelling mistakes

° Added a few more checkpoints to the endboss

° Finding the buttons in chapter 2 is now easier.
° Getting into the vent in chapter 2 is now much easier.
° Added more moss and leaf blocks in chapter.
° Made the elytra section a bit easier and added an extra Checkpoint.
° You will now get a checkpoint mid fight while fighting the endboss.
° The coreheads now watch you at the endfight.
° The resources now come inside the map AND individually. If the voices dont work when playing, drag the "" folder into the map file and DONE.

° Fixed a bug where a certain voiceline would'nt start playing
° Fixed a bug where certain voicelines cut other voicelines off

° Fixed bug where you could get stuck in the train
° Removed some bed's
° added a few new voicelines
° fixed some spelling mistakes

Map Details

Map Creator: Henry
(46 votes)
Map Version: v1.5
Minecraft Version: 1.18.1
File Size: 62.5 MB
Date Added: 2022-04-11
Downloads: 4,940
Map Category: Adventure Maps

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