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Trouble in Christmas Town

Created by But_Im_Innocent

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Christmas is nigh and Santa is missing in Christmas Town. Solve puzzles, interview suspects, and uncover many secrets in order to find him and save Christmas. You just might find that there's some shady business going on in this supposedly joyful community.

The world's greatest detective has been flown in to the North Pole in order to work out what has happened to our dear Santa. Foul play is suspected, so you'll need to interview a variety of festive characters to uncover the true nature of Christmas Town. While you're at it, take a look around. There's plenty of places to explore and secrets to find. You may even uncover something you wish you hadn't.


- A couple of issues and odd bits have been fixed in v2.


Map Details

Creator: But_Im_Innocent
(256 votes)
Version: 2.0
MC Version: 1.17.1
Size: 4.6 MB
Added: 2020-12-12
Downloads: 5,769
Category: Adventure Maps


0 Silverfish003 Awesome! Found all 15 candy shells. Nice map!

2021-07-03 12:46

0 noivernking really nice map!!! very funny, good puzzles, and i appreciate a map that doesn't take itself too seriously it made it really fun :3

2021-05-08 09:47

0 Dxrthh There doesn't seem to be anything to do with the 15 candy shells :/

2021-04-08 16:26

0 Delta Played it in one sitting. Good builds, nice use of command block, and a good cohesive storyline. 10/10 would play again.

2021-03-18 14:34

0 Jaime yoo this was a pretty good map. It was pretty funny and the twist ending was very cute. Some of the puzzles might be a little hard but I think this map still holds up.

2021-02-13 00:57

0 Wavyduckling Not for kids. Has innapropriate language.

2021-01-16 01:17

0 lizdaddy This map is 10/10 amazing. I loved the humor and drama that went on.

2020-12-24 02:07

0 JOFFY53R Played this map with a friend on my live stream and now I'm uploading it on my channel. Was a lot of fun. If you want to see us play through it here is the link. https://youtu.be/nYc_zIEqTEA
Other wise, thank you and merry Christmas :)

2020-12-23 22:55

0 Triffo Hi, This map is multiplayer?

2020-12-23 13:25

0 Anto Great Map! Me and my friend had a great time. It is an original map with some unique mechanics. I like the bow teleporting. The only part that i didn't understand was sorting the chests. It took me some time to realise that the chests had text in them.

2020-12-22 21:28

0 Wiwiman One of the funniest maps i've played. Very well done.

2020-12-20 13:04

0 Minecraft player Damn, My man just went full Agatha Christie on freaking Minecraft. I approve of this map 10/10

2020-12-19 18:59

0 XxKookiexX This is kinda inappropriate ngl

2020-12-19 17:52

0 QuitsJungle164 This map is great

2020-12-18 20:07

0 corey foster this is have bad in danTDM had to censor most of it

2020-12-18 17:59

0 emme this map was super fun, i had a great time playing! but i found 14 shells and cannot for the life of me fine the 15th and im going mad haha!

2020-12-18 17:43

-1 Karen This game was innapropriat for my children I do not approve

2020-12-18 12:15

0 Fat Kim Should’ve made the horse dance

2020-12-18 10:43

0 the_door This map was awesome, thanks for making it, it was really fun to play!

2020-12-18 08:55

0 druwn ahhh this is some goooood stuff XD

2020-12-18 03:04

0 Glitch for the map Hello, the potion part is broken. The 3rd part doesn't work.

2020-12-18 02:13

0 ShonenHiroXD This could've been a great map, but there's just a ton of things that are really inappropriate. Considering that this is Minecraft and the idea that KIDS would play this, keeps it far from being a potentially great adventure map.

2020-12-18 01:35

0 AM9436 DanTDM did a playthrough of this map

2020-12-17 23:14

0 GalaxyGaming38 For the foreman star mix at the beginning I couldn’t click the options

2020-12-17 20:23

0 Shubham best map for roleplay

2020-12-16 09:33

0 Delta A funny and quirk small adventure map

2020-12-16 03:12

0 fillip I dont know how to beat the tnt level

2020-12-15 18:48

0 AmazingMatt1 LOVE this map!!! Especially the plot twist at the end, (I won't say too much!) 5 stars! Would definitely recommend. BTW I found all 15 candy shells!

2020-12-15 16:33

0 JamesyHamesy very good map and very good timing lol

2020-12-15 06:27

0 wespoooh3 what is the code for the fuel

2020-12-15 02:06


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