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The Treasure of Captain Redcurl

Created by Gahlifrex

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Map Info

Made for Singleplayer, more than one player might be possible.

There can still be bugs and errors. If so, please write me and i do my best to fix it.

Thank you so much for all the people supporting me!

First my Patron cryptidcxlt, thank you so much. This means a lot to me.

There are also some artists, whose art i was allowed to use in this map.
Please check them out:

Wathquan for nice textures
mc-sprite-edits for more nice textures

Rousteinire for amazing artwork
winter-mornings for wonderful artwork
Sylvia Strijk for beautiful artwork

And also all the people whose names got into this map:

Firqueanis <- Ship Merchant)
Arnon Zaza <- Farmer
YTKA120 <- Farmer
HelloIAmBanana <- Fisherman
Kyle <- Lumberjack
Louie Jay <- Redstone Merchant
Jediuab <-Ship Merchant
CoolFast4 <- First Skeleton
OneFPS <- Second Skeleton
Jonathan Noël <- Death Merchant
Shama <- Clever Guy who likes to read
Captain Sparklez <- Upper Herb Merchant
Devon b <- Lower Herb Guard
Coffee <- Lower Herb Bookworm
gidodocus <- Guy who doesn't like your red hat
MaerVale <- Lower Herb Technician
comandor <- Exploding sheep
Eli <- Exploding Sheep
Spookz <- Bootlegger
FerretJAcK <- Makes you wings
BØF <- Mute
MilkB4Cheerios <- Hanging Skeleton
Trevor Griffiths <- Bootlegger
Thunderdragon0 <- Stands on doors
CloneXmmT <- Bootleggers
DerpyNewbBoy <- Exploding Sheep
Egg <- Makes BOOM
Darin Hassan <- Explains technology
ralphchica <- Slimy and hot
jeremy <- Villager in dungeon
Noah Tinio <- Angry Octopus
leos_picXarts. <- Hanging Skeleton
Ultrabot2007 <- Skeleton in Labyrinth
AdmiralAnderson <- Yellow Merchant
Optimistic Watermelon <- Purple Merchant
Blake Nelson <-  Science Guy
wazy <- Small rabbit
Bernardo Argemi <- Cucumber Merchant
BoneDaddy_Umar <- Another Cucumber Merchant
Cyril <- Deathpig
Novel <- Pink Moobloom
Sanek <- Burning and shooting
Yellow_bus <- Saves the starfish
Ilya <- Does like towers but not peole
Vanya <- Gives you a drink on Gahlisia
xwilliam6x <- Security
Takuro_TH <- Bootlegger Security
jack_010 <- A fellow pirate mate
TGTelescope <- Hot and slimy
Manhattan <- Teaches you to play guitar
Roy Mogilyv <- Don't kill this guy!
Sammi_42 <- Has a tissue
KinXandor <- Bootlegger
Guthixwolf <- Likes to bake
7mooodyXD <- Angry and full of fire
Kevin <- Needs a tissue

Follow me on twitter for new maps.

Please note that this map is really big and errors and bugs can still occur.
If so please contact me and i will try to fix it.

Have fun!


- Some players didn't find one emerald skull while on head
- When bossight is over, you were teleported out of map
- The floor on Coconut Island turned into blackstone
- The spawn didn't change after playing the main story


Map Details

Creator: Gahlifrex
(116 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.16.5
Size: 114 MB
Added: 2021-03-31
Downloads: 10,241
Category: Adventure Maps

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+5 anne marie couldnt figure out the crimson roots? there werent any in the cave

2021-04-13 01:43

+1 Buttercup I too am having a great deal of trouble with the guitar section. Is there a way to bypass it with commands?

2021-04-12 14:17

+2 Anonymous Because the guitar is a bottle of enchanting you just throw it

2021-04-11 03:38

0 Jupiter09 Great map, takes lots of time tho, or maybe I'm just slow. Entertaining to play even though some islands are just 1-a few blocks floating in the middle of the ocean. I enjoyed it and can't wait for your next map!


2021-04-11 00:14

+2 Ginko Quoting PhoenixFyre100:
I LOVED every moment of this map, it kept me entertained for at least five hours, I love quest type maps where you can explore and also do puzzles. 10/10 my new favorite map. I got the secret at the end too after forever of looking for the last heart.

Hey can you please tell me where is the last heart?

2021-04-10 16:55

+2 PhoenixFyre100 I LOVED every moment of this map, it kept me entertained for at least five hours, I love quest type maps where you can explore and also do puzzles. 10/10 my new favorite map. I got the secret at the end too after forever of looking for the last heart.

2021-04-07 03:34

0 Ginko A glitch i had was that i couldnt drink or eat anything, so the potions were pretty much useless. But the guitar part worked for me. This map is so amazing omg

2021-04-06 22:39

+3 Ginko I just finished the map. So wonderful. I did use teleportation cuz im a noob but that's a different story. I found just three hearts, the rainbow, the blue-purple-pin k and the light blue-light pink-white. Does anybody know where the other heart is? This map is just so amazing!!! Thank you!!!

2021-04-06 22:37

0 nat im on coconut island and have defeated the skeletons but i only got one emerald skull from them and the other one from the chest but im still missing one and nothing is happening help

2021-04-05 11:48

-2 WorldTerminator6 For everyone stuck on the guitar part, looking directly down and right-clicking the guitar should make it work. You will need to repeat this at least 6 times to finish the part. If you lost your guitar, there is a button in the house that gives you another.

2021-04-05 03:08

+1 Gahlifrex For the bug with the guitar: Up in the room where you learn the song is a button at the wall with a sign. Press this button when your guitar dissappears and you will get a new one!

2021-04-04 19:57

+1 Le_Barbu Am too stuck at the guitar... sucks because i REALLY love the map..!!!

2021-04-04 18:47

+5 aklown how do you get the crimson root?

2021-04-04 11:53

+7 finallyfizz This map is so cool and well put together! unfortunately I found that when learning the song on the guitar, it glitched so I was no longer able to play.

2021-04-04 03:55

0 herogamer the best adventure map i have played

2021-04-03 15:23

+10 dc guitar part not working... pls advise... stuck

2021-04-03 10:22

+5 dc everything went smoothly until the guitar part... didnt let me learn the song... the guitar would just vanish every time i right-clicked.. . stuck... need help

2021-04-03 10:16

+9 dc everything went well until I reached the guitar part... guitar kept disappearing and i cant learn the song... stuck now

2021-04-03 10:12

+6 Bob Bobert Pls help me I am at the part where I just recieved the first crossbow and I am very confused on how to advance. I see a bunch of pressure plates but I keep hitting them and it moves but I cant figure it out. This is on the first island

2021-04-02 20:16

+2 ShadowBoy_RO best map ever!!

2021-04-02 13:44

+4 theguy Hello im on death island and i have talked to a wither skeleton (npc) but i have no clue what to do now any help??

2021-04-02 07:44

+1 Crazyguy Im on deathisland and I dont know what to do

2021-04-02 07:38

+4 Klowd Guitar does not work properly for me. It did the first time but once he says to listen carefully, it no longer worked and just removed the item.

2021-04-01 23:25

+2 Jamie The guitar quest isn't working, every time I right click the guitar it disappears so I can't progress. Any help?

2021-04-01 22:21

+4 ezz gamer your map is very very fun i did finished ''coconut island'' i will finish ''death island'' tomorrow . i did followed you

2021-04-01 16:30


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