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The Tower of Dreams II: Return to the Past

Created by David Thorpe

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Map Info:
Welcome back to the Tower of Dreams.

This is the official sequel to the revolutionary first Tower of Dreams. Things are a bit different this time. Be prepared to dream harder than you ever have before.

You think this one is going to be a walk in the park like the first one? Think Again.
Everything has changed, nothing is the same.

No breaking stuff, except where it says you can.

Play on PEACEFUL!!


Map Details

Creator: David Thorpe
(13 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.4.7
Size: 408 KB
Added: 2012-11-12
Downloads: 39,600
Category: Adventure Maps


minecraftlover4 I'm stuck in the Light/Dark rooms... is that the end?

2014-05-27 01:08

El Guado Really great map. Had a blast with this one. Really looking forword to the the sequel. Keep up the good work.

-El Guado

2014-05-10 03:17

David Thorpe SUP everyone. If anyone wants to assist me in building Tower of Dreams 3, email me at

Send me some evidence of your skills.

I have the story and the room plans, however need help building them.

2013-08-02 03:02

MinecraftAssassian I love this series sooo much!!!!
Right now im stuck on the Light And Dark after the Ice thing... can some1 plz give me a tiny clue

2013-06-04 22:09

David Thorpe Sup, creator here. 2 things:

1. I AM making the third and final tower, it's just taking me ages.

2. There is a complete story in the seemingly randomness of the tower, all which will be revealed in the third tower.

2013-04-29 11:51

Sidar Aslan I still didn't get the the ending. At the end I fell out of that black box and I just spawned where the jail was. Great map and great work though! :))

2013-03-30 12:33

youtubefreak891 What is the purpose of the floating black box at the end? That is the only thing I can say about this map except for... you would have to be insane or crazy to come up with something as messed up as this map, I mean, a PLATY-FISH?! WHAT IS THAT ANYWAY?! I mean, um... cool, uh... map... yeah...

2013-03-21 23:18

Alterrea Found the Secret room :D
Absolutely awesome map, looking forward for more

And... what to do with the Sponges? :P

2013-01-24 18:44

sirtanner I really like this map, but it lags a bit durring a few red-stone contraptions. But thats to be expected, mabye it's my computer.

2012-12-04 01:17

NegativesparkleZ Where is the sercret room? Can't find, are you sure it's there?

2012-11-28 09:05

Awsome_one53 Everyone seems to be stuck at the forest so i'll tell you what to do... Go back to the stage and if you walk to the back where the doors are, open the tree middle doors and one block will be missing. It may look like a simple map mistake but if you get on the right angle you'll be able to break red stone. Once you do that walk back to the forest and a door will have opened. P.S THE NEXT PART IS WAY HARDER!

2012-11-24 07:06

Tylerphotos This is beautiful (and I love the clever-yet-corn y jokes!).

I, however, am stuck in the flssy dental forest...are we supposed to break through?

2012-11-23 11:20

Gavin I love this map and when it said what is the box in the distance? I looked for a way over then i couldn't so i was done with the map so i used creative and I LOVE the reference. Nice Job!!!!

2012-11-21 16:06

Karin I'm totally stuck in the part with the fairyfloss forest.I tried to turn off the lights on the stage(maube "where i meant to shine" was a clue?).could someone help me or at least give me hint?

2012-11-21 15:18

Jay Nirwal i am stuck in the wool forest. help me please

2012-11-20 05:42

Pootis_Pie I found the secret room ;)

This map is fabulous; the entire plot makes more sense than mine. It is very epic, and even better than the last. I've got to say (not to be rude), the last one was kind of boring D:

Anyway make more PLEASE! I love these

2012-11-20 01:03

David Thorpe Quoting Stonegog:
I am completely stuck in a wooden room with a door with 4 wooden pressure plates on the floor. I managed to open the iron door in the end using the lever, but there is no exit from this room, only an entrance...

look harder

2012-11-19 00:14

Stonegog I am completely stuck in a wooden room with a door with 4 wooden pressure plates on the floor. I managed to open the iron door in the end using the lever, but there is no exit from this room, only an entrance...

2012-11-18 11:48

Eclipsed by Glory Excellent map! I greatly enjoyed this as well as the previous one. I was hoping for a more thrilling ending, though. :/

2012-11-15 21:27

Emily Taylor Found the Secret Room on this one on the first go, Sponge lol nice one hehe

2012-11-15 11:39

David Thorpe A trilogy? What should be included in the finale?

2012-11-15 03:06

Westisbest Loved it- very interesting. you definitely know your minecraft. A third would be interesting- one that explains why all this is happening to him... sort of wraps both of the together? IDK- it's up to you. Just want you to know that I really enjoyed it.

2012-11-14 02:10


2012-11-14 00:38

max_palardy If the first one was awesome im pretty sure this one is going to be awesome too!

2012-11-13 21:56

Emily Taylor Yay I loved the first of this, now the fun returns :)

2012-11-13 21:12


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