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The Shadow RPG

Created by Xrlylyl

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The Shadow Role Playing Game features a custom village with multiple dungeons and loot, complete with custom bosses. No resource packs or mods needed, but shaders look cool. This map is inspired by The Legend of Zelda games and other adventure maps based on adventure and role play.

You spawn in the village of Phentopia, a secluded area where you are treated as an outcast. However with the rise of The Shadow, you are chosen to destroy the evil and bring back the peace that it once was.

Thanks to Reddann and DetectiveRams for playtesting

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Map Details

Creator: Xrlylyl
(168 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16.4
Size: 14.1 MB
Added: 2020-11-17
Downloads: 6,081
Category: Adventure Maps

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GODPandrr This was a lot of fun, this took me an hour and a half to complete. One part did break, after I had killed the guard the gates didn't open so I had to go into creative to break the gate. Everything else was working as intended. I did like this, I think if you had some music going in the background it would have been much better. This is very vanilla and some parts are a bit too broken, like one boss fight I had kept dying. If your stuck the instructions book helped, number 6 and up were confused thou, I suggest re-writing the instruction book for steps 6+. Good map, good fights, very simple.

2021-01-18 21:37

CreeperGuy90913 Cool map, but I swear this is the same as the Diamond Sword RPG adventure map, it has same town names and dungeon names, a pyramid where you collect armor, chests with names like home chest, and a chest behind a pyramid, you have even named the lore on your armor, "obtained from the pyramid" same as the diamond sword map, and similar items and ideas, although it could all be a coincidence.. Anyway any map that is like that map is a good map in my books, that's why I really enjoyed this..

2021-01-05 12:35

Liam Townsend was an alright map but the ending was abit dull

2021-01-02 08:51

aseedad This Map is Great, Been playing for a While I Think the Buildings need More Work

2020-12-28 21:50

iistrafe so me and my friend at the first quest trying to know what to do with the sand vilalge key we tried at the chest near the sand village guy but didnt work we tried everthing

2020-12-26 17:48

Craftmaster777 love it!

2020-12-25 01:43

Nebula Is this singleplayer or multiplayer?

2020-12-22 14:32

thiccc Dude, I IiteraIIy Iove this map, I had so much fun pIaying this. Props to you for making such a fun map LMAO.

2020-12-19 00:11

Phoenix The map has an old-style MC map charm to it with more modern things in use. The fight rooms felt too claustrophobic and some items and levers were a tad vague on what they do or where they go. You can also use the ender chest outside of Ares' temple to boundary break.

Good time-killer, 3/5.

2020-12-12 16:38

dirtypeppa this map is litteraly amazing ... i wanted to download it to my minecraft world and have an adventure but my always problem is the coordinates ... is it always 0.0?

2020-12-10 13:10

jeffery NVM! I FOUND IT !

2020-12-10 02:13

jeffery Hi! Awesome map so far, just wondering what to do with the Sand Village Key that I got from the Pyramid? I tried using it on the trapped chest in the sand village but it didn't open.. I went back to the Church and tried it on the trapped chest there too but it still didn't work. Am I missing something or is this a problem/bug? I assume in one of the chests there is a pickaxe but I can't open them even right clicking with the key.

2020-12-10 02:07

jeffery Hi! Awesome map so far, just wondering what to do with the Sand Village Key that I got from the Pyramid? I tried using it on the trapped chest in the sand village but it didn't open.. I went back to the Church and tried it on the trapped chest there too but it still didn't work. Am I missing something or is this a problem/bug? I assume in one of the chests there is a pickaxe but I can't open them even right clicking with the key.

2020-12-10 02:07

Block_Tokki how do you get an old pickaxe? I am confused

2020-12-07 02:24

ColosusFireDragn Great little map to finish in an afternoon I was very impressed by the depth of story the "hidden chests" could be a bit more hidden though

2020-12-05 00:03

arary90 this map was really fun! the only part I had some trouble with was when you got the lever that goes onto the birch block I had no idea where that was by the time I got to that point. But I loved the bosses and the story was cool as well

2020-12-02 21:35

Kris Was fun

2020-12-01 12:34

Jack Very well made and fun.

2020-12-01 06:08

Flippedinho I Really like the map. everything is so well thought through. It would be fun if you actually have an "Emerald counter" at the end, to have sort of a ranking. But the use of emeralds to actually buy something is awesome! 5 stars from me! keep it up!

2020-11-30 18:15

Sam I am stuck in the room where the ladder drops you in and there is a armor stand with links head on it, i cant get out or move forward

2020-11-30 07:53

Alex Can this be multiplayer?
What Difficulty?
Survival or Adventure mode/

2020-11-29 12:48

vavamencz Hi! I just finished this map, and it was pretty good. I also wanted to inform you, that i found a way to leave a map. You can jump on the ender chest right at the end of the maze next to the villager and parkour your way to areas you're not supposed to be... just wanted to inform you :) .

2020-11-28 17:51

william Need some help! Or a clue...
Stuck in the forest area -- Got to the hut with the four switches (with the monster heads on top) and also found the lever under the red roses. But not sure what to do next!

2020-11-27 21:10

Anonymous Where is the birch near the castle? We can't find where to put the lever

2020-11-27 20:44

Not blockhead790 3.5/10
Mechanics were alright
Bossfights consisted of either boss not hitting me at all or doing all your health in a single hit. 0/10 combat

2020-11-27 05:55

spatch I found a hole in the map! In the maze with all the wither roses, you can get on top of the maze by jumping on top of the end chest before the temple to ares! Other than that I am having a lot of fun with the map and am highly enjoying it!

2020-11-26 13:20

TheKingmario2 the map dosen't seems to work with the 1.16.4 version, as im supposed to face the first boss in the crypt beneath the woods, but nothing happens, there is just a mannequin with Link's head and nothing else.

2020-11-26 13:09

Puzzler888 I played this adventure map the whole way through and here is my 100% honest review.

May be spoilers, but I will try not give anything away too much.

Plot - Nice, decent length, (took me one and a half hours to complete) Great twist and twisted twist, and counter twists.
Builds - The builds were decent, nothing flashy, acceptable for how much content was in this map.
Redstone - Impressive; custom movement, health, voices.
Cohesion - Could've been better. Once I went into spectator mode I could see everything and how it was meant to be done, but playing it from
ground level, I got confused many times.
Difficulty - Good; Shadow Ares and Ares, were by far the hardest bosses. It dwarfed the final boss quite a bit considered the gear I was given
at each point in the quest.
Other - Too many emeralds, and more unique trades with villagers would be nice, not just potions and armour. My inventory was full the first
time I received the compass from the kind so I had to redo that.

These are just suggestions below.
How to improve:
1. Add a hint book for each section. They are all quite distinguishable from one another so it should be that hard to understand.
2. Make more secret secrets and more unique villager trades.
3. Add more in game hints e.g. 'You heard an iron door creak open downstairs'
4. Add more passive villager who just say stuff, helpful or not. It creates a better atmosphere.
5. Please use splash potions or insta-drink potions. Most of the time I went to drink instant health, I lost more health because I of the drinking animation.
6. Please offer more night vision potions, even if they last a short duration.

Also add barrier block over the walls in 'The Passage', I could go over the top and exit the map.

Side notes: I really enjoyed it, a lot of criticism just means room for improvement.

Post Script: If you are planning on making another, I would love to collaborate with you as I am a talented builder.

2020-11-26 00:35

Micaela Can someone who's played this map tell me where you're supposed to put the lever you get after killing the king on Stoney Castle?? I'm stuck...

2020-11-24 23:32

The Man Uhh can i do this in multiplayer?

2020-11-23 13:41

ashley You can escape by jumping on the ender chest right after the maze on the way to Ares' temple. The basement key has no use, once you get the shovel you can just go right to the final boss.

2020-11-23 01:59

zirael I couldn't find the lock for the "sand village key"

2020-11-21 21:57

Capo Yo brow, awesome map, there is a whole tho where you can exit the map, in the enderchest in front of the temple you can jump over it and walk over the walls and exit the map

2020-11-21 18:41

EricFlo That was a good map! I didnt use many of the potions, so by the end i had an inventory full of them. There also was alot of running back and forth. But I really like that you can still use your emeralds at the final boss, since there wasnt alot of places to use them

2020-11-21 16:34

Cy Hey, does this map work for co-op? Or is this supposed to be a singleplayer map

2020-11-20 19:28

TheFirwulf Hey there, so me and my friend have been playing your map for fun and a YouTube series just because, and when we got to the Chaos Horseman fight in the Nether, nothing happened after we killed him. So I'm just wondering what we do after that point in the map. Any help is appreciated!

2020-11-20 01:12

Craze This is a really funny map! I liked it, I may have took the Roleplay aspect a bit to far tho xD
Here is my gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJa5p3xTino

2020-11-19 15:49

0mer0mer4 i canot find the old pickaxe

2020-11-19 14:14

peanutcuber i got stuck in the temple yelp me please

2020-11-19 10:27

guestroam where do i find the old pickaxe?

2020-11-19 10:23

Durlase I can't get pass Yungozmu forest. I can't figure out the riddle :(

2020-11-19 07:31

CupOfLemonade Hey, I found a "hole". If you stand on the enderchest at the Yungozmu forest entrance, you can jump on the leaves and escape the map. I recommend adding a secret chest up there, but of course also blocking the path off before the player could escape the map or enter the forest from above (so he can't enter the forest before he gets a pickaxe). Take care :)

2020-11-19 01:54

LiL_Gh0sty44 I was playing at the basement key disappeared from my hand. I'm very sad and will never play anything u make again. Why did it disappear? I'm so MADDDDDDDDDDDD!

2020-11-19 00:48

miu does this map support multiplayer?

2020-11-18 08:06

Delta Nice simple adventure map, only criticism is that the SandVillageKey was useless.

2020-11-18 04:27


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