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The Old Oak

Created by OneBadC4T

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Made by OneBadC4T & BlakeyBoy313

Map Info:
A young adventurer with high ambitions sets off to find the Old Oak, a tree normally told as an old legend that if found, contained riches beyond any adventurer's wildest dreams! However, when seasons came and went and the young boy still hadn't returned, his mother grew worrisome. It will now be your job to bring her closure, bring back either the whereabouts or the remains of her son, and finally locate the fabled tree.

Along the way, you will run into many obstacle's, more than a few NPC's, and even the occasional parkour challenge. The path to the Old Oak will not be easy traversable, and many challenges lie ahead. Blood will be spilled, so just hope it isn't yours.

Adventure map Co-Authored by Blakeyboy313 and OneBadC4t. Please comment, post scores, lets plays are greatly appreciated, and be looking for more of our maps including Pillars 2, The Darkest Night sequel, and my zombie map! Thank you! P.S. This is a short adventure 30 min. to one hour time may vary due to player.

1. Read all books and signs DO NOT ignore them.
2. Do not destroy blocks unless told to do so.
3. The only blocks that should be placed are redstone related blocks.
4. The map will tell you when to set your difficulty, and what to set it at.
5. Don't cheat! This will ruin the fun of the map!

Map Details

Creator: OneBadC4T
(8 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.4.7
Size: 5.24 MB
Added: 2012-12-12
Downloads: 40,263
Category: Adventure Maps


superman011 the map was cool. i scored a total of 63 gold nuggets. idk how much there is in total, but i think i got almost all of them. i also love exploring and got alot of high scores on maps.

2016-07-12 22:38

tiffy2112 Awesome Map. i scored 62

2014-12-23 04:09

Rubiks2002 This is a really good map so far. i am recording it for youtube and i only got to the old lady part but im going to keep making videos in till i finish it.

2014-09-21 00:23

Mr. Awesome I found 58 gold nuggets!

2014-09-04 22:03

Moo Sorry but at the end I guess im too much of a noob to get where to put the button XD

Lol I have read the book but still cant do it :-)

2014-08-26 11:24

lmggunner I loved it it was a great story line and great map but the mining part and four doors you know where im going with this.and my score was 49!

2014-08-12 23:21

n-cressey When I went into the cart to go to Steve's house I could not get out of the cart.

2014-07-26 10:46

osssobear i really liked the story line of this map. the only thing that needs improving is when u r inside that house with four doors and u cant get out. my score was 64.

2014-04-11 07:18

Smilow This map was a fun and quick map. It was good but in the area with 4 iron doors if you went the wrong way there was no way out. So I had to use creative. My score was 60

2014-03-25 14:40

Mcplayer10 Cool map. I got 52 gold nuggets. Storyline is good. I hope you make more maps

2013-11-15 17:53

Mcplayer10 Quoting Synth:
This was a good map, although I found some of problems with how the map is built.. the mines have no way to open the door from the inside, so it's impossible to get out of each section without breaking the doors, and I searched for about half an hour without being able to find the lever. I understand that this is the first version, though, so good luck with the future versions!

in the room before you go to the 3 doors there is an oak wood turn it into planks and make buttons and use them to get out

2013-11-15 17:49

MasterBlueBandit Did a Let's Play of this map on my Youtube channel, Me and my friend scored 52 Golden Nuggets in all.

2013-09-03 22:35

xboxsmokey2 i loved this map so much! i got 53 gold nuggets. But i don't like how you had to drive a boat twice, i suck at it. I drove the wrong way the 1st time and crashed it into a squid the 2nd time. But other than that i love the map! I hope to see more from you guys!

2013-08-05 20:10

Annie Hwang It was to short from a rate of 1-10 i would rate it a 4. The plot was nice but we barely had any action. Yes the outside of the box thinking was nice but there was really nothing else. Not my ideal map.

2013-07-30 04:17

Kitten Girl Very good map! Although, in the beginning, I didn't see the starting gravel path, so I went straight through the forest. :P Anyway, once I reached the end, I figured out what I did and went through it again. Going back to the map, it was great! I really enjoyed it. But, when they mentioned The White Room I thought it was like a dungeon or trap, with a story behind that. But hey, diamonds and riches are good too! :D Oh, and the ending was beautiful. :)

2013-07-24 23:30

Kameron U Great job with the map!
I had a score of 67 nuggets. How many are there in total?

2013-07-17 19:39

GoodReveiwsOnly This was an amazing map. I got 66 Gold Nuggets. I think the story line was great and the ending was wonderful. Poor Stevie
:( went the same way as his father.

2013-07-17 17:19

Pixie the map was way shorter than I thought, oh and I also I collected 66 Gold nuggets

2013-07-08 02:23

DesolateTree This was an amazing map! I got 55 nuggets in the end, and died only once because I wasn't watching where I was going in the mine. Nice Green Day reference at the end, there, and for future reference, the spawn points don't work.

2013-06-10 18:59

Synth This was a good map, although I found some of problems with how the map is built.. the mines have no way to open the door from the inside, so it's impossible to get out of each section without breaking the doors, and I searched for about half an hour without being able to find the lever. I understand that this is the first version, though, so good luck with the future versions!

2013-06-09 19:22

Luke I got 63 gold nuggets. How many are there total?

2013-06-05 23:49

Button My score is 61. This is great story and great map. Nice work guys.

2013-06-01 10:02

SkaterGirl828 64 gold nuggets. I finished it in 10-15 minutes, but it was lots of fun. Sequel! sequel! c'mon people, say it!

2013-05-30 02:40

juice101213 I finished this in a night but was a great map. it was also kinda sad. please make more maps like this.

2013-05-29 00:53

Overdone where do you put the button? is the house you get to after the ending rails steve's? otherwise, great map, 8/10

2013-05-28 21:49

Nerdtronn Awesome map!!!
My score was 52 gold nuggets :)

2013-05-27 00:06

jackoc2000 This was a great map and i loved it
I got 64 budder nuggets and a lot of diamonds.

2013-05-12 10:55

DutchPvP Loved the map, great story and a very sad ending.
I only got 47 gold nuggets.

2013-05-07 16:12

Marcus Great map, short but fun. The one thing the creator could've done better was to "clean up". Right outside the spawn house I found 2 blocks and in the water before the Great Oak I found A LOT of wool, an iron door, and some switches. I'll give it a 7/10. My score was 50.

2013-04-28 01:53

james hawthorne I did do a letsplay on this map, its an incredible map 100% thumbs up!
49 nuggets

2013-04-27 12:46

BL4D3 Very good map and adventure! :)

2013-04-25 19:28

Jordan This was actually a pretty bad map. There were a lot of problems, especially when my spawn points wouldn't set or where there were dead ends you couldn't get out of.

2013-04-13 04:11

RunningwindxXx 270 diamonds and 31 budder nuggets. It was a fun map to play, but i did have to make my own lever to get out of the mine and house. A sad ending and I will do an LP of it, please check it out at RunningwindxXx on YouTube.

2013-04-12 14:33

theman2701 I died at the old lady's house when there was a painting on the will i went through it but there was a pool of lava

2013-04-09 13:49

picklejar that was an awesome map. you should continue to make more. I dont know about everyone else but i found the ending no trouble at all. i wasnt really trying to get points, i just wanted to play the actual adventure part thats why i only got 46 nuggets.

2013-04-05 20:07

Manticore9700 Sounds like a great map. I read the comments and it sounds like the end is depressing! XD
Cant wait to play it though!

2013-04-01 20:41

R2D2 52 nuggets, nuts XD

Maybe a bit clearer as to where to put the button at the end (from the foot of the bed, for example) but a fun story :) Almost went off to see about the rail before deciding to follow the actual story so maybe hiding that better would also be something to look into for next time, very good fun :)

2013-04-01 04:42

minecraftian 65 nuggets best map i ever played!!!!!!!!

2013-03-30 13:37

ShadowMaster Got 54 nuggets :P I'm terrible at this!

2013-03-21 20:53

Magmaz Nice map :D
i got 52 nuggets.
and i don't get why people say ending was bad.
it was great! ;)
keep up the good work ;)

2013-03-16 14:56

DrForrester Good map, keep on building.

Did a lets play

Please don't watch it, its horrible.

Got 63 gold nuggets

2013-03-09 02:42

creepercreeping98 great map but the end was confusing (Btw the button goes on ground level 2 blocks from the bed) got 60 nuggets

2013-03-03 23:53

Mariomasha I would say that this map interesting, but there is some room for improvement. I did do a Let's Play of It if anyone wants to see it, here is the Link:

2013-03-03 18:07

Giedrius1591 Awesome map. but ending was strange....

2013-03-03 14:05

lizzieb This map was fun, and i liked how it wasnt too long. Some of the doors i had to break because i couldnt get back through. I really liked the concept. I got 65 nuggets. The ending was only a little confusing, as to who was talking where, and who was who. 9/10

2013-02-24 23:26

StelahArtois 52 Nuggets, damn i was way off all of them

2013-02-24 18:38

flamer500 awesome map!!! sad ending though
I got 52 butter nuggets

2013-02-23 02:59

TwoGuysOneDiamond We started a Let's Play of The Old Oak. We had some real fun; check out Part 1 and let us know what you guys think!

2013-02-23 02:14

anukis90 65 Nuggets. Had a hell of a time with the button by the bed. Finally found it (ps. for anyone else struggling with it: it's NOT right next to the bed). Overall interesting, but I do agree that the ending was a tad confusing. Thought the oak would be bigger? 10 blocks across is what I thought I read in one of the books, it looked like 5... now I can't remember. Anywho, fun, quick map. Thanks.

2013-02-22 20:29

Steve Great map! I got 64 nuggets. It was short and fun, I loved what the creator did with the chat! I must admit though, the ending was a bit confusing, where should I have put the button? And was Daniel a ghost? But all-in-all, it was a really fun map!

2013-02-20 13:02


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