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The Old Library

Created by Sean081799

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Map Info:
This is my first adventure map, so make sure to note any bugs about it, as I am not used to making these.

YouTube Trailer:

To start with is that there is an old library, and plenty of zombies to kill. There are 6 classes to choose from at the beginning, each with their own benefits. Classes: (NOTE: All classes' armor is Unbreaking 3, Protection 2)

  • The Swordsman: Diamond Sword, 2 Strength Potions (8:00), Chain Armor
  • The Archer: 2 Bows, 2x64 Arrows, 1 Regeneration Potion (0:45), Chain Armor
  • The Enchanter: 2 Stone Swords, 3x64 Bottle o' Enchanting, 32 Books, Chain Armor
  • The Tamer: 16 Wolf Spawn Eggs, 64 Bones, 2 Stone Swords, Gold Armor
  • The Cook: 16 Steak, 2 Cakes, Iron Sword, Gold Armor
  • The Alchemist: 2x64 Splash Potion Instant Damage 2, 2x64 Splash Potion of Instant Health 2, 32 Awkward Potions, 4 Splash Potion of Regeneration (0:33), Gold Armor

Your score is the number of EMERALDS you collect. Post it in the comments section!

This map, is meant for, but not limited to, Single Player. If you would like to play multiplayer, enable COMMAND BLOCKS. Also, the command blocks might be a bit glitchy, so choose the classes one at a time to avoid wrong items to wrong players.

Another important note: Have Game difficulty on NORMAL. This way you take the sufficient amount of damage to begin with, and so zombies don't break down the wooden doors.

Important /Gamerule-s to notice:

  • /gamerule keepInventory true
  • /gamerule mobGriefing false
  • /gamerule commandBlockOutput false

I give anyone permission to make a video(s) of this map.

If you are making a YouTube video of this, please post a link to this page, and credit me for the work. I would be happy to see you do this.

Things to do after completing the map:

Thank you,


Map Details

Creator: Sean081799
(6 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.5.2
Size: 345 KB
Added: 2013-05-23
Downloads: 51,537
Category: Adventure Maps


+2 RKPlays 32 emeralds! this was a great map for survival and fun but hard to fight off all the monsters and stuff. I can't wait for more of your maps.

2015-01-27 00:44

+7 Mcplayer10 It was a REALLY hard map when it comes to fighting the zombies but the clues were easy to be honest. I give this a 10/10

2013-11-16 16:46

0 Three Little Birds!! really fun i think but i got a little scared. And i still don't understand why you can't just play it with default???, no texture packs. :|

2013-10-26 08:40

-2 Firearcher108 me and my friend played bu we couldn't find the end...if there even was one here watch my video to see where me and my friend went wrong...

But still a great fun survival map. :D :)

2013-10-22 21:52

+1 i liked the map i liked the map and got a score of 32 emeralds but its to hard and with so many zombies hitting you it makes it hard to concentrate on finding a button or anything...

2013-09-20 20:29

+2 SilentGamer A very hard but fun map.It was totally worth my time. Thank you.

2013-09-09 05:37

0 psyche129 Very difficult and a bit ridiculous. I think you need to make it a bit more spacious and not be crowded by so many mobs

2013-08-27 09:13

+1 TMan2277 Quoting Soldier51:
This is Awesome :) i like this map great work.......but its hard :| think you can make it a little easier :

thanks for the map :)

I agree, but if you cheat it isn't to hard. :)

2013-08-02 01:57

0 TMan2277 I had to cheat a little bit, SORRY SEAN! ( Guessing that is your name. )

2013-08-02 01:56

+4 ILOV3BUTT3R can we have 3 players on the map? or just two? also, i think you should add a class like juggernaut or something.

2013-07-31 17:16

+1 Matt 26 emeralds, great map! :)

2013-07-25 12:57

+6 ucc_25th_beast This was a hard map but it was fun i mean damn it took me two hours to finish and I had 32 emeralds

2013-07-08 23:07

-2 PatrickStar I had 5 stacks and 2 pieces of emerald. Really good map, congrats.

2013-06-27 14:06

+1 Sir Spiffy 27 Emerald score. Decent game but the overwhelming number of enemies and the rather abrupt start kinda annoyed me. Needed a bit more story and less zombie punching.

2013-06-19 23:04

+5 LeapingLemonz I enjoyed this map.
The rage factor made me want to do a video.
It will be here:
I rate this map 10/10.
I haven't raged like that since...
Last week? idk

2013-06-19 03:50

-1 Adrian 15 Graham 20 Emeralds Score!
Was a good overall map, but to many mob spawns made the game way too hard to enjoy on medium difficulty.

Play on peaceful for a quick enjoyable time, playing on easy translate to hardcore game mode because of mob spawns.


2013-06-18 12:58

-7 Sean081799 Quoting BossNomad:
- No spawn point

Hmm... I did do /spawnpoint in the map. Did you play on LAN? That usually happens when playing on LAN.

2013-06-07 19:45

+3 Jack Trollson What are the spawn coordinates?

2013-06-07 07:27

+5 BossNomad 30 Emeralds

- No spawn point
- No time to read messages

+ Good creation
+ Good length
+ Overally good and fun to play

2013-06-05 20:37

+1 Unpredictable_Me I had 20 emeralds. It was very hard. I recommend making an RPG map next.

2013-06-02 23:51

+9 MATT Bad
-too difficult
-only one spawnpoint
-so many mobs couldn't stop to read

-great lore
-cool classes
-nice layout

Next map you should do a rpg map ;)

2013-06-01 01:50

+2 Bro Where's that secret button, I can't find it!!!!

2013-05-31 21:44

+3 Pythonhier So I played it all through I give it a 4/10. I personally didn't like it that much. With all the spawners it was really difficult, the clues were easy, and really all you had to do was walk through it. I kept all my emeralds in my ender chest so I didn't even know my score at the end >

2013-05-31 02:58

0 Starcatcher77 One of the best maps i've played in a while

Congrats! Really good map!

Suggestion: Make a RPG map next it would be greate

This was a Extremly difficult map tone it down next time!

2013-05-30 20:30

-1 Astrid Nice map! It was pretty difficult, and I got confused after I found the area behind the door. Quite a map you have to be quick with, or else as your enchanting or something you will get overrun, which is no fun. Hey it ryhmes. Well anyway, make more of this type!

2013-05-30 20:19

+3 chasingstar Quoting Rhux:
this dude made a lets play but he was going through the adventure map very fast so i had to watch the video a couple of times to understand what i had to do awesome map i would give it 7/10 score 7 because of how difficult it was and also cause the journals / story line was interesting

thanks it did help ive been trying to figure out why the fireplace is suspicious!

2013-05-30 15:23

+3 Rhux
this dude made a lets play but he was going through the adventure map very fast so i had to watch the video a couple of times to understand what i had to do awesome map i would give it 7/10 score 7 because of how difficult it was and also cause the journals / story line was interesting

2013-05-30 06:30

+4 AgsSpec123 There are way too many spawners so its impossible to do anything.

2013-05-29 09:45

+7 BritishRowan Awesome map! Little bit stressful! XD
In case you wanna see video footage, I recorded it for my channel!

2013-05-28 20:17

+9 Dahne10 you have WAY too many spawners!

2013-05-28 02:01


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