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The Mysterious Mansion of Dr. Diamondheimer

Created by Knockurblocksoff

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Map Info

The mysterious mad scientist, Dr. Diamondheimer, has gone missing! It is up to you to enter his massive dwelling, solve the puzzles and uncover the secrets in this brain-bending adventure map.

Be sure to put on your thinking cap, and use your knowledge of Minecraft as well as your own intuition to make your way through all the areas and secrets this mansion has to offer.

  • This is a single player only map. (Sorry people who want to play with friends)
  • Puzzle based fun with hidden object theme.
  • There is no combat and (probably) no way to die.
  • No mods or texture packs needed to play the map, simply copy the folder into your minecraft saves folder and run the game to play!


Map Details

Creator: Knockurblocksoff
(43 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16.5
Size: 38.5 MB
Added: 2021-04-11
Downloads: 3,138
Category: Adventure Maps


+3 cheesetrap Quoting Lukesw01:
I'm super confused on the piston part. Could you explain it to me?

You are supposed to put the sand at the sea lantern (opposite side of where it was originally). however, it is very easy to break and none of the levers will work because of the piston rules. i had to place the sand in creative to go on since it was to only way to go forward.

2021-04-14 10:46

+3 TheGirlyDJ Wait, not boots, helmet! Where's the diamond helmet???

2021-04-13 17:41

+4 Ginko Amazing map, I havent finished it yet. Is there a chance that you will make a tutorial? I think im stuck on something

2021-04-13 09:03

+3 Fun but has issues Okay this map was fun to play with most of the challenges weren’t that hard and easy to understand and overall a solid map just one problem. The target practice mini game. It is actually really hard and kinda buggy because you only have 40 seconds which is not enough time believe me, and the targets are just kinda buggy meaning when I hit the, they don’t get hit and only go away if I hit it on the right side of the block. So yea. That game needs some tweaking and there are a lot of places where you can unintentionally get out of the boundaries of the map. Those are my only complaints but still the map is fun. All it needs is tweaks and that’s about it.

2021-04-12 21:37

+3 TheFoxOverlord Could you upload a walkthrough/gui de please? I'm loving the map so far, but I'm stuck. (also: I haven't, but you can get into the garden early by climbing on the roof, using the fishing rod on the target. Is this intentional?)

2021-04-12 15:09

+1 Lukesw01 I'm super confused on the piston part. Could you explain it to me?

2021-04-12 05:38


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