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The Lost Present

Created by Vu6

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She's your most beloved one. She's the one who helped you through your darkest times. Now that your present to her has been lost, to what lengths will you go to retrieve it?

From the creator of renowned Minecraft map, Chasing Time, embark on a journey to the North Pole and befriend elves as you make your way through challenges to bring her happiness. Can you find the lost present?


  • A story about the miracles of Christmas
  • Custom copyright free music and sounds
  • Custom Minecraft Models - Command block special effects

Contact Information

Find more maps by Vu6 at youtube.com/vufour


Map Details

Creator: Vu6
(554 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.11
Size: 3.2 MB
Added: 2016-12-20
Downloads: 13,476
Category: Adventure Maps


+2 Heatleaf This Map Is AMAZING! I hope you keep making awesome maps!

2017-07-15 00:15

+1 Dawid24M The map is fun and recorded episode

2017-01-28 20:20

+1 Myst Xtreme This was fantastic! I do a series called Map Monday and this was my season finale. Played it from a comment suggestion and I'm glad I did. https://youtu.be/8P_kYPnv35g

2017-01-16 12:20

+2 FantasyTiger17 Awesome Map! =D I hope there will be more maps soon.

2017-01-09 09:41

-2 How!!!??? I have a litle problem whit the candy cane

When i click its not working so I get stuck at the start :(

2017-01-01 16:05

+1 AwesomeSuperGame the map stopped working when i said that i cant mess up

2016-12-31 07:03

0 Anon When it said Explore the cinnamon i fell down a hole and got stuck and found loads of presents. What do i do???

2016-12-30 16:27

0 Ashleigh M Quoting theglitchmaker00:
I never finished the whole map because when I was like 10 minutes in my candy can wouldn't work...
Such a waste of time for me! Are there any tips for not getting the glitched candy cane?
I think it glitched because maybe you were spamming, maybe!

2016-12-29 21:02

+1 theglitchmaker00 I never finished the whole map because when I was like 10 minutes in my candy can wouldn't work...
Such a waste of time for me! Are there any tips for not getting the glitched candy cane?

2016-12-28 16:50

+4 Cloud_Wolf Quoting ash:
Really short map with a bunch of text reading. I expected more after reading the positive comments.

Well yes ash this is more of a story map but the website doesn't have the categories XD

2016-12-25 06:35

+2 Blablabla Great map. I Love it so much

2016-12-25 00:41

+1 Wolf_Kai I spawned outside the start what r the XYZ

2016-12-24 20:04

+1 bryn ;^; This was an adorable map, and so cute!! It was very well made and a nice time frame. Not too long and not too short! Very well done!

2016-12-24 19:41

0 NiTringo Nice Map, I love the music :) Also the story :)


2016-12-24 08:31

+1 FireTiger57 the map broke for me, i got to the robots and after i killed them all it just didnt say anything else, i tried the candy cane and still nothing happened

2016-12-24 05:02

+3 Djm49 Can you continue Chasing Time?

2016-12-22 20:09

+2 KevanKaiWee This was a great map, its short and interesting, it contained the joy of Christmas miracles, its really meaningful.

2016-12-22 02:22

0 Legion Okay, so I played Chasing Time and absolutely loved it, but I did notice that you got player skins into the game through png files in the resource pack and overwrote several blocks. However, you changed tactics in this map. Or at least you went the more complicated route. Not really sure how you did that, but I think it's really cool. *claps* Very well done.

2016-12-22 00:27

+1 marshall one of my objectives is to go upstairs and i went upstairs but it says the same thing

2016-12-21 23:46

0 jayden1209 is there fighting?

2016-12-21 23:41

+1 TapirMoose Yo dude! I recorded your map! Absolutely AMAZING map! Loved the story, the text mechanics and just about everything you put in it! It was great stuff! Keep up the great work! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6JLNOZ38mk

2016-12-21 21:20

-2 ash Really short map with a bunch of text reading. I expected more after reading the positive comments.

2016-12-21 18:31

+1 LetzTaco Great map and excellent redstone.

2016-12-21 18:16

+1 SuperT Quoting SkyDek:
Honestly, when I saw another map out by VU6 I jumped out of my chair! After playing Chasing Time, I had to get my recording software up instantly and record/play this game! This map was AMAZING, but I lost my candy cane midway through the game, so i had to get a new one. Besides that, I would rate this game a 5/5(I did). Thanks for making these two maps!

(Video link if you want to watch- https://youtu.be/gkV0M4zl0v0)

You didn't lose it, you put it in the item frame on the chair, lol.

2016-12-21 15:30

0 EnderGamer5665 NICE MAP
DID A VID FOR IT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAT4ATr5JYE

2016-12-21 14:21

0 TommyTheHeist Short but good map with interesting story! I liked it! :D one question: should I have waited in that christmas car thingy or was I supposed to jump in that black hole? because I feel that I could explore more :D by the way, i made a video also as always! And also, merry christmas everyone!


2016-12-21 14:00

-1 Twisted Knot I played this map and enjoyed the story to it, Great little Christmas map! I have recorded my video and will be uploading it on my YT channel with commentary on Dec 22nd (09:00PM GMT)


-Twisted Knot Official

2016-12-21 10:11

+1 SteveTheGamer 123 Yo this is a good map !

2016-12-21 07:56

0 MinecraftVN This map is AMAZING !!!!

2016-12-21 04:04

+1 MurgilyGirl i loved this map the end bit made me cry thought but this was so sweet great job

2016-12-21 00:08


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