The Darkest Night

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Edward Nigma, also known as the Riddler, has recently been let out of Blackgate prison on good behavior, but soon, Gotham city begins experiencing a major crime spree. At the scene of each, a riddle was left detailing where he would strike next. It didn't take a genius to figure out what was going on, and as Batman, it is your duty to stop the madman.

Each riddle has its own level of complexity, gradually moving up as you progress, and at points, you must make moral decisions about the lives of innocent civilians; (Pull the wrong lever, people perish) Along the way, you will stumble upon many obstacles, parkour challenges, and even other Batman villains, but as the riddles grow harder and the nights grow longer, you wonder if you'll ever find him...


1. The only blocks you are allowed to place are redstone related. (Buttons, levers, etc)

2. You are only allowed to destroy blocks if a book or sign tells you to.

3. READ ALL BOOKS AND SIGNS! They contain the riddles, which are imperative to the story.

4. Don't cheat and guess on riddles. Actually try to decipher them and use the buttons and levers you find accordingly.

5. The only time you are allowed to switch to creative is if you are to die and lose an item that was crucial to the plot. (button, lever, etc) You may switch over and spawn a new one, but immediately switch back.


-Some of the riddles are very complex. Read them carefully and pay very close attention to words in "quotes."

-Gameplay ranges from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

-There are several areas where you are able to be a hero. Attempt to rescue as many civilians as you can from certain doom, and post how many you saved on the forums.

-There will be signs telling you what difficulty to keep the game on along the way.

-Post your thoughts and scores of your playthrough on the forums and thanks for downloading! Blakeyboy313

When you've completed the map, try out the sequel: The Enigma.

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2012-11-25 - Map Released.

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Map Creator: BlakeyBoy313
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Map Version: v1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.4.7
File Size: 2.8 MB
Date Added: 2012-11-25
Downloads: 55,005
Map Category: Adventure Maps

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