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The Colossus

Created by spacegame202

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Map Info

Some mysterious little creatures have been showing up in the village. They need your help defeating their master, Ronald.

Ronald may seem like a joke, but trust me, underestimating him is a huge mistake.

Collect and heal the wild gnomes. Fight Ronald.

Made by spacegame202 & iLAVA.


  • If you're playing in Multiplayer, make sure all players have downloaded the Resource Pack.
  • Play in Difficulty 2 (Normal).
  • This map is compatible with multiplayer. However, servers that aren't vanilla will probably break the map. Make sure you are playing on a vanilla server.
  • Recommended number of players is (1 - 4) players.

Additional Info

  • No mods should be installed while playing this map (Including Optifine and Shadders).
  • This map is available in English and Arabic (Language settings can be found in the spawn lobby).
  • The Colossus is coming to Minecraft Realms on October 6th!
  • All music & sounds used in this map are Copyright Free.
  • If you record this map for YouTube, leave the video link in the comments of this page! I'd love to see your reactions!


Map Details

Creator: spacegame202
(630 votes)
Version: 1.2.1
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 27 MB
Added: 2017-10-12
Downloads: 15,641
Category: Adventure Maps


Not my real name Can someone list the coordinates for all the locations in the map? I got to the lobby but nothing's working and I don't know where to go. Please help!

2021-07-03 20:46

ZeroIceBear When I visited this map, it gave me a feeling of incomparable existence, and I wanted to share it with my Chinese friends, but they couldn't translate the story in time. Can the author tell me where is the command block for all of your storylines?
In addition, I promise not to take your map for commercial purposes. I only use it for my friends' LAN game.
I hope you will agree to my request.

2018-04-29 08:03

Mr3ee I recorded your map to my 10k subscribers on youtube :D . Here's the link:

2018-03-07 19:44

Baefeather well, I gotta say, this was really well made. everything worked smoothly, and I had a lot of fun playing it

2017-11-05 20:59

Kristel I love this map when funnehcake bested ronald

2017-11-04 09:47

cutecrazygirl255 Wow funneh played this map in one of her video's it was soooooooooooooo ooo cool I bet you can make a new one that is going to be even better

2017-10-27 00:49

Expert Tiger

2017-10-26 23:52

Cis Wow, what was this an awesome map!

I have a full video of it on my channel! Hope you like it!

Keep going!


2017-10-20 11:01

mathew oh my god woooo!!! oh my god dantdm played this map i saw it on youtube that is why im d

2017-10-19 11:03

CallMeSteff I made a video on this map! It was pretty dang good, this is part 1:

2017-10-17 23:46


2017-10-17 15:57

spacegame202 Quoting Ong:
why is the spawn?
i spawn and i fell in the void

A) Play on 1.12+
B) Enable command blocks
C) Don't play with any mods (including Optifine and Shadders)
D) If you're playing on a server, make sure it's vanilla (not bukkit or anything else)

2017-10-16 03:32

Flanny Hi, I've made a video of your map. The adventure was pretty amazing, I really liked it ! Thank you for your map, it was a good experience !
Keep up the good work !

If you want to watch it: (in french sorry xD)

2017-10-14 17:06

u how do i dowload the recource pack?

2017-10-14 13:26

Whizzpr Okay, Why can't i play? I did it right, and when i click "The Colossus" world, It Brings me to the Server List (Multiplayer). It Always Say's
" Connection Lost
Internal Exception: java.nio.channe ls.ClosedChanne lException "

And When i Clicked [Back to server list] It Bring's me to the Server List. (Multiplayer). Help me..

2017-10-14 11:27

Alan Where is the resourse pack?

2017-10-13 22:48

KingAmo Let me check the Checklist for Epic Maps.
1. Legit name. Check!
2. Adventure map. Check!
3. Description makes build-up. Check!
4. Ad-fly link. Check!
5. Multiplayer compatible. Check!
Yep seems good.

2017-10-13 20:57

CharDan0508 FIRST COMMENT!!!!!!! umm... where is the resource pack download????

2017-10-13 20:50

HydraHunter77 Congrats on making it on to realms!

2017-10-13 20:20

Tiraney This is by far one of the greatest maps I've ever played. Well-done with the resourcepack, commands and environment. The boss-battle was also very creative. Well done, and I can't wait to play you're next map!

2017-10-13 18:26

Crebal Schkinskuvski Hi. I really wanted to play this map, as it looked awesome. But, when I try to get on the world, it says: "Internal Exception: java.nio.channe ls.CLosedChanne lException". I would really appreciate this if you would reply and attempt to help me. I also have all of the requirements. Thankyou!
(My name is fake :P )

2017-10-13 11:35

Ong why is the spawn?
i spawn and i fell in the void

2017-10-13 10:22

K4rimCraft Hey man great map
i love the mechanics of the map and the smart use of resource packs, easy puzzles and don't hurt the brain
didn't find any bugs
keep up the good work

2017-10-13 03:03

Lauri This map is amazing! By far one of my favourite adventure maps I have ever played! I get bored of a lot of maps half way through but not with this one, it's funny, unique and intriguing I definitely recommend people play it!

2017-10-12 20:14

red hi where is texture pack

2017-10-12 09:29

PowerCow Wow pretty nice

2017-10-12 08:42


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