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The Anthill

Created by bumsnik_united

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Map Info

The Anthill is a revolutionary new map in which you explore a perfect replica of your house and yard that is 16 times its normal size. Each pixel of a regular block has been meticulously turned into an entire block, causing the illusion that you have shrunk 16 times: to the size of an ant!

When you wake up in the anthill, journey deeper into it to converse with the mysterious queen ant and do her bidding in order to be returned to you normal size. Overcome puzzles, maze, parkour, and more to satiate the queen's hunger and be restored to regular size. Upon completion of the map, you have the opportunity to explore both versions of the house!

1. Do not break anything
2. Play on normal or far render for best effect
3. Do not use mods or hacks!

After you play, please leave a comment! I would love to know what you thought about The Anthill! Also, feel free to make videos about the map! Have fun!

Map Details

Creator: bumsnik_united
(56 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.7.2
Size: 2.5 MB
Added: 2014-02-02
Downloads: 181,115
Category: Adventure Maps


+8 Midori The map looks great, the only problem I have is that for some reason the map keeps going pitch black for me. Meaning it was unplayable for me :(

2017-03-05 07:14

+7 maitreDor I came in the anthill and was immediately killed by a zombie. Cool building though.

2016-11-07 04:24

+4 Zee12316 how do i get into the yard?

2016-05-22 04:17

+3 Marina I loved it, except for one little thing. I fell while doing the tree parkour, and when I respawned, I appeared outside the map, near some redstone and command blocks. I was able to enable cheats, (LAN) and fly back to where I was. One more thing, when I gave the Queen Bee all of her pumpkins, nothing happened! Other than these two errors, the map was very well made, and I thouroghly enjoyed it. Great job!

2016-02-21 04:43

+1 DocWaffle Quoting EliVasq:
Has anyone heard of Press Esc Key > Open to LAN > enable cheats > Start LAN World? You can't not know that! If you don't know that you are a official Minecraft n00b.

While I agree, a good map doesn't require you to cheat to complete it.

2016-02-17 12:37

+5 Jimmyjims I'll be honest this map was uncompletable without cheating, especially after I lost that pumpkin to the void. I made a quick checklist of some things that should really be changed to make it playable:

-start the player in survival mode so they can place pumpkins in the anthill. a strong mining fatigue effect can prevent players from breaking blocks themselves
-keepInventory true needs to be active
-reapply the night vision on death.
-set the spawnpoint at the anthill
-nerf the parkour segment (this one I might just be terrible...)
-give infinite saturation or supply food in the map
-remove the void section of the underwater area. Ties into the above about keepInventory needing to be true.
-set the text for entering the anthill to only happen once, it gets annoying
-move the regular version of the house further away so I can't see the giant version from it, that was a bit immersion breaking

While I think the map has a very cool concept and build to it,I really think you need to make these changes so the player doesn't have to cheat to complete it.

2016-01-17 06:23

+1 tako1997 was a great map but i couldnt brake or place anything down plus There was no food so I starved to death then spawned outside the map and couldnt get back in also because i couldnt place done items i could feed the queen ant the map need a few more tweeks but all an all it was a good map id give it 7/10

2015-12-25 20:31

+3 adren I tried to do the tree parkour and i fell, I respawned near some command blocks outside the garden and I couldn't get back in! Then I restarted the map and went into the anthill and then it didn't let me place the pumpkin.

2015-09-08 12:34

+1 Leon7931 Nice Job!!! Its amazing

2015-08-17 23:07

-24 EliVasq Has anyone heard of Press Esc Key > Open to LAN > enable cheats > Start LAN World? You can't not know that! If you don't know that you are a official Minecraft n00b.

2015-06-13 21:09

+1 zak its amazing map you can do everything!!!

2015-05-24 11:42

+1 RSDAngelOnFire My friend and I loved this map it was amazing! Thank you so much for making it! If you wish I would love you to watch your work in action!

2015-03-03 03:12

+2 Person I can't get on the fourth platform in the chest. But I think it's pretty good, if you're good with ladders.

2015-02-28 17:48

+2 Turtle Tail I couldn't place the pumpkins into the queen's food chutes. I tried to go to survival but it says I don't have permission to use the command. Amazing job, though! It's so cool how it looks exactly like the normal blocks...but they're not! With a few improvements this map will definitely be my favorite!

2015-02-09 08:48

+4 fidalguinho I loved the map there was no glitches by me me and my friend played on it and wonderd behind the walls and found all your secrets =P I loved it so download it and have fun

2015-01-31 19:35

+3 emma keep getting stuck in the soul sand so I have to keep downloading the map again. please change the item block to something else as it crashed my laptop :(

2014-12-17 18:09

+4 Dr. Wasteland MD I would like permission to slightly tweak your map and use it for educational purposes at the Texas Librarian's Conference. Please email me at to discuss the details.

2014-12-10 19:59

0 Thunderration Gonna be honest, either there were missing stuff, or it's just plain terrible

2014-11-10 06:39

0 Enderguard10 Your map is missing a button or at least it was gone on my version it was on the last thing when you click to go back then it says wanna compare them click this and it was missing please fix that

2014-09-19 05:55

+3 adam376565 Why can't I place the pumpkins at the beginning?

2014-09-13 14:51

+4 Emma Kept glitching into the blocks when i teleported, that led to me dying..

2014-08-17 13:52

+2 Bluedragon1706 I had to delete and re-install this map about 5 times because I kept dying and couldn't get back to the house, I also kept glitching out in the ants nest, I'm sure this would have been a good back, but the furthest i got was to the bed bug section

2014-08-15 10:05

-2 Anonymous Hi I love the map but when he asked for more pumpkins, I went back up past the tripwire and it said I was back to normal size then i started glitching

2014-08-12 14:37

-2 Anonymous Constructive criticism

The speech for the queen ant is labeled as queen bee.

When you die, you have to reset the map in order to have night vision and start in the map (when you die you respawn in some desolate area.

When I returned to normal size my game crashed (I do have a fairly new computer).

Other than those minor problems, I loved the map and the original idea!

2014-08-11 23:29

0 funkaylefun I for some reason can't get out of the anthill. I just started the map, so I appeared outside my house, then got into the anthill, I already talked to the Queen Ant, she told me to go get her some more Pumpkin. Where do I go next after that? Someone please reply soon, I really want to play this map, it so far seems cool!

2014-08-10 02:37

+4 nutella_turtlee I love this map it's so cool I love the idea!! Only one problem, I died doing the tree parkour thing but it spawned me out of the map and I couldn't get back in and it ruined the experience :( Plz fix

2014-08-01 20:08

+2 Matt Amazing storyline and map, a lot of time and detail went into this map and well done.

2014-07-30 07:13

-2 AppleTwinkle it's a great concept and for the most part the map works and is complete but there are all these ladders leading to no where and I was not supplied with food also I could have skip much of the story and there are no checkpoints on the parkour you should have keep inventory so I don't lose my pumpkins I had to go into creative mode many many times my fav part of the map was the bed bit and I don't normally like fighting mobs

2014-07-27 04:15

-1 Meetwagon22 it seems none of the bugs have been fixed, which is sad because this map has potential, but you starve cause theres no food,and spawn outside the map i give it a 5/10 for the visiuals, and 2/10 for the mechanics of the map i can see you spent time building which is sad when the map doesnt work

2014-07-24 23:26

+1 Wasp125 Good builds, but it was incredibly glitchy to the point that I had to restart the entire map. I had got into the anthill, but whenever I got to a new area, I was stuck inside of a block (and I have no idea if that was supposed to happen. Secondly, once I was in the anthill, it teleported me into a WALL and I died. Upon respawning, I was outside of the map, and since it's adventure mode, there's no way to get in.

2014-07-24 10:04


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