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Swords for the King

Created by JKLM35

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Map Info:
"I need swords for the upcoming battle, but have problems sourcing all the parts"

Swords for the king is a Minecraft Adventure/Puzzle map set before a great battle. In absence of his squire, King Alfred has charged you with helping his kingdom to come back into productivity.

You will encounter many custom voiced NPCs on your journey including Tanner the merchant, Bruce the forge worker and Miss Cook the King's chef.

You will have to trade with the Villagers, craft items, battle in zombie infested dungeons and collect twigs to get the King his swords.


  • 30 min average playtime.
  • Custom resource pack (Available for server: here).
  • Custom chapter system.
  • Debugging books.
  • Custom scripted characters.
  • Unique story line.
  • Entire map made in 1 week for Map Week #MOTW.

Made by JKLM35, Onboardcape, MagicBloodElf.

Map Details

Creator: JKLM35
(49 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.8
Size: 8.6 MB
Added: 2015-10-16
Downloads: 54,138
Category: Adventure Maps


0 SoldierJD Quoting NatsuFullbuster:
I cannot understand King Alfred's voice....

I agree. In the trailer I can hardly understand a single word said. It just sounds like some deep-throated fellow who has a cold mumbling that you must be his squire.

2016-03-06 18:39

+1 NatsuFullbuster I cannot understand King Alfred's voice....

2016-01-10 13:17

+1 Alejandro Great map! I would prefer if you the amount of times you got paper from the zombies was more though.

2015-12-06 00:28

0 Lixis It was a very creative concept, but I just couldn't understand what the king was saying, so subtitles would be prefered. Also, with the fact that the villagers spoke everytime you clicked on them, got slightly annoying.

I couldn't "trade" with the villagers, which I found very irritation, so I didn't finish the map. But it was fun while it lasted.

2015-12-03 16:53

+1 DrNeato Quoting CupcakeKitty2:
I started the map and i didn't hear any noise at all, my volume was up high and the villagers didn't say anything. Please help me!

Yea you need to download the texture pack in the desc.(here)

2015-11-29 00:37

0 jamgallACE Quoting CupcakeKitty2:
I started the map and i didn't hear any noise at all, my volume was up high and the villagers didn't say anything. Please help me!

You have to download the resource pack which is in the map description.

2015-11-18 20:45

+2 Nina The idea to add actual voices that talked was great, but I just couldn't understand the king and from that point had no idea what I should do.. also I bumbed into the invisible barriers all the time, I would've liked to explore the stuff you build and not get blocked out.

2015-11-15 16:34

+4 Liounax It was a awesome mapp!! Tho where did everyone get the paper? I didnt cheat a magical unicorn have them to me. ಠ_ಠ

2015-11-14 16:12

+1 mcMeAwesome Had some lag at the beginning when the screen was loading but otherwise the map was good, I got stuck some places though:(

2015-11-10 12:55

+1 Daktronixx A great map up until the part where I get the deed, that keeps crashing my minecraft

2015-11-07 20:21

+1 Super8Mind Ended up deleting the map because the voices crashed my computer. Very well made map though. It was probably more of my computer than the map.

2015-11-05 21:48

+8 Programmer66 I started and the king talked to me, and I didn't understand him at all. So I got stuck and just deleted the map.

2015-11-01 12:54

+1 BlazeReviewer Is there any language or mature themes in the map?

2015-10-24 20:10

+2 ibelieveyou4now finished the map basically. bug when you give the guy the saddle. map was very short as i finished it in roughly 15 minutes. also disliked the farming for paper from the zombies as it really slowed the whole movement of the map down

2015-10-23 01:00

+10 Jewellink It was an alright map. Pretty simple. My biggest issue was trying to figure out what the king was saying. Wish there was more of a story. Finally figured out what to do once going through every NPC and seeing what they want. The repeating/ overlapping dialogue whenever you right click on them got annoying fast.

2015-10-22 02:01

-16 LionDude this maps sucks you cant do anything and you just get stuck when you get the 3 coins

2015-10-21 19:16

+7 kaidaguy Hey. Loved the map! very creative. loved the use of villager trading as the center of the map. i was wondering and i know i'm someone you don't even know but if you plan on on more maps, could i assist in building. I am actually pretty good.

2015-10-21 02:51

+8 Kiley Where do you go after talking to the King! It won't let me go anywhere and I tried resetting the map :c

2015-10-20 22:21

+7 Fudge ummmmmm AHHHHH I gave the coins for the deed then Minecraft CRASHED!

2015-10-20 21:43

+2 CupcakeKitty2 I started the map and i didn't hear any noise at all, my volume was up high and the villagers didn't say anything. Please help me!

2015-10-20 20:50

+9 lamaking65 After the king's dialog nothing happens and my inventory is empty

2015-10-20 17:10

+5 The_Her0 Quoting bikerchic44:

I couldn't understand the king either,
I harvested all the wheat, used some for charcoal,
which I gave to the guy with a saddle but I don't know what to do next!

The game ends (make sure you have the right version)
Plus I dun understand the king add subtitles ;)

2015-10-18 08:00

+1 Alex I'm not english-native and this is too much for my body :s i couldn't finish the map ;)

2015-10-17 21:55

+7 bopekeco Love this map! I'm stuck - any help? I've harvested the wheat, traded for coal and given it to the forge guy. I harvested 3 bushes by the palace and got 3 sticks; traded for 3 coins. I can't find anything else to do!

2015-10-17 18:55

+1 bikerchic44 I gave the guy the oxen saddle,
the screen went black and minecraft hung.
I can't give him another saddle because the red cross is next to it.
I have already restarted once because the axe hung in midair and the forest didn't open, I am not restarting again

2015-10-17 17:56

0 NinjaMaster909 This was a good map, I just wish there was a bit more action, like actually taking part in the battle or something. I also wish that there was text along with the npc's talking, as there were a number of people that I just could not understand, the king especially. Other than that, it was a good map.

2015-10-17 15:12

+4 bikerchic44 Quoting Xloe:
Interesting idea. Shame that I could hardly understand what the king was saying and I took all the wheat so when I had to reset because I traded with the axeman the axe (the correct one from the forge) and the bread and nothing happened, it reset but there was no wheat. I got incredibly frustrated with this map very quickly. It's a good idea for the trading, but having only limited numbers of trades is infuriating if you accidentally trade the wrong thing you have to redownload the whole map. No thanks!

I couldn't understand the king either,
I harvested all the wheat, used some for charcoal,
which I gave to the guy with a saddle but I don't know what to do next!

2015-10-17 14:25

+3 Mud_ Really enjoyed this map and I highly recommend it! 5 Stars! Some suggestions, Part Two? The great battle.
Maybe, just something for you to think about! Thank you so much for putting the time and effort into this map and I really look forward to more maps lie this in the future! P.S. I subscribed :D

2015-10-17 07:32

+6 mlg444 cool map mate

2015-10-16 22:34

+6 megan Im really stuck, where do you go after you see the king at the start it wont let me go anywhere and ive tried reseting the map but i just don't know!

2015-10-16 17:03


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