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See Her Again (Season 1)

Created by Cloud_Wolf external

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When riding their bike home, your friend is hit by a truck. She is then rushed to the hospital and later proclaimed dead. Waiting for your parents to arrive, you fall asleep by her side. When you awake, she is gone. Search the hospital and surrounding suburbs for clues as to where she went. Will you ever... See Her Again?

This map includes all 3 parts to the "See Her Again" series within the map itself (for those who did not play the previous parts). If you choose to play part 1, it will allow you to play part 2 and 3 as well without needing to restart/re-download the map!

If you had issues with part 2 and were not able to find things/finish, I also updated parts 1 and 2 adding more clarity and bug fixes.


  • Complex and Mysterious Story
  • Special in-game mechanics and items
  • Simple, player-driven dialogue system
  • 10-20mins of Gameplay (in Part 3)
  • 10-20 Mins of Gameplay (in Part 2)
  • Additional 5-10 Mins Gameplay (in Part 1)
  • Extremely detailed sneak system
  • TONS of easter eggs relating to my other maps

Additional Info

This map was not designed for multiplayer support, in terms of story, but it may (no guarantees) work with multiple players. If for some reason you must play multiplayer or you are not in the right room when you spawn, do: /tp @a 10 96 17

If you make a video or have general comments about the map please let me know in the comments here (or comments of the video for quicker response time)


Map Details

Creator: Cloud_Wolf external
(329 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 3.5 MB
Added: 2018-04-12
Downloads: 25,361
Category: Adventure Maps

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0 JK_564 Is it only me that can't find the florists files bc I am very confused

2021-07-10 01:30

0 VeilValleyVixien I was wondering if it was ok if i streamed this on twitch? if you do wanna watch it i am under the same name but only if your ok with that

2021-05-27 20:59

+14 Villager#32 what do i do after i get to the hay block on the dirt path ep2 plz help

2019-09-28 22:13

+10 Villager#32 i cant throw rock help PLEASE

2019-09-28 21:57

+8 Villager#32 help im stuck at the opening to ep1 i walked around and cant find a way out

2019-09-28 21:26

+6 comoestas Hello! Maybe I am just stupid but I finished part 1 and I can't seem to be able to go back to the place where you choose the levels. Should I delete and reinstall?

2019-07-09 20:36

+4 HatMan This is the best Minecraft Maps i have ever played! I loved the story, THE ONLY thing, that i "hated" about he map, was the ending in Pt3 it was a bit sad. I hope you are creating a Pt4 cause, i want more of the story!

2019-07-04 22:02

0 Wolfy Quoting Minecraft_Girl123:
Hello! I need some help cause in part two where the mail thing is I followed the dirt and found a hay bail what do I do then? I am confused.

You need a key did you find it?

2019-06-28 18:46

-1 AAA Quoting xSofietjuhx:
Is it a horror game/??
No! its not a horror game!

2019-06-28 00:45

+54 LeanBoy492 Help, after they take the girl away I can't move

2019-06-23 21:52

+11 Minecraft_Girl123 Hello! I need some help cause in part two where the mail thing is I followed the dirt and found a hay bail what do I do then? I am confused.

2019-06-20 22:20

+2 Cass We're trying to finish the part with the guards, it gives us "don't move on till this goes away." We have restarted the map, but it keeps on doing the same thing.

lovely map by the way! :)

2019-06-13 05:57

-1 tua how do you throw the rock?

2019-06-11 14:29

+2 yelloo What am is spposed to do with the crowbar and flashlight???

2019-05-25 14:30

-8 xSofietjuhx Quoting horror man:
are you kidding me?!? this map is a horror not an adventure what kind of adventure map is this?

Is it a horror game/??

2019-02-16 14:43

-23 horror man are you kidding me?!? this map is a horror not an adventure what kind of adventure map is this?

2019-01-01 23:24

+8 Sh0n The Map looks very well constructed

2018-05-16 16:04

+3 polle123 Very good map. Nothing to complain about

2018-05-12 18:52

-4 Cloud_Wolf Quoting xbrokenlogic:
Is it just me that cant find the second key that opens the second door on part 1? I cant seem to find it?

Second Key is in the conference room closest to the door on the right side behind the table

2018-05-12 14:17

0 TheEmeraldJedi5 Quoting BaldEagle08YT:
Downloading this map, is it Horror, or is it a different Genre?

Its not exactly a horror map. The scary part in episode 1 are the voices in the end.

2018-05-08 20:16

-1 xbrokenlogic Is it just me that cant find the second key that opens the second door on part 1? I cant seem to find it?

2018-05-04 08:04

+2 Cloud_Wolf Quoting arielev:
when will you make season 2?

Ill probs do a sequel to another map first to build the overall stories, ill post updates on my channel occasionally

2018-04-29 23:53

-2 arielev when will you make season 2?

2018-04-28 11:53

0 A Minecraft Player Halp a ghost smoke thingy keeps attacking me in the room after the library how do i kill or get rid of it???

2018-04-27 23:01

+4 minecraftvader I love your maps.
I like the story.
Love to see more of this!
Thanks for making it!

2018-04-24 08:57

0 Cloud_Wolf Side Note: Find Her Again was just a name for part 2, In the lobby it says See Her Again (Part: 1), Find Her Again (Part : 2) and See Her Again (Part: 3).
I didn't make a special name for part 3 because See Her Again fit well with the ending.

2018-04-21 15:55

+5 Cloud_Wolf Thanks so much to all who left nice comments, I’m glad you could get throug the map! Sorry to those who posted issues a long time ago, the minecraftmaps comments didn’t update for a weak :/ if you have issues I suggest commenting on my yt vid since it doesn’t have a delay like minecraftmaps.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
1) Sequel? Kinda. Yes and no. Next map won’t be See Her Again Season 2, but it will have to do with it and will be a sequel to one of my previous maps that are hinted at in the see her again Easter egg items/books.aft er that map then probs season 2.

2) Crowbar + Flahslight: begins the gray houses next to your grandpa’s house there is a rock. Drop the item in the closest window and it will break it. Crowbar is in there. Then go to the gray building behind the florist shop and find the window and do the same. Inside there will be a flashlight on the shelf.

3) Library Lever: I.ln part 1 the library has a button behind a chair which uncovers a chest in the center pillar of bookshelves

4) is this horror map? No it is a story map but part 1 has some kinda scary parts. Don’t worry part 2 and 3 don’t have any jump scares/ horror

5) Barracks/After talking to kid: after you get the card from the kid in pt3, it is a barracks keycard. Along one of the walls is a door labeled: Barracks where if you put the keycard in the place (right click the square symbol) it will open. In barracks there is a card to open special holdings.

6) V3X/ Special Holdings: V3X hard drive is an Easter egg item also found in Quantum Labs, it doesn’t do anything. In the storage room there is a vent shaft that you can climb through to get to directors office

7) Receptionist ring: when you hear ringing in pt2 it’s cause it’s ur cell phone ring tone. Right click your cell phone item

2018-04-21 15:01

0 TheEmeraldJedi5 Great map!! I downloaded Find her again before, but I'm glad that this map has all 3 episodes (I kinda cheated on episode 3 because the guards trying to get me scared me a lot. So I basically played in gamemode 1 but didn't cheat at the mechanics). CanNOT wait for season 2.

2018-04-20 19:48

+1 Squiggly i talked to the kid in episode 3 but now i have no idea what to do where is the office, what am i suppose to do now it kinda takes away the fun

2018-04-19 13:04

+2 Taxami Im stuck on the 2nd part, where u have to break the window to get the crow bar, i already broke the one for the flash light, and im wondering if that affected it. I was really enjoying the map, and now i dont know what to do. please help if you can.

The Bored Taxami

P.S. Its AMAZING SO FAR a little creepy tho

2018-04-16 21:04


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