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Sapphire Caves

Created by Dieuwt

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Welcome to Sapphire Caves!

We waited for months, years... and were rewarded with madness.
Once more, deadly dungeons await our heroes... but the Gods are forgiving, and will be behind you this time.


The last dungeon! It has been found! Prepare the weapons, invite the allies and set up a camp: because this one's a big one.

All previous characters have returned, including many NPC's (and some bosses?); additionally, three more have joined the party to search for the last God. You know where he is... that's not the problem this time around.
Use the Warp to move to different environments, compose parties and setups to beat the odds, and don't forget to occasionally defy your chances in one way or another. 

Remember: the dungeon forgives no man, monster, or creature.

It is no longer about the Medal. It's about everything else.


  • An all-refurbished Darkest Dungeon-like combat system! Fully turn-based, equally challenging.
  • 9 characters to create parties with (bring a healer)
  • 5 areas with all unique 50+ enemies and 20-ish bosses
  • 120+ Relics to enhance your playstyle
  • Minibosses, events, modifiers and cutscenes to keep it engaging
  • A wide array of tactical options for your teams
  • A Base with traders, upgrades, events and lore
  • Music by my favorite artist, Waterflame!

The difficulty is not the same as the previous dungeons: while the full experience is much more forgiving (permanent progress is around every corner), the individual dungeons demand more from you. Well-placed insight, understanding mechanics and some good luck will get you much further this time. Death is temporary, healing is aplenty... but remember.
Any battle can end your run.


As for the universe, it has been expanded once more!

  • Gyranus, the God of Water, and all his terrors...
  • The Automatons: sentient robots, purpose unknown
  • The Cult: an organization trying to stop you, but why
  • The Reapers: what are they, and how did they find you?
  • Mysterious Statues guarding the Vault until they, too, fall
  • And what are those things called "Units"...?
  • Each boss has a log entry for additional in-depth analysis!

I'm aware that not everyone cares equally about these things, so trust me, the Skip Cutscene buttons may come in handy for you.


  • Again, this map doesn't feature multiplayer. As usual, it's still supported on the technical side, but you can't get anything out of it.
  • Also again, the map is sorta heavy - though not as much as other entries.
  • In-game, both Ruby Caverns and Emerald Chambers lore is explained to you. Don't worry about it.
  • Turn off all mods (yes, Optifine is a mod), play on 1.17, don't use commands, you know the deal.
  • Loose map download can be found here, and loose resource pack download can be found here.

So what are you waiting for, my dear adventurers...

the hunt is on.


Map Details

Creator: Dieuwt
(17 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.17.1
Size: 170.2 MB
Added: 2021-11-22
Downloads: 482
Category: Adventure Maps

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0 Arizrain Hello,
I'm from the Server and we would love
to have your map, Sapphire Caves, on our server. I think our players
would love it, and of course, you would be credited
along with the download page and/or your website.
I know its up for public download, but we have players
who's computers can't handle that.
Please let me know if you would have any issues with this.

Thank you!
Arizrain (Discord: Arizrain#9723)

2021-11-28 05:01

+1 Pvt_Winters Help, I think I got softlocked by a glitch!

I was in the starting room for the first escort mission of Fortress. All four directions gave me the message "That is not a valid direction", and when I try to shuffle my party, it instead resulted in my entire inventory getting deleted, with even "Abort Mission" not available to use!

Is there a way for me to get out of this problem? I don't want to delete the map and start over!

2021-11-27 11:09

+1 AssassinYin The balance is bad.
Bugs are everywhere. (Where to report them, by the way.)
Still fun, through

*Just wanna let every know that even this map has many problems in current stage, it is still worth playing.

2021-11-26 04:54


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