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Sands of Doom 2: Desert Ruins

Created by PacificMaelstrom

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Map Info:
Legendary adventurer Indiana Cube is at it again with a spectacular quest that will blow you away (figuratively and maybe literally). Use all your minecraft skills and resources to defeat, disarm or avoid deadly traps as you take in the scenery. Discover hidden tunnels and chests that hold extra items and ancient manuscripts that will let you learn about the ancients who built the ruins.

If you think you have got what it takes to be a legendary explorer, you can go it alone, and take on the full challenge of the map, however, for those of you who are still up-and-coming explorers, Indiana Cube will provide the guidance you need to make it through safely.

Over its predecessor: Sands Of Doom, this map boasts the following improvements:

--More scenery: More detailed, and More, period.
--More Map: This map is full size, taking from 45min to 2+hours to complete.
--More stuff: Find and use a large variety of gear, and venture into bonus tunnels and look for over 15 bonus chests.
--More traps: Hone your explorer skills against over 10 traps of increasing deadlyness. Or, if you get stuck, let Indiana guide you through.
--More forgiving: The final treasure won't be destroyed by your mistakes, (but you might be) so you won't have to reload unless you want a fresh start.

--More Multiplayer: This map is optimized for 1-3+ players, so go it alone or bring an expedition crew to help out.

This is not like other adventure maps. Baring cheats and mods, anything goes. Use all your minecraft skills: craft, place blocks, mine, destroy (TNT provided, use at your own risk), and dig your way through this challenging map.

Yes! you read that right. You really can (in fact, you are encouraged to) break, craft, mine and destroy to your heart's content. This map is to provides a challenging adventure without restricting what you can do. For those who are used to traditional adventure maps, it may take some getting used to, but take advantage of it. (you won't survive the map if you don't) The objective of this map is to get to the treasure. How you attempt to get there is up to you. Go on an Adventure!

Map Details

Creator: PacificMaelstrom
(10 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.3.2
Size: 17.18 MB
Added: 2012-09-26
Downloads: 45,414
Category: Adventure Maps


polikuj lol got to the treasure without even find the entrance to the ruins.
just follow your adventurer instinct.
no cheap restrictions, as you said. a map where you can demonstrate that a simple bucket is way much more valuable than a full diamond armor and sword. indeed one of the maps I most enjoyed, ever. excellent work!

2013-11-09 01:26

cahillvesper GREAT map! i loved all the different traps and all the different secrets! when i finished the map i went through again and purposly activated as many traps as i could find lol i like how well hidden most of the traps are :)

2013-03-03 18:38

Pacificmaelstrom @Rex302
Thanks for the feedback. The objective is to go on an adventure, making it an adventure map (a unique one, granted).
If you are stuck, watch part of a video play-through on youtube or read the in-game help manual. Setting off some traps may create the appearance of a dead end, or hinder your progress.

2013-01-14 22:02

Rex302 Ummmmm great map, nice and a very good idea. Just, i don't think this should be put in the "Adventure" s this is the most realistic adventure map ever, but it is more like a survival, i like the map and have not found the treasure yet though. i did find the hidden way to it, but im very confused after that. It all leads to a dead end, and i dont know where to go from there..ive dug everything, and i mean EVERYTHING, i did find the hidden entrence remember. but other than that, this is a pretty good map, traps are somwhat easy to spot, but theay are the best ive seen and very creative. i would suggest this map to anyone who plays minecraft. GJ! p.s. any1 who is going to be playing this map, dig down, in a spiral (so u dont set the trap off) and get the loot chests at the bottom, there r two diamonds to maks a quick did. sword. Once again great idea, just a little confusing as to where to go.

2012-12-19 18:43

AverageHero Most maps require you to NOT break blocks, but this ingenious one encourages you to place them. (You'll end up getting killed because of this action.) Excellent map!

2012-12-18 17:11

Guest093480 Very Hard! Died 4 times then I got used to your traps and
kind of predicted where a trap probably was :p
9.5/10 would be 10/10 but when you fall into lava you lose
your stuff :( recommend this to people who like hard stuff!

2012-12-02 06:02

Dimsloth Good stuff! Thoroughly enjoyed. Love the ability to be really creative, minecraft style. If you can't go straight, dig around! Boom!

2012-11-04 10:32

288366485764 amazing map 100 hours to finish and very hard

2012-11-02 20:13

PacificMaelstrom For more information, check out the Minecraft Forums thread for this map:

2012-10-29 23:02

Harrison Ducks This is absolutely incredible, the traps are ingenius and it is super extensive, i played this with one of my mates and we had a great time.

10/10 stars :D

2012-10-27 00:54

PichuVSKirby you are SOO right about the adjusting part im still loading my death count o.o

2012-10-20 03:53

Unknown Best map ever lol

2012-10-20 00:23

PacificMaelstrom Quoting Adas2472:
LOL, thats the creeper temple, I found one on survival, remove the blue block and fall, first!!! disable the TNT, or it will kill you, happened to me :)

The game generated "creeper temple" is only your base-camp. Actually, when I first discovered one of those, it got me thinking.. "this could be so so SO much more..." and so I created Sands of Doom! :)

2012-10-04 16:47

Adas2472 LOL, thats the creeper temple, I found one on survival, remove the blue block and fall, first!!! disable the TNT, or it will kill you, happened to me :)

2012-10-04 11:12

ppotti It was a little annoying when I died at least 3 times and lost all my stuff including the obsidian.

2012-10-01 22:09

Pacificmaelstrom From the Map Creator, for Jmonster_14, and anyone else.

The idea of this map is to provide a challenging adventure without restrictions that limit what you can do. You get a chance to truly explore instead of following a set path with convenient checkpoints along the way. (beds are provided, you can make your own checkpoints)

The objective is to get to the treasure using any method you choose. If you want to try to dismantle the ruins block by block, go for it! It won't be easy at all. While you are at it, you are also welcome to dig up the whole desert looking for the exit tunnel so you can go in the back way. :P Just like a real explorer, you have options.

That is the beauty of this map. No cheap restrictions. Anything goes. Good Luck!

2012-09-30 20:28

Jmonster_14 the buildings are really nice, but i don't get the map.
you don't have any clear rules, i mean you could just tear the place down to find what you are looking for and also: you should put down some beds throughout the map...

2012-09-30 09:35

walshy1009 Making a uTube video for this. Link will be posted later

2012-09-28 03:53

Recklessvietnam AHA! i have been waiting on this :D
and by the looks of the first comment i think that I'm in for a treat ^^ i will download it tomorrow when i have spare time

2012-09-27 19:01

FynixForever A lot better than the first part, nice job replicating the feel of being an actual explorer. The downside is of course losing all your items when falling into the lava, but nevertheless, great map.

Creativity: 8.5
Originality: 9
Variety: 7.8
Challengingity: 9.2
Storyline: 7
Awesumness: 8.5
TOTAL: 8.3

Nice job :P

2012-09-27 15:40


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