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S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow Of Chernobyl

Created by NezoGG

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All you remember was a car crash and somebody carrying you from the forest up to a small village. As you come to your senses you are being held on a table by two men. One of them takes a small device out of your pocket and starts writing something on it while the other is looking for some bandages. You grab the device from the man's hand but soon after fall asleep once more. After some time you wake up again and are now on the side of a road. Without knowing what happened you try and get up but instead roll on the ground. Suddenly, you bump into something, and when looking up it is a sign: "40 km ahead : Pripyat". Realising that this is in fact not just a forest, but the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, you once again try to crawl away, but see a shadow reassembling a dog. It starts running towards you and then you once again black out. This time, when you wake up there's a man in front of you, the man that took your device once and hear a voice: "On your feet! I patched you up, you won't have trouble standing."

Take part in an adventure through the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone while trying to find explanations but also looking for a man, Sterlock. Find or build shelters for the night, when the danger is everywhere, and explore during the day. Venture into villages, factories, outposts and fallen cities that have fallen prey to one of the most destructive nuclear disasters in the world.

From now on, you will be a stalker, someone hoping to find either death or fortune in these ruins, but know that as a stalker you will have many friends, but also enemies. Good luck, stalker!


Map Details

Creator: NezoGG
(123 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 350.29 MB
Added: 2019-06-15
Downloads: 10,654
Category: Adventure Maps



2021-07-28 04:14

-6 Jeff Did not like it. Sorry

2019-07-13 00:45

+6 Agent J Hey, man. I didn't really like the map. The buildings are amazingly designed, but are unlit and very lonely. I wish I could say I enjoyed the map, but the objectives didn't make much sense, and the dangerous bits are incredibly easy to avoid. Someone suggested earlier that you update commands and add a soundtrack, and I think that would be pretty interesting. I respect your [probably] months of work on this map. It is just very lonely, and the shop system didn't work because I accidentally played in version 1.14.3. Another note, I had to restart the map 3 times due to accidentally placing an artifact on the floor as a block. Upon breaking said block and picking it up, it had reverted the Attribute Modifiers, making it an ordinary item.

Thanks for reading my notes, looking forward to your next map.

2019-07-04 23:56

-4 Prottotype16 I'm sorry but this maps sucks i dont even know where to go or what to do when i kill animals i dont get the food wtf 4/10 because the map design is kinda to big but cool buildings...

2019-06-26 16:57

+6 Yesitskam Please tell me you didn't go cheatie and put stupid silver fish in it

2019-06-22 01:32

+4 wusky Wow we need more of these maps. I was really hoping someone would make a map with exploration, survival and objective

2019-06-21 06:08

+4 EddyLarious Hey! Just played it, seems very interesting! only one thing! Change it to 1.13.2 in info ^^
Here is my lets play:

2019-06-18 21:30

+5 panR4IN Ok so I played like the first 45 minutes of it so I think I have a fair idea of how this plays, here's a quick review:

The maps page states "1.12.2" when it's actually "1.13.2"
It's "Strelok" not "Sterlok"
Signs and tripwires are extremely outdated, especially for 1.13 maps, get to know how to work with command blocks!
Very accurate rebuilds of the locations from the game!
Cool idea with the artifacts (even though they propably don't work, as the health isn't regenerating past the usual point ?)
Don't know if intentional but you gave the player a Flint n steel and there are some TNT around the map the player can blow up - it doesn't really do anything but dunno if it's right
Even further into the map, it's still very faithful to the game

This build has such a huge potential, if it was improved with command block-controlle d events, spiced up with music and sound effects from the game and had an appropriate realistic resource pack, it would be amazing. You should really look into improving this, the base build is awesome, you just need to work on the rest.

2019-06-17 10:04

0 NezoGG Quoting SeriousCraft:
5/5 but why no custom resource pack?

Thank you very much! As to why there's no resource pack, I couldn't quite find a pack capturing the feeling of Stalker. Last Days or The End Is Extremely Nigh are for the classical zombie apocalypse and a lot of the resource packs based on the game are either incomplete or so old that by now a lot of the blocks I used in the map come out as default blocks, though if you find something that would fit the map please let me know!
Quoting Stalkerfan:
You are awesome

Thanks! I hope that you liked the map. I have seen that there are almost no Stalker maps in Minecraft and a lot of the ones that exist are usually incomplete or are just random locations with no story whatsoever. I decided it would be good to change that. Well, that's about it, but if you have any suggestions be sure to let me know.
Quoting mmm yes:
I legit just opened the pickle jar first try!!! XD Totally irrelevant tho. Just wanted to share it o-o

Umm... Thanks for sharing that with us!

2019-06-16 18:12

+11 SeriousCraft 5/5 but why no custom resource pack?

2019-06-16 11:05

+8 Stalkerfan You are awesome

2019-06-16 01:53

+2 mmm yes I legit just opened the pickle jar first try!!! XD Totally irrelevant tho. Just wanted to share it o-o

2019-06-16 00:01


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