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Rogue Dungeons

Created by Phaic

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Map Info

Meridia, a powerful evil deity, has re-awoken and is corrupting and destroying the altars that keep the universe in motion.

Using an arsenal of over 300 weapons, fight your way through 5 floors of dungeons following behind her and trying to stop her from corrupting them all.

She has left a trail of destruction through the Altar Dungeons, so it is not going to be easy to catch up.

This map features a custom sound track, custom resource pack, magical weapons & accessory items, special armor with set bonuses, and a ton of secrets.

Will you be able to stop Meridia from collapsing the universe itself?


Map Details

Creator: Phaic
(123 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.15.2
Size: 521.6 MB
Added: 2021-03-05
Downloads: 7,690
Category: Adventure Maps


0 h_k Quoting duck man:
how meny players can play??

i suggest mor then 2 players because the bosses aare very hard

2021-10-12 13:34

+1 khan6308 This map was an amazing map, fun bosses and amazing music and lore! good job!

2021-07-21 06:53

0 Some person Where's the exit portal. Great map tho

2021-06-18 12:50

+5 greenskeleton Looks amazing, downloading now

Cheers lad

2021-03-20 13:14

-11 dakiskakis this is good map but trash cause i didnt kill the boss and he some how die and didnt drop me darkness fragnament so i cant go back

2021-03-19 17:54

+3 Zireael Awesome map with custon objects and sound track! it was really cool and I've enjoyed it a lot. Sad thing that I couldn't get the good ending because, after all the effort I've put into it, I couldn't find all the end shards

2021-03-18 16:13

+1 The_Souls_Reaper Cool map but I'm getting mad, I suddenly got teleported to a random command block and I can't get away from it, I don't know what happened, I hope the mapmaker can answer soon, apologize for bothering

2021-03-15 18:06

+5 bishuwish so fun! 11/10 would play again!! one of my all-time favorites :))

2021-03-14 06:44

+5 PandaChainz Awesome map! Absolutely loved it!

2021-03-14 06:42

+6 Pandamonium_XD Great map! I've been waiting for a good story-driven map like this for so long!

2021-03-12 14:31

-5 Ancarung dude you can`t kill the last boss. he doesn`t take damage

2021-03-11 17:48

+10 goldenflames15 (hopefully helpful) feedback: this map is aesthetically AHMAZING but needs a little bit more testing and balancing. From the perspective of the easiest mode for context, I've died so many times to the mobs because they hit hard, and yet there aren't enough of them to break a single one of the 100 or so overpowered weapons I've gotten so far. By the first level it's already become more of a game of inventory management and comparing "is this armor/weapon better than my current filled inventory slots?" and it just gets more cluttered as you go. A side effect of that problem is that the crafting and trading rooms become obsolete because you already have 5 legendary weapons and fully unbreakable armor, so there's no need to ever use them. The bosses are also severely under-balanced, being that the mobs in the dungeons will take several hits to kill and do a lot of damage, but the bosses take the same amount of hits, sometimes (usually) even less, and are dead immediately, posing no challenge. (This probably changes later on, but as I'm already a few hours in, I feel the 5.5/10 difficulty boss could take more than 3 hits to kill, and should hit me for more than half a heart when I have 15 due to my armor.) I LOVE the puzzles, the difficulty of the parkour and little things you have to figure out are all perfect, and I'm truly sad for the issues I've had with this map.

BUG REPORT: I fell into a trap that was a long wooden room that fills with lava chasing you and then had to do several puzzles at the end, which was all fine and good except that once I got to the second part of the sand dune area, I "fell into" that trap repeatedly about 20 more times, from random areas all over. I went into creative mode to try and avoid it and even got out of that area and then got triggered into the trap again and I'm giving up for now. I have no idea what's causing it, but it'll make me fall down into the water several times over and over repeating the dialogue, and once it even triggered the lava, sent me back to the beginning, and then put me straight into the hallway after it had already filled with lava, killing me. I think it's straight up broken.

I hope to see an updated version of this game, but don't get me wrong I wholly appreciate the time and effort this map took to make, and it is stunning! I hope any of this is helpful and it doesn't come off the wrong way.

2021-03-09 02:16

+5 Hylum Hi, I really, really enjoyed this map, but there are some bugs that could be fixed, like the fact that you can hide behind fences on the first boss to get him to not hit you, and just spam him out. Otherwise, I really liked it, or should I say, AM liking it, because I havent finished it yet, but Im loving it.

2021-03-08 23:40

+4 NinjaMaster When starting up the map I just spawn over a platform and keep falling to my death over and over again. Is something supposed to happen to make me spawn in the actual starting zone?

2021-03-07 04:15

+6 duck man how meny players can play??

2021-03-07 01:20

+3 Someone Great map.
Too bad I didn't find all of those dang 'Void Shards'. I was missing a single piece.. or was I?

2021-03-06 12:17


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