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Revive the Planet

Created by Gahlifrex

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Map Info

You land on a dead planet.
Discover the magic of the five elementsĀ in temples.
Each temple contains a whole different world, quests and magic.

Solve riddles, find the secret location and bring back life to the planet.

Made for one Player, but more should work.

If you like it, consider playing my other maps. The list of them is on my website.

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See the progress in the map i am making right now on Patreon. There you can also support me and get some specials in the next map.

Thanks to Gil Keidar for the support!

Thanks to mc-sprite-edits for some great textures.

Thanks to PyroStunts for the most helpful website ever.

And Thanks to all who played my previous map.


Map Details

Creator: Gahlifrex
(400 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.15.2
Size: 12.2 MB
Added: 2020-06-21
Downloads: 17,467
Category: Adventure Maps

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+1 Harmony Thanks for the dope map, dude! :3

2021-07-30 04:22

+1 Andy Life biom have glitch with buckets. Pls fix it , we cant finish the game.

2021-07-04 16:44

+1 AgitaPlumPlay This was the first Minecraft Adventure Map I ever played, and I was hooked in by the games premise of trying to restore things by completing objectives and gaining new items/ abilities. Very reminiscent of Legend of Zelda gaming. I do love the very different areas, and detail put into them, although I didn't find the secret area, but did stumble across a lot of little secrets dotted around the place.
Here's my full playthrough experience of the map: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_qq2F2t_nY

2021-06-08 12:10

0 Xander Hunter Well all and all a ok map, puzzles weren't terribly difficult, though I hard locked myself on the last area, used the yellow lever on some sand I found, but it wasn't the sand that the levers go on. Had to go creative to get another 7 emeralds.

2021-06-06 12:15


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