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Created by Chris6d

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NOTE: This map requires the Revengeance Resource Pack to play! It's included with the map, but if for some reason it doesn't load automatically, Download it here!

The year is 1897. The land of Kohzin, and the city of Foye, are facing a terrible crisis: Undead monsters rise from the ashes each night, and unleash terror upon the citizens. On top of this, the local Bandits own the town, and the local government is as corrupt as they come. The choice on whether to save this town and your family from utter terror, or to continue the enemies’ destiny and destroy everything in your path, is yours.

After over six months of work, Chris6d is proud to present Revengeance, his third open-world adventure map, and fifth map overall. This map features over 5,000 command blocks and a plethora of features, including 10 story missions with a branching story and multiple endings, side activities, free-roam, combat, custom boss battles, puzzles, parkour, custom Achievements, in-game Currency and Upgrade system, and much more!

Revengeance also features dialogue choices with branching dialogue, a Reputation system, and Good/Evil missions which you can choose. So, do you want to play as a hero and avenge your family, or as a villain and betray those you love? Again, the choice is yours, and those choices will affect the story.

All the rules, regulations and settings can be found on this PDF page, which the map will ask you to read when you load it. When you load the map, you MUST read the PDF as it contains all the rules and settings that the map requires to function. And again, you must use the Revengeance Resource Pack the entire time you play the map!

All levels are possible to complete and have been tested numerous times. When you start the map, you should spawn in a room containing all the settings and rules of the map. If you don't spawn in that room, teleport to -338 77 -179.

If you like this map, be sure to upvote it and I will make more maps! Also, I HIGHLY encourage you to make video gameplays of this map! But you MUST link this forum page in the video description! Also, check out the official Revengeance Wiki, for tips, tricks, hints, images, guides, and more! And be sure to follow me on Twitter for map updates, subscribe to my YouTube channel for the map trailer and official map walkthroughs, and join the Map Discord server to discuss the map (and anything else you want)!

So, what are you waiting for? The island of Kohzin is yours. Go forth and fulfill your destiny!


Map Details

Creator: Chris6d
(260 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16.5
Size: 158.6 MB
Added: 2021-04-26
Downloads: 23,396
Category: Adventure Maps

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prolink20 fantastic map bro i love it

2021-09-07 14:54

Chris6d Quoting FlatterySuplex:
Am I supposed to find something when I search the ship? All I can find is a newspaper

Yes. Look under the staircase for a chest containing the second Drainer Star.

2021-09-03 19:14

FlatterySuplex Am I supposed to find something when I search the ship? All I can find is a newspaper

2021-08-23 05:40

Chris6d Quoting Eli:
Has anyone found this out yet?

No, it's not. It's a singleplayer map only. It literally says so in the PDF and in the map itself.

2021-08-20 17:06

Eli Quoting lisnok:
Is it multiplayer friendly?

Has anyone found this out yet?

2021-06-01 01:15

anonymous Quoting lisnok:
Is it multiplayer friendly?

See the PDF in the description. Map is strictly single player

2021-05-20 23:51

sightlygaming I just finished the campaign of this map and it was incredible dependently the best story driven map I've seen so far 10/10 Im also going to try to 100% this map:)

2021-05-14 18:43

The Forbidden I do not abide by the "must"

2021-05-03 23:13

Victor Pham I wish I can record and upload to a streaming platform but busy hours prevents me. I will one day upload my playthroughs. One day !

2021-05-02 13:02

walrsu cool map. although gaining money is a bit too easy. was able to just spam the lottery machines at the casino and get up to 5000 coins in like 10 minutes then get maxed gear.

2021-05-02 11:48

ItsShowTime69 Help I'm stuck at last mission i cant get in to church

2021-05-01 10:48

Ninipanin Epic map

2021-04-30 21:23

SamubGamer Am I need a strong computer for this map?

2021-04-30 09:57

filipeli This map is great if you love open-world games and thirst for a challenge. Not too hard, pretty short, and just the right amount of spice. Do play it!

2021-04-29 18:51

Picospond Please tell the player that this map have jumpscare first

2021-04-28 11:56

Planum This map was made really well, much respect to the creator. He makes great maps

2021-04-27 17:42

lisnok Is it multiplayer friendly?

2021-04-27 14:51

Octoshark just started, the pressure plate on the train didn't unlock the door

2021-04-27 14:39

PentaSquares cool

2021-04-27 00:27

SnowiKs Epic map

2021-04-26 22:49

shtob This map is awesome! The effort gone into it is insane. Fun story and great features. Highly recommend it

2021-04-26 20:59


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