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Created by Blakeyboy313

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Map Info:
You are a journalist, fresh out of college and ready to take the world on. One day, your boss comes to you with a daunting task; Investigate the disappearances of the staff and inmates of NOVA, a former high-security prison that is now littered with monsters and plant life.

You know full well it has been one of the most notorious cold cases in years, but you accept anyway, confident in your abilities and detective skills. You board the first flight you can get there, but also have learned of how dangerous of a job this could be. Lightning strikes as you notice the building in the distance, ready to collapse at a moment's notice.

The challenge ahead of you is great, as you must discover what intentions were behind The Board of Directors and their leader, Chairman Ray, and also must discover the origins of the mysterious "Operation Endgame" somewhere tucked away within. Rumors spread about a strange entity housed there, and possibly, even the elusive Herobrine.


1. You are only allowed to place blocks that are redstone related, such as buttons, levers, and so on.

2. You are not allowed to break blocks unless you are told by signs or a book that you are allowed to. (If you by some chance get stuck, you are allowed to break them to get out)

3. The adventure was made in creative, but you must keep it in survival. There are exceptions, such as if you die in lava and lose crucial items like a lever or button.

4. *IMPORTANT* Read the books and signs you see! They will guide you. Without reading them, you will have absolutely no idea what's going on.

5. Don't cheat. It takes away the fun from the adventure. As a good rule of thumb for using buttons, only use them in the room you found them in. Certain books and clues will tell you where to use other buttons you may find, as the rule won't apply to all buttons. *TIP* READ THE SIGNS NEAR THE BOARD OF DIRECTOR'S ROOM. DO NOT USE ANY BUTTON OTHER THAN THE ONE IT TELLS YOU TO USE**

6. Don't set your game to peaceful. It will ruin the ending.

The number of gold nuggets you find along the way is your score. Post them in the comments and tell me what you think of the map. Thanks so much for downloading!

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Map Details

Creator: Blakeyboy313
(16 votes)
Version: 2.0
MC Version: 1.4.7
Size: 2.69 MB
Added: 2012-11-11
Downloads: 47,271
Category: Adventure Maps


0 Hill 81 nuggets! And I killed the Wither, got the nether star. Amazing map, never too easy, never too frustrating. I hope you make more! :)

2016-07-28 22:17

0 DiamondGirl I got 89 nuggets and a stack of diamonds, I got a little stuck once you got the button once through the wither painting but then I found out its "[SPOILER ALERT]" somewhere in the wardens office. Great map man, thanks

2015-12-27 03:14

0 DiamondGirl Quoting Meep:
I keep getting stuck and it's really frustrating :( I'm doing my best but I just can't find my way in some places even though I've been following instructions... everyone else seems to be getting through with no problem but now I just feel stupid. I love the look of the map, it's really well done, but I just feel like maybe some of the things in it are a little too frustrating for casual players like myself... ie. "the button goes somewhere in this room," so I put the button on every single block in the room and it still does nothing???? I'm lost :(.

the button does do something it opens up a way through the toilet

2015-12-27 02:49

0 DiamondGirl Quoting Mcplayer10:
it is a good map but Im stuck in the part where you need a pickaxe to break a wall

you find it in one of the cells where you should get a button to put down. put the button on the right side of that wall

2015-12-27 02:43

+1 Katie I loved this map, I ended up with 80 butter(gold) nuggets, a stack of diamonds, and the nether star. This map is awesome

2015-05-16 20:51

+1 Finx Nice adventure map semi scary and i got 84 nugget

2015-03-01 06:24

0 kimberly_lover Great adventure map 5 stars
i got 104 gold nugets with a stack of diamonds, plus just like most of people the nether star

2015-01-03 23:59

0 allhailsuhail i got 85 gold nuggets the map was awesome i went threw it with out any problems but u should have placed another enderchest at the lava parkour cuz u find a gold nugget so dont wanna die with it

2014-12-23 11:49

0 Zombiesmasher199 I didnt see the wither and i was on hard..... I really wanted to kill the wither. what happend?

2014-12-07 21:49

+1 Meeple I got 78 nuggets and a stack of diamondsI got to be honest, i was a bit confused in some parts.....

2014-01-03 10:45

+2 TheHawk First ever even semi-scary map! (I'm a wimp) but totally worth it! My score was 77.

2014-01-01 15:02

+1 buddy23turner great map finished all of it my score was 79

2013-12-24 00:00

+1 jamie awesome map i got stuck i fell into another part and skipped half so i quit but it was awesome so far i got 25 nuggets

2013-12-23 13:46

+1 Mcplayer10 it is a good map but Im stuck in the part where you need a pickaxe to break a wall

2013-11-15 11:28

0 TMan2277 What do I do after getting the buttons in the dispencer, the one where you go through the wither painting, I have no clue, I went into gamemode 1 and grabbed them, I didn't see the palte, and I grabbed them (sorry dude for cheating) I am very confused, please help!

2013-09-09 22:41

0 onlinegamer147 AWESOME MAP! Even though the redstone was confusing (didn't know where to place it) I finally figured it out! I'm about to start the continuation to this story. Great map!

2013-07-18 19:45

0 andrewthebob I got 84 golden nuggets but there is a cheat when defeating the wither just stand at the entrance and he can't kill you.

2013-06-29 14:26

0 Chessnorris I loved it, i had to cheat on the jump puzzle, snd I couldn't find the pick axe and broke the wall with my fists (ouch). But other than that it was AMAZING! Keep up the good work!

2013-06-26 02:40

0 Vizio Wow. That was pretty good. I used the mobgriefing false command so creepers werent a problem. It's amazing how such an adventure was squeezed into such a small structure. Great job man. Bravo.

2013-06-18 22:47

0 Somebody2 loved the map! Keep up the good work. :D

Highscore: 85
How many Gold Nuggets were there?

2013-06-08 22:03

-1 SkaterGirl828 84 buddar. I thought it was sad, all those people dying for a test. When i found the test room, i didn't even find the monster. was that supposed to happen?

2013-05-30 03:14

+2 Starky The best adventure map I've played all night! action packed, intriguing, cheesy yet good story line, decent building. Only criticism I have is that you should enable Mobgriefing false, in order to stop creepers blowing stuff up.

2013-05-26 20:35

0 Fireninjastar I got 73 points. I grabbed this map, sit back and really enjoyed it. I didn't have any problems with the map, except that the areas to place buttons probably should be marked.

My real gripe is the ending. After defeating the Wither (hint, make the arena so that you press a button, get in, and you're stuck in. I defeated it using a bow and arrow with the bottom half sticking out the entrance) you get a button which allows you to escape. This is where the "button placement mark" comes into play. Where do I put it? I couldn't finish the map because I had no clue where to put it.

Other than that, 7.5/10. Nice map, but a bit confusing.

2013-05-20 21:22

0 JesseJT23 LOVED it! my score :85 nuggets and a stack of diamonds.

2013-04-28 22:58

0 Sparthan I liked it but somehow I skipped half the story line. i found the secret entrance in the warden's office, and so I skipped the entire mine. Score is 89 nuggets and a stack of diamond.

2013-04-11 13:50

0 JustSomeRandomGirl The name reminds me of Uberhaxornova. Eh, anyways the map was pretty good. I enjoyed it. :D

2013-04-02 00:06

+3 Kimbo Slice I got 87 gold nuggets and 64 diamond.
This was a great map the suspense was fantastic!

2013-03-26 23:31

+4 Emily Loved your map :D

I got 80 Gold nuggets

2013-03-23 21:17

+2 Live2kill By far my fav adventure map. Add me on skype? I would really love making one with you guys. Ive been working on a few of my own actually and I really like this one. On skype my name is live2kill4life.

Highscore: 75

2013-02-25 05:30

+2 Ollie King I just uploaded the first episode of my series on this map! Take a look, if you want to see what it is like! -

2013-02-23 18:33


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