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Professor Grizwald and the Curse of the Pyramid

Created by ChronoBasher

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In this adventure map, you play the role of an archaeologist who has been invited by the legendary Professor Grizwald to help him on his latest excavation. The map features plenty of traps, dungeons, and puzzles to keep you entertained, while also providing a great story.

There is also five secret chests hidden throughout the map, containing lots of diamond goodies. Can you find them all?

Remember to read the .txt files that come with the map, and follow all of the rules. And of course, have fun!

Map Details

Creator: ChronoBasher
(50 votes)
Version: 1.41
MC Version: 1.1
Size: 14.63 MB
Added: 2011-11-05
Downloads: 56,900
Category: Adventure Maps


+1 Rui This map is completed very fast, but its fun... but was very little story.

2016-04-24 23:53

-3 EliVasq Quoting hg2004henhen:
Is this supposed to be Professor Layton?

I don't care if it is, this map is great!

2015-05-26 20:34

+5 JackTheGamer Professer Grizwald and The Curse of The Pyramid is a great map. I strongly recommend it.

2013-12-04 01:35

0 JackTheGamer In 1.1, the version this website says this map is supposed to be played in, it is impossible to get out of the dig site without breaking the cobble.

2013-12-04 00:29

-3 Saxphil_de_bob Where is the log mansion?

2013-11-16 13:03

+5 block963 I loved it it was awesome map more longer next time that would be fun

2013-07-21 17:26

+4 JL Nice, though I did skip the redstone thing (found a tree and made a button). I found 4 chests.
PS: The texture pack is missing foliage colour and grass colour.

2013-07-17 11:37

-24 hg2004henhen Is this supposed to be Professor Layton?

2013-02-23 13:46

+18 mbmc 20.000th downloader!

2012-09-11 14:06


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