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Created by OneBadC4T

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Map Info:
Pillars is a short adventure map that challenges your wits but is not too hard. You are a young explorer eager to find the secrets of the pillars and the treasure of the ancient ruins, but you need clues of the villagers.

You may not destroy blocks unless told to do so, read all books, and sleep to save your game. You may switch to creative if drop a key item you may switch to creative and respawn it then switch immediately back.

It is a short adventure, but indeed a interesting one. I hope you enjoy the this tale inspired in part by BlakeyBoy313 creator of NOVA and Herobrine. Have fun! ~OneBadC4T~

Map Details

Creator: OneBadC4T
(3 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.4.7
Size: 2.07 MB
Added: 2012-11-24
Downloads: 29,182
Category: Adventure Maps


0 OJOhYay Really Great game, I really had Fun. As he said(in another comment)You should put a rule that the render distance is lowered alot!

2017-01-04 12:14

0 LPW Ammy I have just come back into my phase of minecraft and making minecraft videos this map took me around 20 mins to finish few bugs in the design and i suggest if you wish to play this map turn the render distance right down or it just makes spoilers for the game will upload the video soon ammy

2015-01-21 03:07

0 Theballzman Hey all, this is a very fun adventure map! It's rather short, but has a good story and is engaging. I did a let's play video of it, which can be found here:

Great job!!

2014-12-24 04:51

0 Lord Henry So i got to the button part and went behind the building, i kept going the only thing i found was a temple with normal stuff inside, pls help

2014-09-27 21:30

0 PunkFrost I did a let's play of this, it will be live here:
in a few hours :) the map was pretty fun!

2014-08-26 22:24

0 Canadamaster Really cool map and I made a video on it, I'm planning on uploading it tomorrow or sometime soon. If you want to watch my Channel is MinecraftNoobs7 21

2014-08-21 04:56

+1 ABlockyExperienceXP Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Made a lets play on it. Amazing man

2014-02-20 18:57

+1 Pandicuss Great map, really short though. I didn't fight anything and was on normal mode the whole time? When I got to the room where you trade your stuff (room with enchanting tables) the next room was open and big and I thought maybe something was suppose to happen there but didn't... I received 184 Gold Nuggets (If you raid the Desert Temple after explosion you get a bunch of gold bars>gold nuggets)

2014-02-14 17:12

0 lionlover Cool Map!
But the only mobs I saw was 2 Creepers and a Zombie.
(44 Gold Nuggets)

2013-10-13 01:58

+1 MCG I love your maps they are a good amount of time and are not too confusing PLEASE keep making them

2013-06-10 23:17

0 littlebot09 awesome map, a little too short (58 gold nuggets).

2013-06-01 05:23

+1 Anna This is an awesome map. I played it in a short amount of time and thoroughly enjoyed it. I got 58 gold nuggets. I would recommend this to all!

2013-05-30 18:34

+4 Hannah Good map and short but it is enjoyable and it is not too hard.

2013-05-03 12:22

0 gravityman300 Quoting The Endermen:
I played it till the part where you reach a Brick Temple- There I got 64 ladders, but now I'm stuck I dunno what to do; If there is anyone who finished that part, please help me out. Thanks ! : )

That's easy you just keep placing buttons on the blocks (you can break them) until a secret area pops up, then grab the book, read, and GO! The ladders are for later...

2013-04-10 23:50

0 TippyAnna Not bad for a short map.
I got 58 gold nuggets.
I really like it and I might do a lets play. Maybe :D

2013-03-28 18:34

+2 Emily Good map I didn't have to fight any monsters though and my difficulty was set to Easy

2013-03-24 15:24

0 The Endermen I played it till the part where you reach a Brick Temple- There I got 64 ladders, but now I'm stuck I dunno what to do; If there is anyone who finished that part, please help me out. Thanks ! : )

2013-03-14 11:38

+1 acepenguin654 Sweet map dude I already made a let's play right here in two parts: Part one:
Part two:

2013-02-17 15:45

+2 JHothetank Hey man nice adventure map :) I'm doing a let's play on it on my channel:

Video will be up later today :)

btw 54 golden nuggets

2013-01-24 20:05

0 Clyde S. Not bad for a short map.
I found 58 nuggets.
It was very easy of course, but it didn't have any problems with it.
Tip: Use monster dispensers or spawners next time. I deleted all the monsters by setting my difficulty to peaceful accidentally.

2013-01-15 19:53

0 john_marston1357 I played (finished In 8 minutes) and got 54 gold nuggets. Im not sure if it counts if I took some out of the desert temple after it blew up, but if it does count I got 180!

2013-01-09 23:40

+1 KnightOfLight Hey nice actually i wanted to blow everything up but you already wired evrything up for me,I like your map! (ps the TNT is broken you might want to fix that!)

2012-12-27 12:06

+3 Checklist5 That was the best adventure map I ever tried!
Good Job OneBadC4T

2012-12-24 18:56

+4 OneBadC4T Thank you and i know this map was very very short and simple it was my first map and it sucks im currently working on part two and it will be A LOT better thanks for the constructive criticism.

2012-12-24 02:29

+3 FireforFlames it was too short and really simple. I have no clue if I messed it up but it took me like 8 minutes and it was wayyyyy too easy, try to make like a maze or parkour or something to add some challange to it (I did all I was told) Also there was no fighting and I wasn't on peaceful... the tnt was fun though!

2012-12-21 21:01

-1 kronax master here is a playthrough that i did part 2 should be up later today.

2012-12-21 16:22

+1 miner As playing many adventure maps but not being able to finish, this is the first one I finished.
I was going through the map, getting all the clues, until I came to the bedrock place.
I was on peaceful from another map I was just doing, and it had no instruction to change to easy/hard. So I was breezing through, realizing, I was doing it wrong. You might want to add that you have to change your settings to easy/hard.

2012-12-11 00:30

+3 OneBadC4T there are 64 gold nuggets in all

2012-12-03 20:57

+2 Rory Cheevers i got 45 gold nuggets

2012-12-03 01:23

0 TheInfamousGamer here is the lets play

2012-12-02 22:16


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