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Perfect Harmony

Created by nusrachel

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From the creator of The Tiny Box.

You play as Tilentia, a druid who has been living in the woods for all her life. Lately, you've noticed that the Tree of Ritus, the spirit of the forest, has begun to wilt because of a mysterious sickness. Since you're bound to Ritus, you're affected by the disease as well.

Is there a cure for this illness? Find out before it's too late!

This map contains:

  • A creative alternative to crafting;
  • Three endings (one "bad" and two "good", so to speak);
  • A loyal wolf companion.

This is a single-player map; it won't work with more than one player.

Please leave your feedback and comments on the map's PMC page!

If ever you are stuck, there is a text file that contains a walkthrough.

Version fran├žaise [ici]!


Map Details

Creator: nusrachel
(99 votes)
Version: 1.2
MC Version: 1.14.4
Size: 30.3 MB
Added: 2019-09-28
Downloads: 5,424
Category: Adventure Maps


Melanudrigill Excellent map. Very imaginative mechanics.

2019-10-10 04:16

zeddy Am i doing something wrong? When i try feeding the meat to the wolf it takes it, disappears and doesn't give me anything. Ive tried downloading the map again but it wont work.

2019-10-06 16:48

Evaide Review!


First: (Spoilers, stop reading if you haven't played it, or you'll get spoiled): I liked the mechanics; You managed to capture an interesting struggle for survival, where if you did the wrong things (eat the meat, for example) you'd actually have nothing left to do, and it'd be over, which is cool because it conveys the actual difficulty and finesse required to survive; however, WAY TOO SAD of a Minecraft map! xD

Second (some critiques now): It felt wrong for Ritus to just kill Tiletia in what was practically cold blood in the first bad ending (since he knew severing their link would kill her). Like... for a life spirit, that's just so out of character. Dx

Third: The going home ending was a bit underwhelming? I understand the intended ending was to become a spirit, but I was hoping she'd see her family again, not just die and become a tree... At LEAST make her a big, awesome tree that the villagers gather around if she's not gonna get to see her family again! :'c

Uh, and lasty, I wish there was a checkpoint system: I found myself really not wanting to replay the entire thing just to try to find the good endings; The fishing and crafting is just a bit too time-consuming/ grindy, especially coming off that first, bad ending, players just wanna restart really quick.

Really tho, good story. The writing was good: Good grammar, clear story-telling, well-written dialogue. There were also some subtle little details like the good boi who Tiletia named Sano I believe? Like, Sano was introduced as such a helpful, smart character, and I wanted to see him do more tbh, lol, I was really hoping for a cure for that disease so I could maybe meet more characters, or get closer to Sano! Anyway tho, cool mechanics. I really liked how the potions and other recipes weren't just clutter or nonsense: They were actually needed to do things and find buttons/objects /etc. to progress.

Very good map overall!

2019-10-05 21:20

SeriousCraft good zelda ripoff :)

2019-10-04 14:07

ItZTitus I got the bad ending but I m pretty sure I did everything, I freed Sano, I collected all the items inside the tree and then went to the Spirit thinking I ll get the best ending possible

2019-10-03 08:48

ItsAce I've just released a walkthrough and review of this map, im pretty salty in the video and I don't hate it as much as it seems. Overall I thought the story was good and the first time I made the potions was good. After I had to make the same potions and restart multiple times it got repetitive and irritating. I recommend playing it as long as you don't die at all.

Here is my video if you're interested

2019-10-02 16:04

twitchyspeed It was a fun little map! I liked the subtle hints in the books, and the crafting system was cool!

2019-10-01 03:34

piggy Quoting Walf:
can't wait to try this out two

then try it

2019-10-01 01:14

Lhiir Neat map, took about 30 minutes to complete, enjoyed the simplicity of it!

2019-09-29 23:21

Marcel Very cool map!
- very short and entertaining, never got boring
- you don't get "stuck", you always have a hint what to do, still not too easy
- design is cool
- i like the technical elements (commandblocks etc), as someone who hasnt played minecraft for long i'm astonished what you can do
- story is interesting too

10/10, very good job!

2019-09-29 12:33

Imp This was so cool! Loved the story

2019-09-29 07:48

wildspeaker Very good. Very satisfying to grind out all 3 endings

2019-09-28 23:28

Walf can't wait to try this out two

2019-09-28 15:57


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