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Created by smpmike23

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Story Summary:
The world is changing fast and technology has reached new levels, putting endless sources of power in the hands of corruptible men. In this story you play as Michael Estrange, a test subject for a skyline housing project that's powered by an unexplainable source. Strange things seem to be happening and you suspect it might be effects of the new power source. It's up to you to find a way off the ship and locate and destroy the source of the paranormal activity that's sweeping through your technologically advanced world.

This map was created for Minecraft 1.4 And Snapshots 12w40a+ / Does NOT work with 1.3 versions or some older snapshots.

Additional Info: Map is 76.5 MB

  • The map takes about 1-2 hours to complete depending on your experience and if you can find the additional areas located on specific maps found in chests.
  • The map is best experienced with 1-2 players and on Normal difficulty.
  • The map is best played with the updated Soartex Fanver Texture Pack. It is in the Info folder within the Paranoia .zip file. (It requires MCPatcher or Optifine).
  • There are save points throughout the map that will allow you to respawn at those points when killed.
  • The map was built for adventure mode with no need to break any blocks.
  • Most of the story is in books within item frames.
  • There are areas of the map that require a certain amount of XP (Level Access). To gain access to these areas you must find hidden areas or go through quests.
  • There is a total of 100 diamonds throughout the map. Use these to keep your score.
  • It's my first map so any feedback is appreciated.

Minor redstone annoyances.
Patched areas that you could fall into and get stuck.

A Walkthrough of the Paranoia map, by request: This walkthrough may also help for those who don't understand the story.
Download Walkthrough

Map Details

Creator: smpmike23
(18 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.4.7
Size: 76.5.MB
Added: 2012-10-19
Downloads: 90,540
Category: Adventure Maps


+4 Tundra Along with Tower of Dreams, your map is the best one I've ever played!! I love it so much!

2013-07-24 11:51

+6 Prinnyd00d150 This map is AWESOME! It is amazing how you people used all of your knowledge of Minecraft to make one truly wonderful creation! I am going to talk about this on my Tumblr!

2013-07-15 22:21

+2 CuddleMuffin This is by far one of my favorite maps out there! thank you so much, good work on this map, would recommend it to everyone

2013-07-14 10:01

0 Poiyurt I'm playing the map, but the teleport from the ship seems to be broken, when I stand on it, I don't get anywhere, just a random void. Could you tell me the actual coords of the place so I can go there?

2013-06-20 07:45

0 Merfy I couldn't resist the urge to burn down the Adventure Guild, and so missing a battle with ghasts (I think), go me! Anyway, very good map, I am enjoying it very much so far. I played for about 1-2 hours straight before taking a break. Honestly, it felt like 30 minutes!

2013-06-19 14:50

+2 jbondguy007 Hum. I feel like a noob (maybe because I am), but I don't know what to do after :SPOILER:gettin g the flint and steel:SPOILER:. If anyone can help me it would be great. Man, I suck.

2013-05-15 23:09

+1 livintosinpire I love this map 10/10! But I got stuck because after defeating the Wither Boss I killed it on a wall and it's XP went inside the wall and I was never able to collect it and get enough levels to pass the village's 20 level access area :( Can anyone shed some light on the situation for me? Thank you

2013-05-09 09:48

0 MinimiMax Wow... that lasted longer than I expected. Which is a good thing. This was pretty much what I've been looking for from Minecraft maps, just a little bit too linear but still very much what I wanted and the little side quests were a nice touch. Though, I must admit I had to cheat on the first side quest because I honestly couldn't kill the guy and live at the same time without making myself immortal.

2013-04-24 15:29

+2 Saveusall Bummer, I only got 80 90 diamonds...gues s I'll have to try it again. After I do part 2. :) Awesome map, my first try at DLC for minecraft, and a rockin'first try at that! I think I might've cheated in the mine to get across the lava...I won't say how but I acquired a bucket of water, and used it to obsidianize the lava...I'm sure smpmike23 can figure out where I got the bucket of water from.

At the end I still had my steel flint...so I used it....all I can say is wow lol...nice touch.

I was lvl 73 or 74 at then end. Is that about average? Anyway, great map/adventure! I'm impressed and look forward to the 2nd one.

2013-03-04 02:45

0 I_Got_Cookies i keep crashing the moment i go in to the world because im doing sidequest 1 is something wrong?

2013-02-23 05:40

+12 Confetti Me and my friend had been searching and searching for a good map to try out, but had no luck. They were all either too boring, too hard, or just did not immerse enough. However, when we tried this map, we found ourselves completely immersed in the story, and none of the puzzles felt like a chore. I highly, highly, highly recommend this map to anybody who has these standards.

2013-02-02 16:50

0 smpmike23 AcermanReality1 1: Yes command blocks were used to teleport only players with a specific xp level. You can check for the xp level with the @p and @a attributes like so: tp @p[l=5] That will tp the closest player with an xp level of 5. You can also use lm=5 for a level minimum and set l=10 for a maximum level of 10. Hope this helps.

2013-01-24 18:34

+1 AcermanReality11 How did you make it so that it required certain XP to get through door? Command blocks? Please tell me!

2013-01-24 15:57

0 youtubefreak891 Thanks for an awesome hour and a half of fun! me and my friend enjoyed it a lot. cant wait to play the sequel!

2013-01-21 02:51

0 bosman244 great map. the end could use some emprovement but I love the side missions with the wither, ghast and underwater creeper palace

2012-12-30 02:19

-1 Mens rea Highly recommend this map. Enjoyed it a lot. A good amount of side quests/secrets and difficulty. I never felt like giving up because an area was too difficult. 10/10

2012-12-28 12:45

+4 Redstoneminecrafter1 Out of the many maps ive played this is probably one of the best

2012-12-24 15:16

+3 xirlas hey, me and my friend are playing a lot of adventure maps.

but we almost never spawn at "spawn/start".

is it any settings we are missing out on?

2012-12-24 01:21

+8 smpmike23 For those who are having lag issues, try using your default texture pack and downloading the latest version of Paranoia, which is 1.0.2. The link in the description above should have the latest version, which has some minor lag issues fixed. Thank you.

2012-12-11 22:35

+3 Minecraft player can someone please help me this map is very very laggy when I play it can someone please tell me how to fixi it? Thanks

2012-12-08 23:12

+4 FynixForever Very nice map. A bit hazy storyline at times, but liked it a lot :P

2012-12-01 14:56

+10 Vinkiel Great adventure map!! I found 86 diamonds :D

2012-11-29 20:09

+6 protostylee im going to do a play-through in anyone interested www.youtube.com/protostylee

2012-11-27 20:12

+5 chickenman 03 An awesome map, you should continue creating great maps. I enjoyed this adventure, so I am looking forawrd for your new maps. I think other guys are waiting as well

2012-11-27 03:32

+7 Kyle An awesome map, you should continue creating great maps. I enjoyed this adventure, so I am looking forawrd for your new maps. I think other guys are waiting as well

2012-11-25 09:17

+6 smpmike23 snakebite020: I am allowing anyone to do a playthrough if they wish to do so. Thanks for your interest. Have fun!

2012-11-23 17:43

+5 snakebite020 would you allow me to do a playthrough on this map? I will make sure to give you credit.

2012-11-22 23:39

+5 Baergo Finished my playthrough of this map and absolutely loved it!!! Only 62/100 Diamonds though lol. Hope you guys enjoyed the playthrough! http://www.youtube.com/user/TheTribeCast

2012-11-20 00:19

+5 smpmike23 Thanks to Baergo for the effort of creating a Let's Play. Hope you all enjoy it!

2012-11-17 19:29

+8 Baergo Starting a series on youtube for this map, hope you enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UcZVn6gWG4&feature=plcp

2012-11-16 15:41


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